Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers Live

Those who know this site know my affinity for the whole history of the band.  Back in 1983, I was really into the Born Again album, and while I read before it came out that it might be a single album/project tour, I kept hoping we’d get another album from them in 1984.  That didn’t […]

WhoCares Full Album Info & Review

A week ago or so, Tony Iommi & Ian Gillan released in the United States the full WhoCares album.   This follows the CD single released about a year ago or so , which was a charity release to benefit a music studio in Armenia.  Well, they’re back with a full album.  It’s not the […]

WhoCares Full Album! [ UPDATED ]

UPDATE: The album can be pre-ordered now, see links below.  Still no official cover art yet, though. Last summer, Tony Iommi & Ian Gillan released a charity single to raise money for a music school in Armenia.  Click here if you want to refresh your memory about that.  The project did well, and there was […]

Tony Iommi / Ian Gillan Charity Song Update

This was posted today on Tony Iommi’s website. This souns seriously badass. Jon Lord? Nicko McBrain? w00t! In 1989 Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan were just a few names in a long list of talent involved in the recording of the Deep Purple track “Smoke on The Water.” This song was re-recorded to raise money […]

Gillan’s Inn Contest Winners

Here are the answers to the Gillan’s Inn contest which ended yesterday. 1) Q: What two Black Sabbath albums does Ian appear on? A: Well, the obvious first one is Born Again (1983). However, the more obscure one is 1996’s “The Sabbath Stones”, which was the final Sab album released on IRS records. One track […]

Gillan’s Inn Giveaway

Earlier today I posted the winners and answers for the Black Sabbath / Dio CD giveaway. This afternoon, I’m here to continue the trend with the new CD from Ian Gillan, “Gillan’s Inn”. In addition to the giveaway, I wanted to tell you a few things about it, too. But before we get to the […]

Black Sabbath News Tidbits

Here’s several Black Sabbath related news tidbits to pass along.. 1) The Download Festival on June 11th at Donington was filmed, and will be released on DVD at an as of yet unannounced date. This comes from a recent interview with Tony Iommi. 2) The Japanese version of Fused will be released on July 21st, […]

What are they up to now?

In all the years of Black Sabbath, there’s been a lot of folks that have been in the band in some capacity. There’s quite a few of them to keep track of, and it occurred to me during the month of December that I should take stock of everyone, and see what they’re all up […]