I’ve launched!

The new site is live – finally!

I started working on this in some capacity in the morning on Tuesday the 17th.  Due to some family issues, I didn’t get started in earnest until about 4PM or so.  During this time there were some server issues, including an attempt to spam bomb the site, so all that had to be dealt with.

Finally got the bugger launched around 1:30AM Central time on Wed the 18th.  Far longer than I expected – I was hoping for it to to be up around 6PM.  Oh well.

It’s here – check out the “Welcome to the New Site” story, which contains a large story on what’s new and all that.

There’s a few minor blips here and there.  The tour dates are a bit strange – some of the sub pages in there will still look like the old site, but that’s cuz I didn’t get all that converted.  It will come.

As usual, let me know if you find anything wrong – and thanks for visiting as usual.

NOTE: Some browsers are showing the iPhone skin for the front page.  I’m looking into that now – I can see it on Chrome & IE9, but not Firefox.


  1. Can’t wait to browse around the site!
    You’re amazing!

  2. Can’t wait to browse around the site! You’re amazing!

  3. this is one of the most complete “band” websites ive come across. many thx 7& keep on doin’ a great job, mr.sigler
    Sabbath Rules

  4. Beautifull desing ! Thanks a lot for share with us our love for Black Sabbath. This is the site man !

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