New site revamp online

Just a quick note to let you know (if you haven’t seen it already) that a minor revamp of the site’s layout is now online. The “look and feel” of this site has remained the way it is for quite some time – I haven’t touched it in ages. But as we move forward in 2007 with the Heaven & Hell project, I felt it was time to revamp. This look and feel was originally put online in December of 2000, so it’d been six years since I last updated the site.
The problem is I don’t have the time to spend to COMPLETELY overhaul everything – that’s too much work for where I am in my life now. However, a graphic refresh was easy enough. Came up with a design idea, passed it on to a graphic friend of mine, and bam! New drop in graphics. It keeps the same overall color scheme and general layout, but refreshes it all at the same time.
The new look is based off the cover art of “The Dio Years” which is due next month. There was some nice, understand art design on that cover, so I thought it lent itself well to a site design as well.
Special thanks to “RedSplat” for doing the physical drawing of the art for me – I can design, I can come up with ideas, but I can’t draw worth a shit. :) If you’d like to discuss the changes, you can do so in this thread on the forums here.