Ozzy’s I Don’t Wanna Stop Single Info

Well, today was the day it was rumoured that the single for “I Don’t Wanna Stop” was going to come out. I still can’t find it anywhere, so I’m thinking that isn’t happening now. However, you can listen to the entire single if you want to play the “game” that is Ozzy’s website.
Go to http://www.ozzy.com, and look for the bookcase. There’s three rows in the bookcase, if you hover your mouse over the third book from the right in the upper row, you can hear the new single in it’s entirety for free. However, don’t move your mouse at all, or it will stop playing, and you’ll have to restart it all over again. It’s cool that they’re doing this for free, but the choice of interface is odd.
I’d rather pay Apple 99 cents through iTunes to hear the song, tell you the truth.