Black Sabbath 2012 Update

Well, today’s been an interesting day.   Earlier this morning, we got another statement from Bill Ward about his drumming situation with Black Sabbath.  Which appeared to be good news, that they’re still talking.

Then a few hours after that, we got a rather large and somewhat ominous update from Black Sabbath regarding the European touring dates.  They’ve effectively been canceled, save for one – the Download Festival.    I will include the full press release from Black Sabbath below, but here’s my thoughts on the matter.  I believe we’re dealing with two separate issues here.

  1. Bill Ward’s contract situation
  2. Tony Iommi’s health

I don’t believe Bill’s situation of the last couple of weeks has anything to do with the Sabbath news today about European touring.  I can’t prove that, as I’m not part of their inner circle, but from reading the announcements fully, I believe that we’re dealing with Tony’s health here as the culprit behind these European date changes.   Tony’s had chemo, and will be having some other kind of treatment shortly.   While he’s been doing great from all reports, cancer treatments can kick your ass and sap you of a ton of energy, so I’m not surprised at this in the least, having dealt with this in my own family.

Ozzy & Friends

However, to fulfill the live concert dates, and probably not piss off a ton of promoters over cancelling a ton of dates twice (remember they did the same thing in 2010 when Ronnie got really ill), the remaining European Festival dates will be billed as “Ozzy & Friends”.  The lineup for those dates is now:

  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Zakk Wylde – Guitar (No Gus G?)
  • Geezer Butler – Bass

They haven’t actually listed a drummer or keyboardist, but I think it’s safe to say we’re looking at Tommy Clufetos & Adam Wakeman.  I’ll try and find out who that is going forward.   It’s not going to be just these guys.  There will be other “guests” too – hence the title.  The press release mentions Slash will be with them on some dates; others are unknown.

Musings on Black Sabbath

If you read the various releases properly, and don’t just glom on the headlines, I think you’ll agree with me that I don’t think any of this affects “Black Sabbath”, save for the fact that a handful of festival dates that are no longer billed as Black Sabbath.  There have been several statements saying that Tony is doing well, but due to ongoing issues they’ve had to change these live dates.  There’s also the fracas with Bill Ward.

What I think is going on here (and I stress this is an opinion, nobody has told me this) is that Tony’s doing OK, but the treatments are getting to him a little, preventing him from going out and doing these Festival tours.  During that time they’ll continue to work on studio material, and when Tony gets better, they’ll do live dates after the album comes out.   What I do believe though is that these date cancellations have nothing to do with the Bill Ward situation – I think this is a total byproduct of the realities of Tony’s cancer treatments, and that the previously announced album is probably unaffected by all this.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I pray that Tony gets well, as cancer bloody well sucks.  Took Ronnie from us, and I’ve had another family member go from that, and another that had the exact same thing Tony does; she’s been cancer free for a decade, so it can be dealt with.  Hopefully this is what happens here.

Let’s keep good, positive thoughts and prayers directed towards Tony during all of this.

Official Press Release



BLACK SABBATH –who late last year confirmed the recording of their first new album in more than 33 years and a worldwide headlining tour–have had to put some plans on hold due to Tony Iommi’s battle with lymphoma. At this time, BLACK SABBATH will perform only one show of this summer’s previously scheduled European tour. It will take place Sunday, June 10 at the U.K.’s Download Festival.

So as not to let the promoters and fans down, OZZY OSBOURNE will now perform the majority of the previously scheduled BLACK SABBATH dates (both festival performances and the headlining shows) billed as OZZY & FRIENDS. These “first ever” OZZY & FRIENDS shows will feature appearances by “special guest” musicians including GEEZER BUTLER (who will join Ozzy for a special BLACK SABBATH set as a show of respect and support to their friend, Tony Iommi) and longtime former OZZY band member Zakk Wylde. In addition, OZZY will be accompanied by longtime collaborator and friend Slash at select shows, with other “special guests” set to join the tour at various stops along the way (full list of dates, appearances below).

Tony Iommi continues to make excellent progress and is looking forward to getting back out on the road. Meanwhile, BLACK SABBATH continue to write and record music in the U.K. for their upcoming album. More information about these dates and BLACK SABBATH’s recording and touring plans is forthcoming.

The 2012 tour dates are as follows:



Sun 6/10 Donnington UK Download Festival



Wed 5/23 Helsinki, Finland Hartwall Arena
Fri 5/25 Stockholm, Sweden Stadium
Sun 5/27 Jelling, Denmark Jelling Festival
Tue 5/29 Bergen, Norway Bergen Calling Festival
Thu 5/31 Oslo, Norway Spektrum
Sat 6/2 Malmo, Sweden Malmo Stadium
Mon 6/4 Dortmund, Germany Westfalenhalle
Wed 6/6 Prague, Czech Rep O2 Arena
Fri 6/15 Vitoria, Spain Azkena Rock Festival
Sun 6/17 Clisson, France Hellfest
Fri 6/22 Dessel, Belgium Graspop Metal Meeting
Sun 6/24 Milan, Italy Gods of Metal Festival
Tue 6/26 Vienna, Austria Stadthalle
Thu 6/28 Belgrade, Serbia USCE Park
Sun 7/1 Athens, Greece Rockwave Festival – Terra


  1. I’ve been hearing that Tony is NOT doing good at all, and that the only date Black Sabbath is scheduled to play at the Download Festival might NOT include him after all… Much like the Heaven and Hell set at Download two years ago didn’t include Dio.

    Plan A is still to have the band perform as scheduled.

    Plan B (Which is looking increasingly likely) is to have Ozzy and Friends perform, and then bring out Tony for four songs at the end of the show.

    Plan C is to play this show as a tribute to the fallen guitar hero… :(

    Nothing is set (obviously) but these options have been discussed AND are the reasons that Bill is holding out. He wants to be paid for the tour even though he won’t get to play now that it’s been changed to “Ozzy and Friends”…

    Bear in mind, these are RUMORS I have heard from people INSIDE the Sab camp, but not close to the core. It’s only hearsay as far as they are concerned. So I hope they heard wrong…

    One thing seems to be true unfortunately… Tony is not doing good. They stopped the recording sessions, Geezer left to go on vacation in Hawaii, Ozzy is in Hollywood and Rick Rubin is also on holiday…

    More info (gossip, hearsay…) as I get it.

    • Fans appreciate any real inside information on a situation as truly crappy as this one, and I’ll take for granted that there’s truth in what you posted re: Tony’s health. But, personally, I’d rather not read 2nd (or 3rd, or even 4th?) hand gossip from an unknown source quoting uncited sources.

      Please don’t take this reply as a slam, it’s not meant to be one, and I’m sure you’re not dicking anyone around. I just don’t think stuff this shadowy should be posted here, especially given the fact that one of my (and I’m sure just about everyone else’s reading this) lifelong heroes is the subject. Of course, I’m sure many people DO want to read rumors like this, and would tell me to get over it and just not read it. That said, I still thing it shouldn’t be posted.

      Again, please don’t take this as a slam, as that is absolutely not my intention and I’m sure you’re coming from a good place.

  2. While my heart goes out to Tony and his family I’m a little disappointed that this whole reunion was over before it started. Bill should not have had to go through this nonsense… give him his dignity and admit he’s just as big a part of that band as the other 3. I for one was a bit outraged by the whole debacle!

    But nevertheless, Tony needs time to get back on his feet and hopefully get through this cancer mess, he is probably the most celebrated figure in the world of heavy guitar music and it would be more than a tragedy to see him just get up and start touring when he’s not ready.

    My advice would be for Tony, Ozzy and Terry to get together with Bill and make things right while there is still time!

  3. Abolition concerts the reunion Black Sabbath – It is very very sad.
    But main – it’s Health Tony.
    Not clear why nope concerts Ozzy & Friends in Russia???
    Because concerts Sabbath are planned were, and tickets are still sold.

  4. Janet Brookes says

    I Have Tickets for Ahoy in the Netherlands, I dont see it on the new tours dares, So has this venue been cancelled. I was so looking forward to this. Am a where how much cancer takes out of people . I just pray Mr Iommi gets better soon.

    • Yep. Ahoy is cancelled. Damn shame. Booked a flight to Rotterdam to see Twisted Sister at a festival and Sabbath at the Ahoy and both shows are not happening. Damn it.

  5. You forgot Paris June 19

  6. Bad news , and first of all , if it would be true : Health ‘s Tony !
    The rest is only bussiness : Ozzy and friends ? I’m not sure it would be be the most respectful solution for the fans and for Tony

  7. Zakk Wylde is probably the only guitarist in the world who deserves to be playing guitar if Tony cant make it!

    I’m keener on the album coming out than the live shows anyway, the Download festival and it’s like here in England are a chance to pay £200 or so to get rained on in a muddy field and go home with dysentry having seen a band on a stage from about a quarter mile away… i’m hoping for Tony to get better and Bill to get the brown M&M’s clause in his contract or whatever the sticky issue is, and seeing Sabbath at the Birmingham NEC, the o2 or Wembley Arena…

    • Ozzy and Friends is ok with me. Let Geezer go out and play and whoever else wants to with Ozzy. Zakk Wyde is a great guitarist, but you can’t call it Black Sabbath anymore without Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill. Tony needs to get well so he can live on to do other things other then play guitar . He said it’s now or never. Well, he can put now on the back burner. He’s got a life outside music with a wife and a daughter , Toni-Marie that he re-connected with, who just got married and probably wants her dad to see his grandchildren if she is so blessed.

  8. If they try to give me “Ozzy & Friends” instead of Black Sabbath original lineup – I´ll sue them.
    False marketing. I respect if they instead of performing, cancel the show and pay the money back. I do not settle to see just Ozzy and friends. If still “Ozzy & Friends” happens I expect the ticket bought for Black Sabbath is valid for when they finally show up. Ozzy and Sharon is not going to get away with another prince of darkness bubble bath when they markeded the event as Black Sabbath Original Lineup. False marketing. I have respect for Tonys Illness, but not for Bill Wards egoistic behaviour and certainly not for Sharon in any way what so ever. I expect Sabbath or else eat lawsuit. I am not kidding. Alex

    • Didn’t you bother to read the recent news in full??? Stop being an a**hole, the most likely reason the concerts are no longer billed as Sabbath is because of Tony Iommi’s health.
      My wishes are with Tony for a full recovery..

    • Sabbath Men says

      You are a fucking crazy..!!!

    • This isn’t any kind of plan by Ozzy or Sharon to market themselves as Black Sabbath to sell tickets! FYI, Ozzy does just fine selling tickets as it is. This is simply a last minute solution to carry on and not just say “sorry assholes, show’s cancelled”. The show must go on, as they say. Stop with this stupid blaming Sharon for everything. I love Ozzy & am repeating what he said when I say that if it wasn’t for this Sharon monster you hate so much, Ozzy would be dead. I’m no saint myself, but it’s not hard to see that’s most likely true. “Ozzy & Friends” is just a way to continue the show in Tony’s absence. If you had respect for Tony’s illness, you wouldn’t have posted that. So you’re creating a lawsuit because this band you supposadly love so much is facing hard times? Why don’t you write up that lawsuit, dip it in some ky jelly & shove it up your ass.

  9. Hello! My wife and I are Brazilians and we bought tickets to see the great reunion of Black Sabbath in Prague. We spent so far with airfare and lodging about $ 5,000.00. It is really ridiculous after all that receive the news that Ozzy & Friends will replace the show we buy. I will certainly sue the band and event organizers for this fraud. To cancel the shows and give us back our expenses if the real problem is the health of Toni. But I believe that all this has more to do with the clutter of a team of entrepreneurs who do not disrespectful negotiated everything it should with Bill Ward and his greedy businessmen before putting tickets on sale. In addition to the band’s fans are customers of four companies named Toni Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne harmed us.

    • pedro de pacas says

      wtf are you talking about? at least show some respect to iommi’s health. tinha q ser brasileiro mesmo, maldito

  10. What a bunch of bolloks!
    Everyone who bought tickets for BLACK SABBATH should return them immediately to those pathetic bunch of shysters. Ozzy & Friends? What???
    The name Black Sabbath get’s spoiled and tattered more and more the longer this all goes on.
    Stop this, forget this, close this chapter forever.
    Everyone who want’s to hear Black Sabbath, listen to the old Albums, that was, is and will ever be Black Sabbath.
    I wish all the best for Tony, hoping he’s restored to health fully.

  11. So far only rumors, as Joe well pointed out there are two issues going on and little information to have solid conclusions. Tony’s treatment is a very serious issue and is unthinkable to have him on stage while not complete recovered from treatment (pray God he make it and beat cancer). Bill contract issues are still on negotiation stage so hope can be solve, ’cause Sabbath’s mark I magic and success was the chemistry of the 4 parts and nothing else.

    Ozzy and friends is an attempt to fulfill contracted dates, but I don’t thinks the best solution, maybe a money refund and then selling the Ozzy and Friends show would work-out better. Obviously the Tony’s health issue was out of sight when the reunion plans were made, but Tony’s health comes first and changes had to be made.

    Hope this whole thing can have a good end and have these legends back on stage once more (and with new material the better), otherwise thanks a lot Black Sabbath mark-I for 8 incredible studio albums that through decades have brought many great moments in my life.

    Peace and God bless!!

  12. with all this just now a total mess..i think its time to say good nite, its over and its been great , the greatest heavy metal band or whatever uyou want to call it, its over!
    i have lost all intrest now, never cared for ozzys voice so this new group of gathering musicians is just plain sad. , i mean how long could they keep this going any way , they remind me now of an athelete who doesnt know when to retire


  13. i absolutely pray for sabbath to continue with the original plan -god bless you kind souls please continue with bill in accompiniment we all want black sabbath thank you we’ll be seeing you all very soon play on!

  14. I am very sorry that Black Sabbath did not come to Moscow. I live in Siberia, and was waiting for this concert 19 years old when I first heard of “Sabotage”. It is a pity that the dream of childhood had not realized.

    I wish Tony a speedy recovery!

    Sincerely, Nikita

    P/s/ Sorry for my English

  15. Sad to say, I think that Tony’s health is not good….I remember hearing all of the reports out of Ronnie’s camp that ‘everything is going great’ and ‘he is doing fantastic’, only to get blindsided by his untimely death. I truly hope this is not the case….I consider myself fortunate that I got a chance to see the MK II lineup in 2008 (NEVER in my wildest dreams did I expect that!), and have been chomping at the bit for my lifelong dream of seeing MK I live….However, the best thing now is for everyone to keep Tony in their thoughts, and if it doesn’t happen, but we still have him alive with us, we are still far better off.

  16. What is situation with Russian part of tour?!! Will Ozzy and friends show in St.Petersbourg?!

    • No. OzzY’s not coming to saint-petersburg. Russian concerts have been cancelled. I saw the confirmation of this today. Damn i’ve been waiting for them for ages and than this happened. What a shame…

  17. I agree with gary,much rather have a new studio album than a tour,reasons being sabbath is only going to give you a hr & half show at best,strain on ozzy voice,now you have tonys health issues,ticket prices will be expensive for a short concert, not worth it.I think they just need to get tony healthy and then finish studio album.

    • Sab Fan Aaron says

      I couldnt agree with you more.Please dont mislead us about Toni`s health.If hes doing ok then say so but if hes realy not them be truthful about it.I could careless about a tour I just want to see the new album finished and released so we can hear new music from the band.That being said everyone who bout tickets for tour dates should have known better cause Toni`s health has been sketchy all along.TONI YOU ARE THE IRON MAN.Kick this cancers ass my prayers and thoughts are with you.Hypotheticaly IF Toni cant finish the project I would like to see Ozzy,Zak Wylde,Geezer,Adam wakeman and whomever drummer is up for filling the shoes to record and release a new cd.If its true about the rumorof Toni not doing so good then its not likely to see the new album released in June.One last comment why in the heck does it take so long in the studio to record an album.Lets get this thing done I can give a crap less about the Bill Ward fiasco.

  18. It’s all very sad! But I hope that the new album to see the light – I know exactly what Black Sabbath has something to surprise us all!!Serj from Lthuania

  19. Hi Joe, you summed up the latest events and updates on the Sabbath. Good job!

    We also believe this was the best solution at this time.

    The time now is pray that Iommi has a recovery and to defeat cancer.

    Bill, Ozzy, Geezer and Tony together and remain united in this new album.

    If that happens a new studio album after so many years, that is to unite the four friends

    All the best

  20. The cancellation got me worried and I don’t give a crap for the reunion and album anymore. I want Tony to recover 1000% and all the rest is completely and absolutely MEANINGLESS. Hail to the king of metal! :)

  21. I think, very sadly, it’s clear that Tony’s health is preventing the dates from happening, there is WAY too much to be made for them not to the dates otherwise. I hope Tony is going to be ok, but this is ominous. As far as ‘Ozzy and Friends’ i’m sure it’s a contractual thing, they have to do something for these shows they have been booked for, a LOT of people bought tickets to see Sabbath, and in order to not get sued by promoters ( who will understandably get that Iommi certainly didn’t PLAN on getting cancer!) they have to present some kind of show featuring Sabbath members and some Sabbath material, thus ‘Ozzy & Friends.’ I’m no big fan of Ozzy these days, but I don’t see this as him cashing in, I think this is the only way they don’t get sued for not doing the shows!

  22. When it comes to the health of Tony Iommi they must be carefull, they learned from the situation with Ronnie. Tony will kick the cancer’s butt, hopefully they can finish the album, release it so the cheers from the comeback will strengthen him to a full recovery. We’ll be seeing the return of Black Sabbath in 2013.

    Take care Tony, the entire world of rock and metal is there for you!


  23. kevin from the emerald isle says

    To be honest the ozzy and friends thing ( that i won’t be going to) and the bill thing does not matter. A man, Thee Man, has cancer here and wether the reports are true or not it cannot be good for him or his family.

    I hope to god that the treatment works and Tony respnds well to it and maybe next year we can see a tour of the Sabbs not osbourne and fucking slash etc… So first things first people health over everything and our thoughts are with you and your family Tony, be strong and fight this bastard disease.


  24. Tor-Egil Westerås says

    Greetings from Norway!
    I was almost shocked when i heard that Sabbath was not going to tour in Europe, but when i heard that “Ozzy and friends” was coming instead i was a bit surprised. Its not Ozzys show by any strech of the imagination and i think that the naming could have been done differently. I respect the bands dessision to not take Tony with them because of his illness but i think that the naming could have been something else.

  25. I d dare to add that my preference is a reunopn of the CROSS PURPOSSES line up..

    That was INCREDIBLE!!!

    For people who dont know : ( watch the video of that tour, please.
    Tony Martin CAN sing and does not act like a moron on stage showing his behind and harassing me with buckets of water.

    Bobby Rondinelli is way underrated but still one of the best around.

    I hope Tony Iommi will get well soon and if Ward is being “mishandled” someone does goes out on a limb to change that.

    And yes, FUCK SHARON.

  26. What da fuck. Ahh no please god help me what about da ahoy?

  27. Man, am I happy they did cancel the show in Rotterdam. Ozzy and friends, no way i wanna spend me lousy euro’s on that.

    Get well Tony, but to be honest; I don’t have a good feelin’ about him. Like I had on Ronnie.

  28. Frankadelic says

    Much praise to Ozzy and Geezer & Friends for going ahead and playing ‘some’ of the dates that would have obviously been a huge disappointment to fans, and naturally all contractual agreements.
    Brilliant choice guys. i would jump at a chance to see any of these shows.
    If, they went ahead and had Bill Ward guest in on drums for their portion of the Sabbath sets,
    ( or any part of the Ozzy and Friends shows…!!!)
    I think that, in and of itself, would make some sort of amends for any the bad vibes created by the obvious shortsightedness.
    And, again,..prayer and good vibes being sent to Tony and his Family during this rough time.

  29. Thanks Joe foe this update, also It’s good news to hear that “it can be dealt with” when it hits home like this it makes you realize how precious life is.

  30. I honestly didn’t care if Sabbath reunited or not. They’re all getting up there in age and Ozzy has pretty much become nothing but a joke anyways (he seems like a pretty swell guy though). Despite holding little to no interest in the reunion, this turn of events still upsets me quite a bit. To announce something that (to others at least) was so monumental and to have it all come crashing down like this is just depressing. I really don’t know what else to say. Hopefully Iommi can beat the cancer and Bill Ward can at least remain on good terms with the rest of them, but other than that…damn.

    P.S.: Zakk Wylde sucks and is an idiot. Fuck you and your stupid biker image, you’re from the same shitty state I’m from, you poser. And you’re a horrible guitarist who ruins each and every song with the same, irritating pinch harmonics every time. I’m honestly not that amazed that you’re considered and icon though because there is unfortunately a large amount of stupid people out there who love to put chodes like you up on pedestals. I hope you choke. And fuck Sharon too (nothing else needs to be said about this demon).

  31. Paul Hartley says

    Hey guys,

    I cannot find any OFFICIAL confirmation that the Paris show on 19th June is also cancelled.

    The main ticket supplier in France – Gerard Drouot Productions, continue to sell tickets for Black Sabbath on their website.

    Similar to the post about the Rotterdam show being definitely off, does anyone know for sure that the Paris show is cancelled and the only gig for Ozzy will be at Hellfest ?



  32. Instead of Black Sabbath it’s now Ozzy & Fri€nd$….

  33. I hope Tony fully recovers from this shit.
    I really don`t care that much for the (non) tour, they ain`t coming to S. America… sad for all the ppl who was thrilled to see Sabbath live.
    I got to see H&H and that did it for me.

  34. Sabbra Cadavra says

    Sharon oh sharon oh sharon, still lick’in & sting’in thy whip are you now.

    ‘GYPSY WOMAN’ sharon-
    Your the devil in drag
    Your the queen of all hell…………….

    Tony Iommi take care of yourself we’re all pulling for ya.

    Cheers to ya Joe from Northeast Philly! Keep up the good work!

  35. To comment what Eddie trunk said about the Bill Ward deal on his show Monday 2-20-2012 . Like other members leaving the band they help found and come back , you vacate that original position and when you come back you have to start at the bottom of the ladder. I disagree with this in this case because of the music and the history and etc . that this band has and what each member has contributed to it . So , EVERY MEMBER SHOULD BE GETTING AN EQUAL CUT PERIOD ! This has been the way for ANY band or style of music for quite some time . I believe I understood what he was saying there ? If that’s the case , then since Geezer left a couple of time to do either solo work and ozzy either left or got fired , how does that make them able to get more than Bill in this REUNION ? Something isn’t right there i do believe .
    Bill, I disagree with this and no matter how often ya leave a band for whatever reason and are back i the band and you are the ORIGINAL FOUNDING MEMEBER OR ONE OF THE ORIGINAL FOUNDING MEMBERS such as in this case , THEN YOU ALL SHOULD GET AN EQUAL SLICE OF THE PIE !It’s the right thing to do !

    • Erick Bertin says

      Dude, I totally get you and understand what you’re saying (and essentially, I agree with you), in an ideal world the ideal situation would be to have all 4 members receiving an equal share. However, reality has a much nastier face for us all, and Trunk knows this firsthand: remember, he is a MAJOR Kiss fan, as am I, and as such we had to endure the consequences of the whole “Farewell Tour” debacle. This is just an example, but I truly believe the analogy works: Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were, quite literally, HIRED to come back into the band in 1996, they were NEVER re-established as equals in the “Kiss Partnership”, as therefore, when Ace’s contract expired and he refused to renew, he was evicted, plain and simple. Ace never said much about it, but if you look a bit on the internet, you’ll find interviews with Peter Criss where he confirmed as much. The Sabbath case is a bit similar: after everybody left in the mid 80’s, Tony was left as the sole “partner” in Sabbath, everybody else was hired. You may recall that when the whole Heaven and Hell thing came up, there was originally a lot of speculation regarding the fact that they couldn’t use the name “Black Sabbath” because of Sharon/Ozzy. As it turned out, both Tony and his legal team confirmed beyond any doubt that he was still the sole owner of the Sabbath name and “trademark” so to speak, and that their decision not to use the Sabbath name was out of choice, not necessity. And finally, you may also recall that Ozzy sued Tony a couple of years ago, precisely in order to contest that ownership issue. As you now, the case was settled but the terms of the agreement were not disclosed. That being the case, one can only speculate, but I don’t think it’s too much of a leap in logic to assume that Tony caved and gave Ozzy some percentage of the ownership of the Sabbath name (the lawsuit only named Ozzy as plaintif, not Geezer and/or Bill). What percentage? Beats the hell outta me, but again, one can imagine that Ozzy sued for 50%, which would make them, Ozzy and Tony, owners of the Sabbath name and partnership. In short: both Bill and Geezer are, for all intents and purposes, employees of the Sabbath brand and as such, they do not receive the same benefits as the two owners. Is Bill being “greedy” for asking more than Geezer has? I personally do not think so, but I’ll leave it up to you guys to ponder all of this and make your own minds. My personal position, I’m with Bill on this one, I think it would be fair to include him (and Geezer) back into the partnership. Is it realistic to expect such a development? I’d have to say that “naay”, but who knows…? In the meantime, let’s hope Tony gets better and they can find a way to actually work this whole bunch of crap out… I mean, fighting cancer should really set straight your priorities in life, shouldn’t it? As always, thanks to Joe for the great coverage, rock on dude!!!!

  36. PARIS Cancelled !!!
    so upset and sad


    We regret to announce you that the concert of BLACK SABBATH in Paris on Tuesday 19th June 2012 is cancelled.

    If you have received your tickets, please send them us back (at the address below) with your credit card’s numbers & the expiration date.
    If you have not received the tickets & you will have to pick up them at the venue box office (or e-ticket), we just need by email the order number + your credit card’s number & expiration date.

    Thank you.

  37. hey! I have one question…will Ozzy sing his songs or black sabbath??

  38. I agree that, like Joe said, there are 2 problems…BUT, the fact is, sadly, that they most likely are interconnected. That’s the truth guys. Bill Ward’s contract disagreement is probably related to Tony’s health and the possibility to tour as either Black Sabbath or Ozzy & Friends. Although I don’t have any inside news, I pretty much suspect that. This situation is a work-in – progress thing, I think there will be more turnarounds as the story unfolds very quickly…and remember that, as far as I know, no promoter has yet publicize the Ozzy & Friends things clearly.

  39. No offense to Ozzy, but when DIO died part of Sabbath died with him. If Sabbath come to the US without Bill Ward on drums I wont be there.


  40. Following on from Paris….

    Moscow CANCELLED!

    Добрый день! Вы купили билеты в компании «Кассир,ру» Концерт Black Sabbath, запланированный на 18 мая 2012 год в СК «Олимпийский», ОТМЕНЕН по причине болезни одного из исполнителей.

    Возврат денежных средств осуществляется с 1 марта по 18 мая 2012 года включительно в центральном офисе КАССИР.РУ только в будние дни с 9:30 до 18:00

    “Good day! You bought tickets to the company’s “cashier, py” Concert Black Sabbath, scheduled for May 18, 2012 in SC “Olympic” CANCELLED due to illness of one of the performers.

    Return of funds is carried out from March 1 to May 18, 2012 inclusive, at the central office KASSIR.RU only on weekdays from 9:30 to 18:00″

  41. Damn. So many whiny, self-entitled kids here.

    I’d be more than happy if “Ozzy and Friends” came to my town, and would get floor seats at my earliest convenience. Sure it’s not the best of circumstances, but why pass up the chance to see Ozzy, Geezer, and Slash / Zack?

    As for the name Ozzy and Friends; They can’t just leave all the venues and promoters out to dry. They have to fulfill those dates, and they have to have a name that will attract ticket buyers.

  42. You’re right. Nice if they turn money back, people can choose… There is no reason to be confused or angry. “Ozzy and Friends” and Black Sabbath are not the same thing. With great respect to everybody Sabbath cannot go on without Tony that’s clear. Remember that Bill had a serious health problem in the past too… It would be awesome to see the old good guys together after all this troubles. Best wishes to Tony, and a big thank to all of them including Ronnie for the great things they’ve done, Sabbath didn’t say the last word yet. We all hope the great metal fighter and such dear man will be doing well again.

  43. Hi anyone know if the Dortmund show of Ozzy & Friends is cancelled ? Why some shows in europe are cancelled with the complete refound of the ticket and other dates not ?

  44. we want Black Sabbath in south america,,,, Ozzy, Bill, Geezer, Tommy ,,,we are very sary sad about Tomy´s health but the show must go on,,,, we are waiting so long for this ,,, now is the time , come on guys we love you,,, we love heavy metal,,,, God bles you all,,,,, i´ll see you soon

  45. Hey guys! You should come to Mexico and Latin America! we Love you!

  46. are they going to have a concert in Adelaide?

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