Sabbath to play US in August?

The “will he or won’t he” saga with Bill Ward carries on.  Tony Iommi’s cancer treatments carry on..   Yet the business of Black Sabbath doesn’t.

Word popped up today that Black Sabbath might be playing a lone date in the US in August.  Where?  Who knows?  Who’s on drums?  Who knows?   But a story this morning seems to say that.    In it contains a few words from Sharon Osbourne..

“They’re gonna be doing one show in America this summer but I can’t say yet because we can’t announce it, the promoters have to, but they are doing one show in August here together.”

My first reaction of course was to contact band management, which I did.  The response I got was pretty much along the lines of what was in this quite, which was “can’t say yet because we can’t announce it”..  So OK, my gut feeling is that this probably will happen.  But it’ll be HIGHLY DEPENDENT on what Tony Iommi’s condition is.   Whether he’s capable of flying is unknown.  One would think so, given this, plus it’s six months down the road, so presumably he should be in better shape then (if you know anyone who is actively going through chemo, you know what it can do to their stamina and whatnot).

We’ll find out once these “promoters” announce whatever they’re going to announce

Anyone know any festivals going on in August as to where this lone gig might be?  :)


  1. Manny Contreras says

    Mega awesome!! Best of luck to the 4 from Birmingham!! Save $$ for the trip l,,l,

  2. Frank DeHaven says

    I bet the U.S. show turns into an “Ozzy & friends” show.

  3. Hmmm…Lollapalooza is August 3-5.

  4. Hi!

    I would like to know if Black Sabbath will be in Montreal, Canada during 2012 Tour.
    We can wait to see you!
    God bless you!


  5. First off, thanks for having such a fantastic site for Sabbath fans. You have really set the standard for fan sites.
    Regarding the Sabbath show in August in the U.S., my first thought was Metallica’s Orion festival, but that’s in June, so that’s not it. I would expect a show in Los Angeles; several of the guys in the band, as you know, live there (at least part time) so it makes sense that way. I would expect one (or maybe two) shows at the Staples Center
    Another point to ponder: Do you think the European fans who bought tickets to see Sabbath are going to be offered refunds if they don’t want to see this “Ozzy and Friends” deal? In my view, they definitely should. I know a lot of folks who want to see Sabbath will go see this band anyway, but for the folks that don’t want to, they should be able to get their money back. It’s not Sabbath, so it’s only fair. I am just wondering. I have seen nothing in the press releases that indicates that refunds will be offered, which I think is really weak, if it is the case.
    Anyway, thanks again.
    All the best,

    • Like said before, lucky me they did cancel the show in Rotterdam. No way i wanna spend me euro’s on a gig named “ozzy and friends”. Will get a refund.

      • wheres your brain ozzys everything without him you just have three great musicians but no sabbath his solo career speaks for itself rob

    • Hi,

      Black Sabbath Vienna, Austria gig: Tickets get refunded until March 31st.
      Ozzy & Friends will fulfill the gig.

  6. Chris La Scola says

    After watching the song ‘I’ from Radio City, I was floored by the quality of sound that those guys had formed. A sound that still resonates in my bones. Few in the pop culture know what they have accomplished.

  7. Oh come on…!
    All these secrets!!! At the end of the day it’s all about somebody making more money! The one thing I hate about successful bands is, that it tends to be more and more about bussiness as time goes on, which takes a lot of pleasure out of the whole thing!
    And with Sabbat? Who knows… Even if we don’t take Tony’s health problems into consideration (hope he gets well), this might not even happen at all!!! So why all this? No need for secrets and ‘big’ announcements – tell us when something is 100% sure. It’s the least you can do – show the fans some respect: more music and less big talk, please!
    I must be honest that I wasn’t happy about this 25th reunion with Ozzy (or which one is it) at all, but I haven’t wished for things to go down like this.
    I’ll always regard Heaven & Hell (2007-2010) the last real chapter in Sabbath history. That was about music – this is about bussiness. You couldn’t even force me to download an illegal MP3 version of the new (and yet unreleased) album!
    – Sorry for the negative tone, but this is how I feel.

  8. Nick Houwaart says

    it has to ozzfest because ozzy and reporters said that it will happen
    So I think they will be in the U.S

  9. Only one date? I doubt it will be near me.

  10. I am just concerned about Tony’s Health ,and Getting Ward i back on the Current CD.

  11. good new , Wait and see . I saw that on Blabber but I ignore Sharon becomes the band’s spokesperson when she spoke about Bill ( him ) and the band ( us ) that iritates me a little . She seems to be a full member ; Oh God , please not that !
    But the most important now : Tony Health . all my best wishes . Kill the dragon !

  12. Here`s a list of US festivals for 2012:

  13. Danny Austeen says

    When we will see them in Canada especially in Quebec City?

  14. Tonys health should be main focus right now,when he is healthy then the boys need to work on studio album,then if everything is going well then think about a handfull of shows,their going to have ozzys voice blown out before the boys have a chance to play live.

  15. Prayers to Tony that he has a speedy recovery! And prayers that Bill gets his situation straightened out! €nd can’t wait for the new tour and cd! And to the ignorant people who say shit like Black Sabbath is screwing the fans because either Tony has cancer or that Bill is wanting more money. First off you ignorant people, you need to understand that chemo takes alot out of anyone no, atter how big or small. Look at what it did to Sharon Osbourne. And secondly don’t start bitching and complaing that dates are being cancelled and about Bill bitching he wants equal share of the deal, when you don’t know and have all the facts! I side with Bill 100% ! I would do the same thing if I was him. Although the others involved aren’t being fair. You have to have the facts and stuff to undestand what’s going on! And think of if the shoe were on the other foot, before you start complaing and criticizing!

  16. I think since Pennsylvania was like one of the first places Black Sabbath came to tour many years ago that it would only be fitting for them to do it again right in Pittsburgh,Pa!

  17. In Montreal, QC, Canada @ Heavy MTL festival???

  18. I think there is usually an Ozzfest in Devore Ca, around that time, so maybe there is a plan there, because Bill and Ozzy are residence in SO CAL this may be a possibility, Kinda wishing I didn’t move to NOR CAL now !, Bill did an Awesome tribute to Tony on his Rock 50 show yesterday (2/25/12) you can catch replays of it on soon if not already !, I would like to know if their Download Fest. will still be going on. not that I will be able to go to it but I am interested in if they are still planning to do it.

  19. heavy mtl is the biggest festival of heavy music and it s and august,, sharon said america not us. so am pretty sure it s mon treal.

  20. well, they did announce the reunion/tour at the Whiskey, and the SSMF is August 16-18, where a ‘music icon’ is the event headliner….so maybe if it happens, it happens in L.A.

  21. mario martin says

    love to see them in motreal quebec in 2012

    big fan of black sabbath

  22. @Martin- Thanks for the callout to the site. Appreciate it.

    @Mark – Heavy MTL in Montreal sounds like a great theory. There’s also a sister festival — Heavy Metal TO in Toronto the same weekend. Otherwise, it doesn’t look like many choices…for a metal festival. However, Black Sabbath could headline any major festival in North America!

    This is our very small genre for Metal Festivals right now. Let me know if I’m missing any good ones:
    Upcoming Metal Festivals

  23. Heavy MTL is announced today.

    Any chance off ozzfest with ozzy & freinds?

  24. Tony Iommi has fully recovered,AMEN TO THAT,,Bill Ward has returned

  25. I know this probably old news now and people have probably figure it out by now, but I’m sure its Lollapalooza. Its in August and the official lineup won’t be released til the 11th….. which fits what Sharon said.

    Also, a leaked “official” lineup has Sabbath listed a sa headliner.

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