More Heaven & Hell coming in 2007

Not that I think anyone is surprised by this, but I believe this is the first official confirmation I’ve seen of there being a live DVD coming from the Heaven & Hell tour in 2007. Sab fan Sean Beston emailed me this afternoon with his concert report (which is up on the Vancouver tourdate page), but he also sent along a scan of a handout they had at the arena. This is what Sean had to say:

Attached is a scan of a H&H card regarding a live CD and DVD that was being given away (along with a Megadeth one) outside of the Coliseum.

What’s new to me is that they’re going to have a live album from the touring this year. Again, I can’t say I’m surprised by that – that’s what everyone does these days. Big tour, live album afterwards. But I hadn’t seen it published anywhere. So that makes three “Black Sabbath” (Heaven & Hell, whatever the frig you wanna call it) releases this year:

  • “The Dio Years” – due in April
  • “Live at Hammersmith” – due in May, limited run of 5,000 copies of a Mob Rules concert CD
  • Unnamed live CD/DVD coming in the fall

That’s all cool, and I’ll probably enjoy all of them, but that now makes nine official band releases (four greatest hits albums, four live albums, and one box set) since the last full studio album of material 12 years ago (Forbidden) with Tony Martin. Five studio tracks in the last 12 years just isn’t enough, guys. We need more. Heck, I’ll settle for a release of old studio demos that aren’t even cleaned up! Give me the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol or the Dave Donato 1984 sessions. I’m not picky! :)
Seriously though, it’s cool we’re getting some activity, make sure and support the band when they’re released. Here’s a copy of the DVD card that Sean sent in; thanks man.