Archives for August 2007 RCMH Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Details

I been asked about this many times, and I’m finally able to bring you pre-order information on the Radio City Music Hall Deluxe Edition. The pre-order starts at 9AM Pacific time on the 28th of August (this morning). Here is the link you will need. From there, you can click on the Deluxe Edition […]

My Review of the Radio City Music Hall DVD

If you’re reading this review, then I likely do not need to explain the greatness of the music contained on this disc. I think it’s just assumed you know about the Dio era of Black Sabbath, which is what this is all based on. If you’re not a Black Sabbath fan, then you should probably […]

Radio City DVD sale and VH1 Classic Premiere

I just noticed this morning that has a 40% discount on the Live from Radio City Music Hall DVD. If you purchase it from them, the price (as I write this) is $11.99 – a great deal! If you haven’t pre-ordered yours, now is the time. That price will be hard to beat. In […]

Geezer & Football

Just a quick note. There’s a story that’s making the rounds now about Geezer Butler buying a football club in the UK. He’s a known fan of Aston Villa FC. He carries their flag around with him on tour on his trailer. Anyway, when this story cropped up, I emailed him about it, and his […]

Live at Radio City Music Hall Stuff

As we inch closer to the release of the Live at Radio City Music Hall CD/DVD’s, the promotional wheels have gotten going. Here’s a summary of the stuff I’ve been able to find out is happening: 1) Rhino/Rhapsody Free Album Stream: Rhino & Rhapsody have teamed up to provide a full album streaming copy of […]

Shadow of the Wind Video Available

As we approach the last few days before the Radio City Music Hall CD & DVD packages are released, a cool video has been released by Rhino over at MTV’s “Headbanger’s Blog” site. It’s the song “Shadow of the Wind” from the DVD – you can view the complete version with the video shown here: […]

Rhino Special Edition Release of RCMH

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been terribly busy again, but I wanted to take a quick second to say this.. The special edition pack of the Radio City Music Hall from Rhino has been delayed. The new release for that is now September 25th. No reason was given for the delay. I was told that […]

Official Heaven & Hell CD/DVD Trailer Released

Just got sent to me the official trailer for the Heaven & Hell Live at Radio City Music Hall release, which is coming out later this month. This should be a great release. I’m also hoping to run a giveaway for these like I normally do. A few other notes: I’ve finally gotten official word […]