Tony Iommi has Cancer

This just posted from the Official Black Sabbath Facebook page.

With the news that Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma, his bandmates would like everyone to send positive vibes to the guitarist at this time. Iommi is currently working with his doctors to establish the best treatment plan–the “IRON MAN” of Rock & Roll remains upbeat and determined to make a full and successful recovery.

This comes as Black Sabbath–Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums)–are writing and recording their first album in 33 years in Los Angeles (still set for release this fall) with producer Rick Rubin. They will now go to the UK to continue to work with Tony. Further information will be released as it becomes available.


  1. Goran Edestedt says

    To Tony.
    Sorry to hear that you have cancer. Hope the treatment goes well and that you get rid of the vicious disease. Hope to see you in Stockholm in May. You are not alone. You are in our thoughts.
    Best Regards
    Goran Edestedt

  2. This is just tragic.

    I’m backing the Iron man to beat the big C though. Never say die right!

    My thoughts are with you Tony.

  3. Earl P. Burgess says

    This is not good news but on the positive side the cancer is in the early stage and is very treatable when found early. So thank God Tony had the good sense to see a doctor when he did. Best wishes and best regards, Earl.

  4. Dear Tony…

    i am so sorry to hear of your news…but you are the iron man…the supernaut…and no disease can exist in your power and presence…you WILL be delivered of this… nothing can stop you, you are in my thoughts and positive energy everyday…. all positive vibes and love to you from Boston to you….

    cant wait to see you on the Road, healed..recovered and free…


  5. Hi Tony hope u get over this awful disease a hope to see u at donnington u are not alone get well soon.

  6. David Bentley Brown says

    My favorite guitarist ever.Tony you are lord of this world kick this cancer and see u live at msg!!!!

  7. For you Tony,

    Maybe I’m 15 years old but I love Black Sabbath,and if you die…Black Sabbath isn’t Black Sabbath. So,you can’t die, you’re my favorite guitarist, I hope you to be fine soon. I’m with you!



  8. All the best to you, Tony! I’m a lymphoma survivor and still rockin’!! Kick it’s ass like I did! Looking forward to seeing you when you tour the states!!

  9. ollie dent from wales says

    stay strong friend see you soon

  10. Tony, you are the best guitarist to ever live. There are so many really great great guitarist but you are by far the best! Anything with you in it is good. I saw you seven times so far and you steal the show every time. When I watch you I get tears and goose bumps as I nodd my head in agreement and support. How can any man make something sound so good? Please try to record as many riffs and solos as you possibly can. You have so much to give. You where my wifes’ first concert (in 2007). Now she’s spoiled-how can that be topped? lol. Believe in Jesus. John 3:16. Our prayers are with you. You can beat this!!


  11. Fernando Ribeiro says

    Dear Tony Iommi

    God does not give a cross more than we can bear.
    So, fight and count on our prayers and positive thoughts.
    See you here in Brazil cured and full of health.
    God bless you!

  12. Without doubt a very unpleasant news.

    I believe in your extreme willpower and determination.

    You are the “Iron Man”, and this is just another chapter of your book,

    that not finished yet.

    I’m with you, your friend and fan:


  13. dear tony (my hero)
    just got back from cuba yesterday and my friend told me about the sad news , i was shocked ! to say the least , so so sad , you have been the biggest inspiration in my life , i know you will fight this and beat it … my mom had cancer 3 times and she still alive (thank god) just keep a very positive attitude iron man ! i”ll pray every single day that you get healthy soon .
    love you
    benny ransom

  14. I have 16 years hold… and black sabbath makes me creazy , i love yours songs there have this energy, can i feel it this energy!

    Im from Mexico…and im fan of black sabbath !

  15. I hear black sabbath from 8 years old.You will beat this fucking disease.I am sure of this.

    The Best and i cant wait to hear you live and to see you healthy. :)

  16. Dear Tony…

    l don’t like to use the word idol when refering to someone, but you’re the closest l’ll ever come to calling someone my idol. You have been in my thoughts constantly since l heard this sad news. Get well soon & stay strong, You mean so much to so many people… Where all behind you.



  17. Christoph Cleenwerck says

    Dear Tony,

    Just read the news. I’m from Belgium, and have been a devoted fan of Sabbath since the late seventies. Just bought the Deluxe editions from Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules; your playing there still gives me goosebumps like all those years ago!
    I wish you a good treatment and recovery.

  18. Janet Brookes says

    I have grown up listening to your music, I know how you must feel , but you can beat this. I booked to see you live for the first time. I wasn’t old enough when you were touring with Black Sabbath. I look forward to seeing the best heavy rock band in the world. see you in Rotterdam.

    Im from England now living in Scotland

    Long live Black Sabbath
    frm Janet Brookes

  19. Tony Iommy will defeat cancer and will go on long in life. All the best master!

  20. Gilles Colas says

    The great Mister Tony Iommi can be sure every second of the loyalty and the support of his french admirers, whose constant thoughts will help him overcome this ghost named cancer. And I thank all european fans reading this, to join these curing vibrations. With Tony we shall fight and win. We love Black Sabbath and send Tony all our strength and very best wishes

  21. Luiz Fernando says

    Caro Tony, You are the Best, sem voce, eu jamais seria o mesmo, vc inventou a guitarra como amo, desde criança/adolescente ouço e admiro sua inigualável arte. desejo sinceramente que vc se recupere o mais breve possível e possa continuar enchendo nossos corações com sua técnica estupenda, e que nos brinde com mais um CD fantástico, sorte, saúde e muito obrigado pelo seu enorme legado,

  22. You will bet this i been a fan from the begining. I am 49 and your music made me feel good. i grow up with you guys.I know you will bet is god bless you .

  23. Tony, thank you for making your music and sharing your time with us fans for so long.
    Now, take time for yourself.
    Find strength in the love of your family, friends and fans in order to prevail.
    Prayers and best wishes to you.

  24. Benjamin Mendez says

    Tony may God bless you and give strength to prevail

  25. Rod MacLean says

    I know you’ll pull though – I’ve been diagnosed with the same thing and although the treatment is long, you’ll get there!

  26. Joe Morales says

    Tony my idol seens back in the late 60’s. i remmeber the frist time i hard black sabbath. I will never forget the thing that were going thur my mined. God bless you and help you get rid of this monster. All of your fans in the great state of Texas will be praying for you. Thanks for the wonder full music. You will prevall

  27. Joe Morales says

    God bless you Tony. Your are the best. With gods help and prayers from all your fans in Texas, around the world You will prevall. We’ll see you soon.

  28. mr tony we all know what you are going thru. take the time to get better… we your fans in the world will be always supporting you… all the best wishes from mexico.. we really hope to see sabbath here…

  29. was sad to here the news are greatest guitar man has cancer,hope the treatment goes well cos we know ur strong ,friends,family n fans all over the world will always be there for you!!best of luck tony in everything u do,top bloke!

  30. I’m sad to see that Toni has cancer. Thre is some hope becos it has been diagnosed at early stage ( sorry for my english, i’m french ). So, of course, i send regularly very very good vibes to you, Toni ! Be srtong and healed soon !

    Love from France.

  31. el_ultimo_heavy says

    Desde Argentina, el mayor de los abrazos para el maestro mundial del Heavy!! FUERZA CARAJO!!

  32. Danny Mullins says


    My family throughout has dealt with various forms of cancer so I am so familiar with this disease from beginning to end. My heart goes out to you and your family. Please know that not just me, but countless others will keep you in continued prayer. May God Bless you and heal you.


    Danny C. Mullins
    Lawton, OK USA

  33. radu popescu says

    Get well, Tony. We love you all.

  34. Dear Tony ,

    Sorry for my english, I just want to say, that in Russia you are an idol for your fans, and I think all of them wants you to be recovered as early, as it can be. I hope, that I’ll see you in Moscow in good health, as when you was young. Black Sabbath’s visit is one of the greatest event, I think you must know it.

    You are awesome,


  35. Dear tony, i know you can make it, just hang it there man :)
    we are here for you
    don’t lose hope
    i grant you the best
    i hope to see you in Mexico soon and healthy

    -Metztli Gonzalez
    Culiacan, SN, Mexico

  36. Roman Konovalov says

    Dear Tony,
    For me the extremely unpleasant news to learn that have found out a lymphoma in you. But you should be only on a positive!
    I wish you the prompt recover that Black Sabbath also could please us with the performances!)
    You – the Legend!

    Roman Konovalov
    Russia, the Tula area, Sokolniki

  37. marco italy says

    tony nearly 30 years of good vibration! u gave to me……… i have to
    give u back!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Hey Tony man buck up… You have to ensure an India tour on your list… Am counting on you for that.. Cancer aint worth it..

  39. Karl Germany says

    Dear Tony,
    I am a Black Sabbath fan since 1970, just after I listened to “Paranoid” for the first time at the age of 13. From the beginning I was highly impressed by your guitar skills which always were able to guide Ozzys powerful voice in all the songs.
    It was my highlight of the year as I heard about your reunion with the guys, and that you would start a world tour in 2012. As a german fan I wasted no time and bought 2 tickets for Dortmund on 06/04 instantly. I was shocked to hear about your serious sickness and I hope that the right treatment will get you healthy as soon as possible. I will be ready waiting for you and the guys in the first row in front of the stage in Dortmund on June 4th.

    Yours Sincerely,


  40. Michael Juchem says

    My prayers are with you big time !!! I have been sending positive vibes and well wishes since I heard the news about the illness. I know you will prevail because you have the focus and determination to let nothing stop you from succeeding. I have been enjoying your music on a daily basis for the last 30 years and I truly believe your next album will be the pinnacle of your career, solidifying one of the greatest musical legacies of the rock and roll era.

  41. All my best wishes and good vibes to Tony . You ‘ re the Best , THE LEGEND !
    Kill the Dragon !

  42. Get well soon Tony, you can beat it!!

    All my best vibes sent to you :)

  43. Estimado Tony,

    Desde Costa Rica te mandamos un saludo , esperando puedas salir avante y puedas superar estos momentos dificiles. Queremos tenerte por mucho tiempo . Representas una parte importante de la historia del rock.

  44. Many greetings fromma Sabbs fan(s) of the Czech Republic. Wishing well and never say die ! We´ll meet alltogether at your gig in Prague. We´re lookin´ forward to as longin´ for your new release. Long live The Sabbs !!!!

  45. get well soon tony we need you , your a fighter and i know you will make it through .cant wait to see you guys together at last this is the right move for you all ………….come on the best heavy rock band in the world ………….BLACK SABBATH “””””””””””””””””””

  46. Tony,you’re strong.Everything will be all right.My best wishes.

  47. Tony La Buena Vibra Para Ti… Mucha Salud Y Fortaleza… Tierras Aztecas Mexico Te Espera Con Fuerza Con Black Sabbath Yeah!! Maestro Echale Los Kilos Para Tu Pronta Recuperacion…
    Viva Black Sabbath!!! Viva Tony Iommi…

  48. So sorry to hear about that cancer. I heard alot of raw foods help fight cancer, and give you a better chance at life. I started eating raw, though everyone makes fun of me, and i feel alot better. I’m trying to shrink a tumor. Take plenty of vitamins and drink enough water. I lost alot of weight too. Everyone keeps telling me to stop losing weight cause i have no ass anymore. But i don’t care. My muscles are coming back, and I digest so much better. The Gerson Cancer diet is said to be the ultimate for curing cancer. Check out the website. There’s also some powerful herbs out there that may help. You might wanna talk to a native medecine man or an herbologist of chinese studies or the like on top of your cancer treatment for that extra fight to live. I love your guitar playing. It’s so sexy. Please do’nt leave us Tony. You rocked my world since I was a little girl. I saw you play with Dio in ’09. It was the shit!!!! I can’t wait for Black Sabbath. That’s gonna be the ultimate!!! I’ll pray for you. All My Relations. Lether

  49. Hello from Paris France , see you in bercy i hope , god bless you !!

  50. Get Well Soon Tony! You are the iron man of the heavy metal!

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