Albums that Should have Changed the World

This is a bit down the road, but I thought I’d run this, especially as I haven’t updated in awhile. The two chapters spoken about are no longer on his site, as the three week period for them has expired. But I do want to make people aware of the book which is called “Albums that (Should’ve) Changed the World.”
Press Release:
Exclusive interviews with both Bill Ward and Eric Singer are now available online at Music writer Joel Gausten conducted the interviews as part of his upcoming book, titled “Albums that (Should’ve) Changed the World.” The book includes on extensive chapter on Bill Ward’s 1990 solo album, Ward One: Along the Way.
“The story behind the creation of Ward One: Along the Way is perhaps one of most striking narratives in music history,” says Gausten. “Ward, who escaped his humble beginnings in Birmingham, England to achieve global fame in the 1970s as the original drummer in Black Sabbath, found himself entering the 1980s in a haze of mental illness, drug abuse and financial devastation. Upon leaving Black Sabbath following the firing of singer (and best friend) Ozzy Osbourne, Ward found himself addicted and panhandling. Following a series of suicide attempts, Ward committed himself to getting sober. Over the course of five years, he overcame his tremendous personal obstacles while assembling an extraordinary cast of musicians (including Eric Singer, Ozzy and Bob Daisley) for his first solo album. Sadly, Ward may never be seen (or heard) as anything more than the drummer in Black Sabbath, and the music world at large has yet to embrace all that the man has to offer.”
Additionally, currently offers an exclusive interview with former BLACK SABBATH/current KISS drummer Eric Singer regarding his years in Black Sabbath.
Some of the topics Singer discusses in the online interview include former Black Sabbath vocalist Ray Gillen, the creation of what eventually became 1987’s Seventh Star and Singer’s approach to interpreting early Black Sabbath material. The interview also provides Singer’s take on rumored one-time Sabbath singer, Jeff Fenholt.
“When I sent out a request to Eric’s camp regarding the Bill Ward book chapter, Eric very quickly and enthusiastically responded,” says Gausten. ” In addition to covering Eric’s work on Ward One: Along The Way, our conversation inevitably led to Eric’s years in Black Sabbath. Since Eric’s words offer insight into a unique time in Sabbath’s evolution, I decided to isolate the band-related portion of our talk and post on my site as a stand-alone interview.”
The upcoming book also features exclusive interviews with past/present members of Aerosmith, Prong, Danzig, Thin Lizzy, Samhain, Misfits, Killing Joke, Plasmatics, Ramones and many others.
Joel Gausten is the former managing editor of LINER NOTES Magazine. A longtime musician, he has worked with a number of artists including Pigface and Electric Frankenstein. “Albums that (Should’ve) Changed the World” is slated for an August 2007 release.