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My recovery

Thanks to those who have emailed me about my recovery. I had surgery a week ago to remove a rather large (four inch) cyst from the tibia bone in my lower left leg. I’ve been ordered off my feet for two weeks (of which one has passed), and as such I’ve been avoiding most of […]

Where I’ve been Part II

Five days ago I posted a message here saying that I’ve been tied up with my company’s product release. That was true, but right after I posted that message, I found out I will be having surgery in slightly less than two weeks for a problem with a bone right under my knee (not under […]

New Tony Martin Album

Caught this news this morning over at Blabbermouth about a new Tony Martin album… Tony Martin has tapped Tom Galley of Phenomena fame to produce his next solo album, “Book of Shadows”, tentatively due next year. Martin states, “It’s great to have Tom on board especially since he is getting over the death of his […]

Where I’ve been

Since the tour ended, I’ve been away from the site (email and forums too). That has been because my company released a new (well, sort of new) game. I work for a game company, and I was heavily involved in a release. This is the Xbox LIVE Arcade release of Duke Nukem 3D. If you […]