Bill Ward Out of Reunion? Maybe.

Bill Ward just posted a bombshell on his website.   Not quite sure what to make of it at the moment, but if you’ve been following the band, it seems like the same kind of thing that happened in 2004 again.  Here’s what Bill posted on his site:

Los Angeles, CA – February 2, 2012

Dear Sabbath Fans, Fellow Musicians and Interested Parties,

At this time, I would love nothing more than to be able to proceed with the Black Sabbath album and tour. However, I am unable to continue unless a “signable” contract is drawn up; a contract that reflects some dignity and respect toward me as an original member of the band. Last year, I worked diligently in good faith with Tony, Ozzy and Geezer. And on 11/11/11, again in good faith, I participated in the L.A. press conference. Several days ago, after nearly a year of trying to negotiate, another “unsignable” contract was handed to me.

Let me say that although this has put me in some kind of holding pattern, I am packed and ready to leave the U.S. for England. More importantly, I definitely want to play on the album, and I definitely want to tour with Black Sabbath.

Since the news of Tony’s illness, and the understanding that the band would move production to the U.K., I’ve spent everyday getting to or living in a place of readiness to leave. That involves something of a task, and as I’ve tried to find out what’s going on with the U.K. sessions, I’ve realized that I’ve been getting “the cold shoulder” (and, I might add, not for the first time). Feeling somewhat ostracized, my guess is as of today, I will know nothing of what’shappening unless I sign “the unsignable contract.”

The place I’m in feels lousy and lonely because as much as I want to play and participate, I also have to stand for something and not sign on. If I sign as-is, I stand to lose my rights, dignity and respectability as a rock musician. I believe in freedom and freedom of speech. I grew up in a hard rock/metal band. We stood for something then, and we played from the heart with honesty and sincerity. I am in the spirit of integrity, far from the corporate malady, I am real and honest, fair and compassionate.

If I’m replaced, I have to face you, the beloved Sabbath fans. I hope you will not hold me responsible for the failure of an original Black Sabbath lineup as promoted. Without fault finding, I want to assure everyone that my loyalty to Sabbath is intact.

So here I am. I lay my truth down before you. I’m good to go IF I get a “signable” contract. I don’t want to let anyone down, especially Black Sabbath and all the Sabbath fans. You know I love you. It would be a sad day in Rock if this current situation fell to the desires of a few.

My position is not greed-driven. I’m not holding out for a “big piece” of the action (money) like some kind of blackmail deal. I’d like something that recognizes and is reflective of my contributions to the band, including the reunions that started fourteen years ago. After the last tour I vowed to never again sign on to an unreasonable contract. I want a contract that shows some respect to me and my family, a contract that will honor all that I’ve brought to Black Sabbath since its beginning.

That’s the story so far.

Stay safe and stay strong.

I love every single one of you.

–Bill Ward


  1. miked_for_doom says

    I am sick to my stomach AGAIN.

    “Black Sabbath is the greatest WHAT of all time”?
    How can I say, “The greatest BAND of all time” an not feel like I’m lying to myself ?

    If it is not evident that what made Black Sabbath the greatest band of all time was what Geezer, Ozzy, BILL, and Tony did TOGETHER, your not in touch with reality.

    Be the band, music, phenomena, musicians, and human beings that I love and have been so proud and vocal about BEING THE BEST.

    Unless Bill does not get an offer that does not compromise his dignity, I feel ashamed to say Black Sabbath is the greatest BAND of all time.

    I support you Bill and your life you have been living based on principals.


  2. Jose Vasquez says

    I prayed For one day that Black Sabbath will rise again from the Ashes Even if it was Ronnie James Dio RIP Black Sabbath Can’t be Whole Without Bill Ward The Founders of Heavy Metal thee GodFathers Of Heavy Metal Bring Bill Back Long Live Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Will Never Die

  3. Patrick Conley says

    A Black Sabbath without Bill Ward is not Black Sabbath.
    Tony, well wishes from Chicago, IL.

  4. mark woolsey says

    Have you lost your mind it could never be sabbath without all four and no f****** way without ozzy
    dio my ars that aint sabbath

  5. Harry Plainred says

    DIO did an awesome job in Black Sabbath, taking the band further than they could with Ozzy. Kind of simular to Iron Maiden with Paul Di`anno and Bruce Dickinson. I`ve been a BS fan since early 80s and have never been able to set one above the other, even is Ozzy IS Black Sabbath and DIO always were the next guy. It`s a shame that Ward may be out of BS again but still, BS without Ward is still a ballkicking, asswhipping live band so I would never be so stupid not seeing them because of this.

  6. I appreciate the way Mr. Ward explained his position so clearly. We as fans need to stand behind hm and boycott the Sabbath “reunion” if it goes on without him. There’s been many many great drummers to play in Sabbath, but since this was marketed as a reunion of the original 4 members, it MUST not happen if Mr. Ward isn’t involved. And it also must not be misconstrued as Mr. Ward being to blame for holding out at the last minute and thus preventing it from happening…HE is the one being screwed here.


  8. This may be the last chance for original members to do studio album,with that be said all managers need to make everything equal and then their is no more issues ,the problem is the management involved,let the boys make magic one more time.

  9. It’s all management screwing things up not just one person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ron Hanover says

    This is exactly the problem with music today. Contracts, agreements and such. In the 60’s , when these 4 gentlemen got together they were drawn by similar interests in music. I am sure they did not give a rat’s ass about the legal aspects. Agreed, they were young, beer and the young lasses were a primary target. Nevertheless, ALL 4 created the music, regardless of who the writing credits went to. The band would have been a totally different animal had someone else been behind the drums or behind the microphone. I would like to believe that cooler heads will prevail. Life is short, our time is brief. Black Sabbath is a gift to the world of music. Give a generation of people the chance to see what legends can do. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  11. To you 4 from BS ! Think about all of your fans, please !
    If you are in good health (Tony, fight for you and for us), you can have any excuse to crash this “new” BS.
    It is FANTASTIC that a legend as you can perform again as the ORIGINAL group.
    That means with Bill, of course !
    From Belgium.

  12. keith sells says

    first i’d like to say great it was to hear that the original were back together again ,and a new album would be recorded.It was like adream come true.Then Tony announced he was diagnoised with lymphoma, and then Bill says will not do unless he gets a signable contract which he deserves. all 4 one,and all 4 one.Please work this out.I LOVE YOUR MUSIC,AND I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO A NEW CD AND TOUR.YOU’RE THE REASON I PLAY GUITAR.i’ll pray for tony and the whole band. YOU’RE BIGGEST FAN Keith e. Sells

  13. Billy Cardinale says

    You guys do witness what’s happening here don’t you? Of course you do. Bill Ward has the backing of the people. We care this much about the 4 of you because you grew up with us. & although you physically weren’t with us,your music certainly was. & It was thru your music, interviews on radio & tv, magazines etc how we learned to know ya’s. Watching this happen is like one brother bringing home a girl that doesn’t get along with the rest of the family until she’s put in her place or no longer invited. & the guy always gets the worst of it.

  14. James Dunkerley says

    I think everything should be equal for all 4 members of the band.I also think the majority of profit should go to the members of the band.

  15. After seeing my favorite band Black Sabbath play in 1997 with drummer Mike Bordin I was just glad Black Sabbath was playing there old songs with Ozzy .It picked me up in a rough time in life. But when Mr. Bill Ward joined on and seeing that front row many times I experienced who is Black Sabbath. Ozzy, Tony,Geezer, and Bill . I am not sharing this for sympathy but for understanding and compasion. In 2009 i lost my sons mom Melenda , my love of life 3 weeks after his birth. I spent many days wanting to join her. With our son here that wasn’t an option. My first year was beyond hell. On 11-11-11 a spring in my step happened when I heard a new album and tour was coming. Althou my son Landon and family are my reason to move on hearing this cheered my soul up. I felt like 99 when meeting Sabbath at the Neshaminy Mall. But now hearing about whats going on has left me dumbfounded. I do believe Bill should get a good contract . If its a money thing you cant take it with you when you go. Whats left behind here on earth is doing something for the greater good. Me and alot of fans out there I know have had Black Sabbath touch our souls for the better. All members throughout the years. But having a true new Sabbath album and maybe the last should be with Bill Ward. I like many can only hope we here Bill gets his recognition and this gets settled. One More Song, One More Song. but will be better with Bill.

  16. I ‘d love to see the Third Cage.

    I saw this internal rift coming a mile away. Wanna bet Ozzy / Sharon is behind this ego trip? I knew Ward would be the one left out in the cold as usual.

  17. You guys are idiots.

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