Pre-Order Black Rain, get Free Ozzfest Tickets

While I’ve not found Black Rain available for pre-order at “conventional” online stores like, Sabbath fan James F. told me this morning about a link at the Sony Music Store for Black Rain. If you visit this site, you can pre-order the album direct from the record label.
This pre-order will come with a coupon code you can use to purchase (well, subjectively purchase) free Ozzfest tickets before anyone else can get at them.
If you’re interested, go check out the link. I do however, urge you to read the fine print. There’s language in there that says “OFFER AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Possession of a code does not guarantee entry into Ozzfest.”. Make sure and read it, so you don’t get bent out of shape later on, eh? :)
Also, the first single from Black Rain was supposed to be released today. As I write this at 10AM Dallas time on the 13th, I have not seen the song show up on iTunes yet.