Winners of Dio Years Giveaway

I managed to wade through all the entries for the Dio Years giveaway this morning and picked out the winners. I’ve already contacted the winners via direct email, but is my custom, I post the winners and the answers I was looking for here as well. Congratulations to these folks:
* Al Horta of Rahway, NJ
* Mike Lewin of Providence, RI
* Alexandre Matte of Quebec, Canada
* Murillo Mathias of Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Mike Mihalek of Saratoga Springs, NY
And the answers:
Question 1: The Dio Years is the second (official) Black Sabbath compilation CD that the track TV Crimes appeared on. What was the name of the other one?
The answer to this is 1996’s “The Sabbath Stones“. This featured mostly stuff from the Tony Martin era, but also had a track from the Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, & Dio Dehumanizer albums. It’s a great greatest hits album if you can find it.
Question 2: Two Dio-era Black Sabbath songs have appeared on movie soundtracks. Name the songs and the movies they appeared in.
The answer I was looking for was this: Mob Rules from the movie Heavy Metal in 1981, and the other was Time Machine from the movie Wayne’s World in 1992. The reason I said “looking for” above was that I had forgotten that the intro to Mob Rules, E5150 was also in the movie itself, but not actually on the soundtrack. So my question and answer was technically correct as worded, but E5150 did appear in the actual movie itself, too. This did not count against anyone getting the questions right or wrong, was just looking for Mob Rules & Time Machine.
Question 3: During the early days of the Dehumanizer sessions, Ronnie was in Black Sabbath with drummer Cozy Powell. What other band were the two in together?
The answer to this was probably the easiest of the questions asked. It was “Rainbow”. I had some submissions say “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”, but as far as I know, that was only the name of the band on their first (self titled) and final (Stranger in Us All) albums.
Question 4: If you count the forthcoming (unnamed) live album from the Heaven & Hell tour as a “Black Sabbath” album, the Dio era of Sabbath will have released seven official albums (studio, live, or compilation) by the close of 2007. Name them all.
The answer to this was: Heaven & Hell (1980), Mob Rules (1981), Live Evil (1982), Dehumanizer (1992), The Dio Years (2007), Live at Hammersmith (2007), & the forthcoming unnamed Live album from this tour (2007). I did have a few people say “Sabbath Stones” in this, but that was not counted, as it wasn’t a “Dio era” release, it just happened to have one Dio song on it.
I also had some folks ask me if I was going to be doing a giveaway for the Hammersmith release. I won’t be doing that due to the very low production run on that. With only 5,000 copies, I couldn’t even score a review copy for myself – I went online and bought one there. Hopefully I’ll have some giveaway action again later in the year for the live release.
Thanks to all who entered!