Slip Away

If you’ve been frequenting my site for awhile, then you know about Jamie Mallender. He’s the bassist in Tony Martin’s solo band, and also has a few releases of his own. I’m here to let you know that Jamie has a new track out now – it’s been out for a couple of weeks now. It’s called “Slip Away”, and you can check out a video for it below.

You can buy the tunes in several places right now:
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Some press for the tune is below, and you can discuss the song with Jamie himself here on our forums (linkage). Check out the press:

Released 1st December 2010 as a taster from the forthcoming “Tunes From The Mothership” EP, “Slip Away,” is a download only single, available from all the usual digital download sites. Jamie, “It’s been just over a year since “Return To Bass,” and I really didn’t want to wait this long to put out another record. I love recording and I have a lot of music in me, I just need the time to put it down on tape! I’ve been singing a lot whilst I’ve been working with Eaglesque this last 12 months and this has got me back into the singer/songwriter thing. So I’ve decided that as soon as i can, I’ll put out an EP, 3 vocal tunes (one of which is a cover of one of my favourite songs) and 2 instrumentals. The EP will be called “Tunes From The Mothership,” and Slip Away will be track 1. I’m releasing the single version of it now as a download only, as a little taster and to keep the fans awake!”

Some fans may recall “The Free Download EP” which was available on MySpace a few years ago, for a limited time only. The most popular track from that demo recording was, “Don’t Let It Slip Away.” which is the track Jamie has re-recorded here, giving it the Mothership studios treatment, a shortened the name and here it is.