Bill Ward on That Metal Show

If you’re in the US, and get the cable channel “VH1 Classic” and you read this site, then you probably know about a show called “That Metal Show”. It’s an interview show with host Eddie Trunk and a couple of his sidekicks. Eddie is a long time DJ in New York, has a weekly show on XM Radio, too. He’s a long time friend of Ronnie James Dio, and Black Sabbath’s as well. See this picture of Black Sabbath when they were recording the three new tracks for the “Dio Years” compilation. (Yes, that really was Black Sabbath, they hadn’t yet come up with the moniker “Heaven & Hell” yet).
Anyways, I just saw today that the new series of That Metal Show (the sixth) will be starting on October 16th at 11PM (Eastern Time). The first show of the new series will be dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. Additionally, the show will expand out to an hour as opposed to the half an hour it was before.
That part is cool. But what else is cool is one of the guests this series is Bill Ward. That ought to be cool, it’s been awhile since Bill has poked his head up except for his Rock 50 show. I’m hoping there’s some news on his new album(s) he’s been working on. Lord knows he’s due (his last was When the Bough Breaks in 1997).
One of best things about Trunk is his rather encyclopedic knowledge of metal, both popular and obscure. He has a segment on the show called ‘Stump the Trunk” where people come up to try and ask him questions he doesn’t know. There’s been a few Black Sabbath questions over the 5 seasons of the show, including one I wanted to ask him myself about all the vocalists the band has had (he got it wrong, but complained about the answer being too tricky or something like that). However, it is by far my favorite segment of the show, check the show out if you’ve never done so.
Once I get a date on the Bill Ward appearance (I’ve asked both Bill’s manager & Eddie Trunk about that), I’ll pass it on.
UPDATE: I just got word that Bill is recording his episode this coming Friday October 1st. His episode is tentatively scheduled to air on VH1 Classic on Nov 20th at 11PM Eastern Time.