Winners of Ozzy’s Scream Contest!

Hey, Ozzy’s new album “Scream” is out today. I’ve also closed the contest where you could win a copy of it. Your copies are being sent from Sony records today if you were one of the winners, who were notified via email earlier this morning. The winners were:

  1. Marc Guerette – Quebec Canada
  2. Daniel Drago – El Mirage, AZ
  3. Jim Watson – Heidelberg, PA
  4. Ryan Snyder – Whitinsville, MA
  5. Simon Elliott – Riverside, CA

If you didn’t win, you can pick up a copy of the album today. Here’s some ordering links for you:
US:’s physical CD page
US:’s MP3 Download Page
UK:’s Page
UK:’s MP3 Download Page
US: iTunes Ordering Page
And finally, here are the answers to the trivia questions:

  1. Q: “The producer of Scream also produced one of Ozzy’s other albums. Which one was it?”
    A: For some reason many people answered the actual NAME of the producer, but the question asks what other album did Scream’s producer produce, and the answer is “Black Rain”.
  2. Q: “Which music video did Vinny Appice’s brother Carmine appear in for Ozzy?”
    A: The answer is “Bark at the Moon” where he appears as a pall-bearer (and a drummer). Carmine was briefly Ozzy’s drummer during the Bark at the Moon tour, before Tommy Aldridge returned.
  3. Q: “All of Ozzy’s guitarists except for one have either appeared on a studio or live album, or have a writing credit on a studio album (despite not appearing on it). Which is the only one not to have either?”
    A: Now this one is tricky. I basically asked which of Ozzy’s guitarists had neither a song writing credit or an appearance on any album. The obvious ones are the ones that appeared on an album, either studio or live. Those being Randy Rhoads, Brad Gillis, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, or Gus G. The ones that were lesser known were Steve Vai, who worked on an album of material with Ozzy before it was tossed in favor of what became Ozzmosis. The song “Aimee” from the released version of that has a co-write credit with Steve Vai. The other one was Joe Holmes, who has some songwriting credits, and does appear on the Ozzfest live 97 album. The actual answer I was looking for was Bernie Torme, who initially replaced Randy Rhoads after Randy died. However, after I started the contest, folsk reminded of a guy named “Alex Skolnick” who played a handful of gigs in 1995. I had forgotten about him, so I did not penalize anyone who answered with his name.
  4. Q: “Which bassist in Ozzy’s band was famous for playing with a cheese grater stuck to the back of his bass guitar that he would use to cut himself with?”
    A: The answer is Don Costa, who used to intentionally bloody his hands while playing on a bit of cheese grater stuck to the back of his bass. Google for “Don Costa Ozzy grater” and you’ll find some stories about it. :)
  5. Q: “Which former member of Ozzy’s band was also a member of Black Sabbath & Deep Purple?”
    A: That would be Don Airey, who played in early incarnations of Ozzy’s band. He also played keyboards on the 1978 Sabbath album “Never Say Die!”, and is the current keyboardist in Deep Purple.