Mailing List

It’s been a few months since I sent out the mailing list. 2009 has been bad for me, and many things fell by the wayside as my life was turned upside down due to the loss of my job. The mailing list was one of them.
I looked today at restarting it, and I discovered quite annoyingly that the data files for the mailing list are lost. That means I need to restart the thing from scratch with a subscriber base of ZERO! I really do NOT want to do that, as that’s over 3,000 addresses lost. :(
I may have to though, my goal was to restart it on January 1st. If I can’t put the data back together by then, that’s what I’m going to have to do. I’ll post about any updates I have on that.
UPDATE: The list has been restarted and a real issue has been sent out, so feel free to join up!