Rhino.com RCMH Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Details

I been asked about this many times, and I’m finally able to bring you pre-order information on the Radio City Music Hall Deluxe Edition. The pre-order starts at 9AM Pacific time on the 28th of August (this morning). Here is the link you will need.
From there, you can click on the Deluxe Edition Link to get to the ordering page for the product. Please see the technical note at the bottom of this story before clicking, however.
This is a limited run of 5,000 copies (similar to the Live at Hammersmith release earlier this year), so if you’re interested, you should get in now with your order.
Rhino.com’s exclusive limited edition box also includes: glossy band photos, a Heaven And Hell tour program, ticket replica, laminated pass and collector’s postcards. It all comes housed in a sleek black display box emblazoned with official Heaven And Hell artwork.

A small technical problem exists with the site, though. The ordering page on the Rhino site does not appear to currently be working with the Mozilla Firefox or Opera web browsers. You likely will have to use Internet Explorer to get it work right correctly.
Also, we’ve had a few queries about the “pass” that is in the set. It is NOT a legitimate backstage pass like some have asked. Sorry. :)