The Sabs respond to Bill

While I was out running errands today, the server tanked again.  I should have guessed something happened, because the other Sabs (Ozzy, Tony, & Geezer) issued a statement today on the official Black Sabbath Website.  It said:

We were saddened to hear yesterday via Facebook that Bill declined publicly to participate in our current Black Sabbath plans…we have no choice but to continue recording without him although our door is always open… We are still in the UK with Tony. Writing and recording the new album and on a roll… See you at Download!!!

– Tony, Ozzy and Geezer

Can’t say I’m surprised at that.  I figured they’d say SOMETHING, and they weren’t gonna say “Well, that’s it then, we’re not doing this anymore”.  So this move doesn’t surprise me in the least.   I’ve also seen a few comments as to why they chose to respond like this, and especially the mention of Facebook.   A few thoughts come to mind about this..

  • I’ve seen a few posts from people wondering why they issued the statement, and they didn’t just try to “work it out” behind the scenes.  Bill Ward did issue the statement on his website and on Facebook himself.   Given Bill did that, it seems logical that they’d respond in kind.  That doesn’t surprise me, really.
  • As I’ve pointed out a few times in the last 24 hours, this feels like 2004 again.  My gut feeling is that this will get worked out in the end, but I have no facts regarding any of this.
  • Yes, I do Bill Ward’s website for him, but I had no prior knowledge of this than the rest of the Internet did except for maybe five minutes when his manager asked me if I’d post something for him and my actual posting of it.  Despite my being involved with Bill since around 1997’ish, I have no idea what’s going on here, and have ZERO inside knowledge.  The contractual situation with the Sabs is not info I’ve asked about, nor would they share with me – so I’m about as much in the dark on this one as anyone else is.

Hopefully this all gets worked out.  Because if they don’t, I’m gonna have to update my timeline page with another bloody combination.  Sigh.


  1. That’s not fair… why have Bill agreed to do the conference in november when it seems he’s never been happy with the contract? Joe’s right, it’s a 2004 situation again… :(
    it’s sad.

    But you know, right now I just hope Tony’s doing all right. Cancer is the enemy to defeat. After that I hope to hear new music from the riff master.

    • !984, 1994 – he bombs out all the time! What else is he doing that’s so important? Pull yerself together Ward!

    • Fuck all of them. I (we) as fans have been dealing with this long enough with the sabbath camp. We have all stood by them as fans no matter what. But now I feel that we have all been had. One lasty great album and tour for the fans. No. I t was and is cash grab for the ozzy/sharron/black sabbath And not for us. Tony has cancer after the reunion is announced. Now Bill is out. A fan of Sabbaths for thirty years. I say with a sad and heavy heart. I am done with them. I will never buy a new black sabbath product, or ticket ,ever again. And I am sure I am not alone in that statement. But it is ok. I have found the new Sabb. release. It is called UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS….BLOODLUST. If the corporat5ion of black sabbath wont give it to the fans, this band will.

      • C’mon guys, man up. There’s no place here for this kind of crap. Screwing Bill over is a disgrace, and is contrary to what I always believed Sabbath stood for. You couldn’t have better fans, please don’t let us down. There is no Black Sabbath without all four of you. Can’t be!!! Don’t blow this historic opportunity.
        Tony, you’re the man. God bless!

    • This is the last chance that the Sabs can show the world that they can really kick ass as a musical unit, but on another level….if this wrangling carries on it will undermine the history. They have thrown the toys out of the pram way too many times which under the circumstances back in the days of drugs, booze, poor management and ego’s was all too easy. These days they need to think how they got there AND WHY!…..the first 5 albums and a one of the loudest and nastiest live show experiences you could attend.

      This was all done while they were a unit, and im sure all Sabbath fans are in agreement that without one of the other band members…its pretty pointless as we have all heard the dodgy line ups before…..I want to hear Bill , Geezer, Tony and Ozzy give us one more gritty performance before they pass on…….The fans love them and have always supported them…if you snap me in half it would say “Black Sabbath” like a stick of rock candy from a shitty British beach, I have been listening to the guys since i was 10 years old (now 37) and am desperate for them to put there differences aside and do it for the fans, not the money/ the contract/ the press/ the wives/ the ego…..but for the people who lifted these four hairy nutters out of the Brummy gutters and placed them on a crystal pedestal of rock immortality. Sorry for the rant guys…..and if this doesnt happen then thanks for the music and the memories. Such was the influence of each band member of Sabbath, I spent years saving up, buying and learning how to play Drums/ Bass/ Guitar (and attempted a bit of singing) so i could feel hat it was like to be IN the music of these awesome talents. I love all four of you to the bone and what you have given to Rock & Roll. PS – Bill……if you do leave Sabbath…do want to be in my band?! ha ha ha

  2. Tim Lannon says

    I would say to Geezer, Tony, and especially Ozzy, get your heads out of your asses and give Bill what he needs. Bill is a kind man and I doubt he is asking for more than his fair share. The original Black Sabbath is Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill….. not Vinnie, Not Mike, and not Bev! I don’t want to see a band called “Paranoid” putting out an Album called “The Devil Never Gives In”. Just my two cents

  3. I’m not going to assign blame, I don’t give a crap who’s right or wrong. It’s a shame for the record, it’s a shame for the tour, it’s a shame for the band and it’s a shame for the fans. Why wasn’t the issue raised BEFORE the announcement is anyone’s guess. 60 year olds airing their dirty laundry in public is anything but dignified. Spinal Tap has nothing on these guys.

  4. Doug Nikco says

    Yes Joe I have a heavy heart over this,I will keep checking your page hoping for Bill to be back.If the outher 3 go with Vinny I will have more change in my pocket & may never forgive them.Peace keep up the good work.

  5. WTF
    Tony, Ozzy and Geezer should have said that they are all working to solve the issue . To Get B.Ward back on the project. The band should be united as one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree 100% with T.Lannon “I would say to Geezer, Tony, and especially Ozzy, get your heads out of your asses and give Bill what he needs. Bill is a kind man and I doubt he is asking for more than his fair share.”

    FIX THE FU*KING CONTRACT , get Bill in the Mix before its too late.

  6. Mate Filipović says

    This is SO SAD…

  7. Vinny Appice confirmed to replace Bill in 3… 2… 1… ;)

  8. Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Sharon: just go home. Nobody buys anymore this bogus reunion.

  9. Colin Montgomery says


    Today, all Black Sabbath fans received some unfortunate news that the band is planning to go on with their “2012 Original Lineup Reunion” without original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward! Yesterday, Ward messaged his fans via his site about his consternation regarding the “un-signable” contract handed to him by the Sabbath management, declaring that it’s unfair to him as a musician and as the original drummer of the band.
    As all Sabbath fans know, Iommi has always been more than willing to go on with replacements for everyone but himself. I love Tony Iommi’s guitar playing and I believe him to be the foundational figure of heavy metal guitar work, however, his continued use of the “Black Sabbath” band name with various revolving lineups was less than ideal. Even if everyone loves the work with Dio and even Born Again and some of the Tony Martin era stuff, none of it is true “Black Sabbath” material, except for maybe Heaven and Hell, which at least still had Bill in the band.
    Furthermore, we know about how Sharon is a controlling and manipulative, if not evil, woman and that she views everyone around Ozzy as a “hired hand”. She has only ever been interested in profit and she has always injected her own views and wishes onto Ozzy’s better judgement, such as re-recording the rhythm section on his first two solo albums.
    These two factors make it very difficult for much equality to be shared between the original 4 piece of Iommi, Butler, Osbourne, and Ward who, ultimately, represent the legacy of Black Sabbath. In future times, only the original lineup will be viewed as the true “Black Sabbath”, with the other lineups being seen for what they are: Other (if not still great) groups. Iommi and Butler realized this when they got back together with the late, great, and sadly missed Ronnie James Dio (RIP) under the new moniker “Heaven and Hell”.
    Hopefully the Sabbath camp and Bill himself will both realize that WE, THE FANS, DEMAND that ALL 4 ORIGINAL MEMBERS of BLACK SABBATH to be a part of any REUNION of the band under the BS name.

    Like this if you are a TRUE Sabbath fan!

    • Kevin Lamarre says

      The only way I will go see them is if Bill is back in the band. Rid of the politics and get back to the music!

  10. Fuck sake…

  11. It is about time to David Cameron do something. As Black Sabbath is a national institution, they should make a move.

    They spend millions of Ponds of soccer stadium with the Aussies, Olympic Games, why not Sabbath.

    At the very they are like the Queen and Kings. Appear a few times, everybody like them, they make a lot of money with old stuff and everybody respect them: they create the Heavy Metal.

  12. Purple Grant says

    Based on past history:
    A spanner in the works to do with contracts and being unfair to Bill…
    I’m going to go ahead and blame Sharon.

    I feared all this was too good to be true.

  13. This is unproffessional rubbish.

    I have spent over $12,000 to get flights, tickets and accomodation from Australia to see this tour, based on a press confrence I waiting until 4am my time to see….. now to be told the whole thing could be another bullshit Sabbath without Bill.

    Apart from the fact it just KILLS my faith that this reunion is for anything but money, it now also means the new album will be SOULESS if Bill has no part in it.

    I’m equally heartbroken, angry and disgusted with this. It hurst so much more as this band has been my lifeblood for 20 years and it’s always been my dream to see this lineup.

    If Bill doesn’t play I will be starting a joint class action against Sabbath for this debacle and invite anyone who has suffered financial loss over this to join me.

    • I have not not. But. You are on the right track. They sold the tickets as a full reunion tour. And believe me, without Mr. Ward ,Sabbath is not the same. So , you will have a strong case against them. But……isn’t so sad that the music and bands we love (loved), turned out to be nothing more than money whores. Any way. I (we) have the memories of when the music mattered. Keep on rockin’.

    • Im with you all the way man! Black Sabbath without Bill Ward is not Black Sabbath…..

    • miked_for_doom says

      Take their F#@&%G money. Maybe if THEY remember where they came from
      and what it was like to work hard and be broke like me, they will make an album like BLACK SABBATH.

      (I wish this was just a marketing ploy. That would be great).

      Support your brothers.

  14. And one more thing:

    Regardless of the outcome, even if Bill comes back, the damage is done.
    Sabbath have screwed their fans and one of their brothers. Again.

  15. Monte Self says

    I agree with all of you fans.. and @ nick especially this comment hit the nail on the head “Tony, Ozzy and Geezer should have said that they are all working to solve the issue .”

  16. Paul Richardson says

    Couldn’t Agree more with Colin (You don’t play golf do you?) as a Sabbath fan in my 40s, I have seen every incarnation of the band since 1986, but I cannot tell you the excitement I had on 11/11/11 checking twitter, this site, the official site etc. Finally we had the reunion we all wanted & a new album too, I felt like a teenager again & yesterday I purchased my download ticket, thinking everything was hunky dory & counting the days to seeing my favourite band possibly for the last time, then BANG a bolt from the blue!! I was led to believe that Bill was ALREADY over here recording the new material so imagine my shock to read his statement & the fact he’s still in the usa! What the hell is going on with these guys? I have had the fortune & privilege to meet Tony, Geezer & Ozzy over the years, have yet to meet Bill, but what I have seen & read, the man is a true gentleman with integrity & honesty which is very rare in the music business. Also the interviews you see with Black Sabbath they always make out they were like brothers, well this does not seem like they are treating their brother with the respect he deserves! They hardly need the money any more I thought this was to do with the spirit of the band, one last hurrah & retire gracefully. The statement put out by the rest of the sabs has, as another contributor mentioned, omitted the phrase we are doing what we can to resolve the situation, ffs Bill didn’t say he was definitely off the project but reading between the lines there must be something radically wrong in the camp for Bill to put out a statement like that. So finally a plea to the four guys, come on sort your differences out, this is not a reunion without all four of you & as a loyal fan I would be overjoyed to witness the original Black Sabbath in all their glory one more time!

  17. Luca Ciffo says

    “There’s one thing about Black Sabbath which should not be understated: If Black Sabbath is missing any one of its members it’s no longer Black Sabbath.” – Henry Rollins

  18. On a lighter note. You spend an elongated period of time to finish your new web-site, just in time for the Sabbath reunion, and smack!!!. Right in the face, you get hit with turmoil. And believe me. No matter what the outcome is with Mr. Ward. This is now a tarnished project. That may never see the light of day. And after all of this. I don’t think anyone would care. As a Sabbath fan for thirty-years….. I can say,……their not ever important anymore.

  19. Your site say “speak your mind” so why a moderator?. Well I must say one more thing. This is the last chance for all of you. Mr. Ward, I am with you on this. However. We have lost many in the rock industry over the last two years. Although Ronnie was not a friend to you, he was a major player in the biz. Mr. Lord is stricken with a non-treatable cancer. Mr Iommi is doing what he can with his doctors advice. So. Is this about money or self-pride. I am sure you have set your family and kin with the monetary support they need. As far as pride. Do what I have to do for six days a week. Put up with people who I know are mocking me at ever turn. Because I am always in good spirits and proud of what I am, and what I do. Albeit, I am a bartender who has do deal with bullshit stories every night. But. Every person who leaves at the end of the night thanks me (and tips me) , for going out of my way to make that one night for them special. I do this because I t is my job. And I truely like people. So put your pride in your pocket. And say thank-you. To us. The fans.

  20. Damn, it’s really a kick in the balls man!
    But as far as I know Black Sabbath it’s Tony, without Tony there’s no Sabbath, the Black Sabbath name survived trough the mid eighties and onwards becuase of Tony.
    I Bill is really out (and Vinny has his own project now) I would love to see Jeff Martin (Racer X/Badlands, etc) with Sabbath he has Bill’s stile (and a magnificient voice too).

    But of course, like everyone, I’m bursting in desire to see The Orginal Beast…
    pray the Lord he change his mind.

  21. I can’t imagine what could come between life long friends this far in to the game when music is all that should matter at this point. “At this point”…… when everyone in the band is at an age where this could very well be the last chance to tour and record as a band….when Tony is facing uncertainty at best. One member of Sabbath will leave this earth first and then there are no more chances, only regrets if things aren’t taken care of now in the right way. Paul McCartney & Jimmy Page know what it feels like to know there are no true reunions, ever, after one member is gone. Over the years we’ve gotten used to seeing the name of the band watered down and weakened by untrue versions, but after announcing a historic record in the works and a tour to support it…. anything less the the original line up will not do. I won’t attend a 3/4 Sab tour and I’ve been going to Sabbath shows, original band only, since the Paranoid tour, when I was in grammar school. Too many things in this world to fight about these days and this shouldn’t be one of them. Sabbath wrote a chapter in the book of rock n roll and they have one last chance to reminds us why and how.
    trey bruce

  22. Make Sharon play drums. Fucking vulture.

  23. Hello,

    I enjoy a variety of music and Black Sabbath is my Favorite Band.

    In reference to this situation with Bill, the Contract, Black Sabbath, Promoters, Producers, Management etc,etc. This situation on its face in some ways seems to be almost Surreal in reference to the way they are supposedly conducting themselves with this alleged subject matter. The four original members of Black Sabbath Supposedly, Possibly, could net a combined total of over 200 million dollars for this World Tour. In regards to certain aspects of this situation with Bills contract, this is reminiscent of “Possibly” some type of physiological marketing Tool being used. Example, A lot of people have been waiting for many years for a New Black Sabbath Album from all four original members as well as a Proper World Tour. So Maybe, somebody behind the seen contributed in creating this negative situation so that in the end certain people could make significantly a lot more money, I hope not. Because already, part of this sad situation on its face looks and Is unprofessional, disrespectful, disgraceful, irresponsible, and Displays Very Bad Business Practices, SHAMEFUL.

    Yes, there are a lot of issues, and facts that most people are unaware of in regards to this situation including the seemingly politics being probably behind part of this. Bill Ward should have a contract with the terms being rational, responsible, honest, fair, considerate, respectful and Legal. Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi are legends and Super Stars and are the most famous of all the members of Black Sabbath. With that being said, the chemistry of the original band Black Sabbath Is Not Just Ozzy and Tony, it’s Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill as they themselves have often said. On 11/11/11 this was presented and being Sold to the Public and the Media as an official Reunion of the original Black Sabbath, a long with a New Album and a proper World Tour to follow. Besides this seemingly being wrong for many reasons to not have Bill Ward play on the New Album and for Bill not to do the World Tour, this goes against what was Presented and Sold to the Public and the Media.

    Another issue, not to long ago they were saying send Tony positive vibes in reference to Tony being Diagnosed with the early stages of Lymphoma, and now all this happens, Hmm Strange ? Another strange thing out of the many is, we were told that when Ronnie James Dio RIP was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer, this was in the early stages. But, Obviously this was not accurate nor true, because it finally was said that when he was diagnosed he was in the late stages of Stomach Cancer, Stage 4.

    I hope the information we are getting about Tony Iommi is accurate that his cancer is in the early stages and not in a worse stage.

    In regards to the 11/11/11 announcement about the reunion. As many have stated in their posts, the Contracts should have been properly addressed and agreed upon before the 11/11/11 announcement.

    Based on the type of person Bill Ward seems to be, A lot of us are under the assumption Bill does not have a proper Contract, that also includes, Honor, Appreciation, Rational Regard, and Respect for Bill Ward as a Righteous Human Being, and being an original member, a sensible and serious person and musician and a major contributor to the Chemistry, Songs, Sound and success of Black Sabbath .

    Now, 2/4/2012 it’s out on the internet that Ozzy,Tony and Geezer will go on with the Album and World Tour without Bill Ward.

    This not only Sounds and Seems Ugly and Shitty, but could seem like BULLSHIT.

    Bill Ward also made reference to Free Speech, From the Heart, Real Musicians and Real Music from the heart, honesty, quality, steering their own course individually and together.

    Maybe another issue in this current situation is that Bill is having a distaste with the direction of the Sound,Songs,Music, etc,etc. I enjoy a variety of music as stated previously, and have been playing guitar for many years and Tony Iommi is my favorite guitar player, Great Writer, Great Player, etc,etc. But, lately some of his playing is to robotic, and the sound at times is to Tinny and computerized.

    Mr. Iommi if you are reading this post, Tony, get well, our prayers are with you for a full and healthy proper recovery.

    When you start playing again, please go back more consistently to that Raw and Full, bur clear, and powerful lead distinct sound, for example, the sound and guitar playing from the Song Black Sabbath, Warning, Wicked World, Juniors Eyes, Johnny Blade, She’s Gone, You Won’t Change Me, Gypsy, The Writ, Dirty Women, Sabbra Cadabra, Heart Like a Wheel, Lonely is the Word, Over and Over, etc,etc,etc.

    Good Luck Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill with resolving this sad, and unfortunate situation in reference to Bills contract and what ever else needs to be properly resolved.

    Take Care, Stay Healthy, Safe and Strong.



  24. it’ s sad , but many of us ‘ ve thought that could be happened since 11/11/11. IMO , Money is’nt the only reason , Bills’ health is another one ….and Sharon , may be .
    BUT , without Bill , it ‘s never Black Sabbath at all
    Satan watches thoses flames get lower and lower

  25. I have a strange feeling maybe Sharon is behind this. I could be wrong,
    But she is like the Yoko Ono of metal. I was not very interested anyway.
    It is a huge step down for “Black Sabbath” from DIO to Ozzy. Don’t care.

  26. Here is another comment all the Ozzy fans will hate. So forgive me just my opinion.
    Worst Ozzy era album Paranoid.
    Best Ozzy era album Never Say Die! With Bill Ward singning Swinging the Chain…

  27. Jonas Olsson says

    Long Live Ronnie James Dio!!!

  28. status quo says

    looks like,vinnys goin to get the nod,blinding drummer,loved him with heaven and hell.
    watch him on the heaven and hell gig ,live in radio city,what a performance.
    sad about bill,if hes not goin to be part of this sabbath,album/tour
    what can i say,hope somthing can be sorted,so he can be involved
    but i admire him not to sign this contract,or whatever crap terms,he was offered.
    musical politics,goes on in every band.
    still looking forward to the album/tour,who evers on the drum stool.
    you can bet you arse,that wagon sharon,is behind this!!!


    • oh come on! as i posted a couple of days ago vinnie, as a drummer, couldn’t clip bill’s toenails. he made exactly 1 (that’s one) good album with sabbath- mob rules. anyone who disagrees need only listen to any sabbath (or heaven and hell) album with vinnie, including mob rules, and ask themselves- how would this sound with bill beating the skins? the answer is self-evident. i mean just listen to ”the devil you know”. i’m such a huge sabbath fan and bought that album when it was released. i’ve listened to it exactly once. there’s some cool riffs and stuff on it, but the drumming is just godawful. can’t this guy even try a 4/4 beat on one song? anything other than the original 4 is an absolute travesty of the sabbath legacy,and supporting anything other than that will only endorse their actions against bill- who is only the nicest, warmest, most human in the band. bill will always have my utmost respect as a drummer and as a man- doubly so now. ( as a sidenote, this is what happens when you hand sharon the keys to the family car- f****** cow).

      • status quo says

        the devil you know is a blinding album,vinnys drumming is awsome,different drummer and style,from bill.still would hope bill would be involved,with the album/tour,but if not,vinny wont fail to impress!!!!

  29. Tony has cancer, Geezer does not eat meat, Ozzy is in a bad condition since 1970 and Bill does not want to show up at all. I wonder if they are sure about still charging money for it. So what’s left for the fans? Probably another GZR-album. GOOD LORD……

  30. What a mess… even if Bill gets decent contract and comes back it is damage done already. No matter how professional they are they just can’t wipe out bad vibes this has caused, at least not totally.

  31. remember the last re-union, bill wasn`t involved at first and then nearly didn`t participate at all. Why is he not treated as an equal in his own band ? The four of them started it and the four of them should finish it. I for one will not be going to watch unless bill is there because it won`t be black sabbath without him. My own personal view is that sharon osbourne is behind this.

    • This has got to be one of the most important (and unanswered) questions i’ve seen here. Why IS Bill not treated as an equal in his own band? He’s been there since 1968, and, blood sweat and tears-wise, has been a member longer than a certain mumbly singer. If this is Sharon’s doing (and I have my suspicions) well- she never grew up poor. She didn’t have to travel all over Britain in a beat-up van doing something she truly believed in,when many others didn’t, just to keep food in the belly and clothes on the back. She was a child of some privelege, who couldn’t possibly relate to the way these guys grew up. For her to now treat Bill, who did come from nothing, in this manner is just lower than low. When is enough money enough, Sharon? Although my opinion of her wasn’t very high before this debacle, it is now less than zero. Over to you, boys…..

  32. Congratulations, Sharon, Tony, Ozzy and Geezer: you are losing – a pound a day – the only thing that matters: the respect of your fans. The only thing that would save your arses at this point would be a killer studio album with Bill, with royalties donated to charity. To earn this scum money is to lose the last bite of respect from your fans you´ve earned (and threw out) all those years. Do a favor to yourselves: call Bill and give up the money.

  33. I Think a TOTAL boycott is in order for ozz/geez/tony………..Rollins is right, One missing member = NO BLACK SABBATH……The contract is fairly simple guys $$$$ divide by 4 = :-)…..

    I really dont think its the $$ for bill…Its the principal of it all, I think bill should just take his kit and go home, To hell with all the BS (not black sabbath)….He really dont need that, Im sure he wants to play. Probably more than ozz……


  34. Sharon wants to see the ROI, and that number would be substantially lower if Bill was treated as an equal member. If Bill couldn’t hack it any more, or there were some actual “artistic” differences at work, I would absolutely buy Bill not being there (but would still be sad about it), but that’s so obviously not the case. It would be awesome if, in the news section of this site, Joe would break some news about which fan page on Facebook we could all direct our voices to so that cow Sharon could get a better sense of what the ROI would be without Bill.

  35. Wait a minute guys, I hate Sharon as any one of you, but things here are completely different. We are not talking about Ozzy’s solo career, we are talking about Black Sabbath. If Bill is not getting what he wants, which I suppose is 25% of the profits, the Ozzy, Geezer and Tony are all equally to blame.

    I am not an hypocrite, I know that all those guys want money, hell, I want money too! But how much money is enough? I read that this tour would make around 100 million pounds for the band, so each one of them would get 25 freaking million pounds!

    I will still love the artists themselves regardless of what happens, and Tony Iommi will forever be my eternal idol as far as guitar playing is concerned, but as men the three of them would be completely over for me if they treat Bill as garbage instead of treating him as a man.

  36. If the tour is projected to net 100 mil then a 25% or equal split would give each member $25 mil each for a year’s work.

    I would imagine that Ozzy is demanding 50% leaving Tony 25% and Terry and BIll 12.5%.

    Pure speculation, but if it is about dividing up the spoils then this is really a true money grab.

    Sad Day.

    • I dont think vinnie got 25% when he was called for heaven and hell even though as they all said he was more part of that line-up than bill.When kiss reunited peter criss and ace frehley got less percent-as they should.While i dont thimk it should be equal i would think it should be very fair dollar wise.As far as i ever heard tony writes most of ,then geezer,Ozzy has become who he is “lately” from marketing ,but is a huge drawing factor.It doesnt really seem that complicated.But whatever i just really hope the album lives up to the build-up and doesnt sound like a ozzy album with a better band but a sabbath album.Scary Dreams -please no! Psycho man- O.K. Selling our souls-a little closer.
      I wish they could do something in the sabotage/sbs style but it probably would not sell alot outside of sab fans.Kinda like Devil You Know-very good album but i think the next one would have been the one.
      (Still like a follow-up to Who Cares, and especially Fused-Now fused was badass,dont really here much about that one).
      Would be very cool if they could have one of “those” songs that really put them out there to go out on.Heavy but accessible to everyone.

  37. On another note: maybe we will get a mini BWB tour and hear the solo stuff live! That would be a great trade off for me. I sure would rather hear “Pink Clouds an Island” than “Into The Void” (again.)

  38. I’m a sabbath freak since ’77. you won’t see me anywhere near any of this unless bill is in his rightful place on sabbath’s drum throne. what the hell’s wrong with these guys (and sharon)? is this really how they want it to end? continue recording without bill? really? what would be the point of that? i, for one, will show my disgust the only way i can- by voting with my feet. and they will be moving in the opposite direction of this mess. i hope all sabbath fans will protest in a similar fashion. this is a complete insult to a fan of 35 years, and to us all.

  39. First of all how do we know the real story as bill has been kinda flaky at times.Maybe he already did agree to some sort of proposed deal and then changed his thoughts on it or whatever who knows.Look when he was gonna be on the heaven and hell/dio years new songs and then at last second quit because he said they hurt his feelings!? I think i remember reading where they wanted to” record the songs quick and he was working them to death and they just recommended just play like this and he got mad and quit.” or something to that effect.I Do think his fluid jazzier style playing across the riff gives songs he plays on a more unique sound than just heavy plodding basic type drums as on devil you know. But if it is because they arent paying him fairly it is not the bands personal fault as i think they all have there own managers and everything I dont think they just sit in the living room and say we each get this much.But im sure they could all get together and remedy this.Do we need to be reminded ozzys letter about his lawsuit that they all did what they did together(as he was suing for 50% Wha?!)
    But as alot of paople already said i cant believe that they got this far without some kinda idea as to what each guys deal was.Maybe bill had some clauses where if he started getting wacky they could use a fill in if needed and he dont like that.I heard he was pissed about having vinnie around as a back-up for reunion tour.

  40. sorry to say but bullshit, give bill what he deserves !!! sharon s father robbed them of thier money and now shes doing it to geezzer and bill , but geezer went to the dark side leaving bill alone , they are making millions from this and offering bill a stage hand ‘s rate .. whats fair is fair hes the original !!!! at least treat him
    as a band member , ozzy u have enuff money take care of your real band, they do this to him all the time, when is too much never enuff , look at the way ozzy and tony live and look at bill come on guys !!!

    lets have a greart reunion and get it together

  41. Who cares. without DIO sabbath aint black they are bla. DIO rules 1111

    • mike clifton says

      Thank God somebody can see there is Sabbath after Ozzy. I have EVERY Black Sabbath album there is. Some have Ozzy and Bill playing on them and some don’t BUT they ALL have the words BLACK SABBATH on them and as long as Tony Iommi is on them that’s good enough for me.

  42. Fabio Guadagnuolo says

    Upon reading a few comments here and there, I have one remark: these four guys are in the music business since the end of the sixties and should know how it works (at least I would expect this). Everything seems to suggest that they attended an official announcement about THEMSELVES and Black Sabbath on 11.11.2011 without prior clarification of the basic contractual aspects!! I do not know whether I must laugh or cry…


    • EXCELLENT IDEA………….”BACK STABBATH”…..I wonder if you buy the new cd if there will be any music on it???……Or a drum machine????…….WITHOUT BILL YOU CANT PAY ME TO GO SEE THEM LIVE….

      Keep your head up and pride strong, The real loyal sabbath fan base is and always will be with you.

      Mark (From Chicago)

    • Chris M Fafard says

      How about “Back Stabbers” ?

  44. Sharon, Ozz, Tony and Geezer: you should hand Bill a signable contract or go home at all. He´s won.

  45. No Bill, no ‘proper’ reunion. Despite what the other 3 say publically / think privately if they carry on as ‘Black Sabbath’ the fans are going to feel cheated, to a point, after the hype of the ‘Classic Mk1 Sabbath reunion is going to happen’ reports. It just makes a mockery of everything that has been said leading up to this point so far.
    Such a bloody shame.
    Lets hope it can get resolved and get down to what’s REALLY important……..THE MUSIC!!!!!

  46. Ah come on guys, get it together please! You sold your souls on 11.11.11 when you sold us fans a re union. Now i feel ive been duped cos i bought my ticket for rotterdam in good faith. Atfer hearing about tonys bad news i thought that was that, but tony has shown remarkable courage in saying he wants to continue. Now this with Bill, i may be wrong but seems to me he,s chucked he,drum sticksout of the pram! Whatever, sabbath owe it to themselves and us loyal fans to sort this out and quickly, before it affects ticket sales and more importantly the bands integrity particularly towards thier fans. Sorry if i sound annoyed. I love this band so much that it really affects me like it must thousands of sab fans. Hope you sort it soon. Mez x

  47. paul Hudson says

    C’mon guys!!!! can’t believe all this crap. I thought you all said ‘Black Sabbath is the four original members’, ‘It’s something special’ now it’s all this crap. Black Sabbath are Ozzy, Tony, Geezer & BILL. A new album and world tour by the FOUR original members, that’s what we’ve all been waiting for all these years. I was lucky enough to see you in 1978 at the Empire theatre, Liverpool, England and i’ve been praying for a proper reunion since then. Please sort it out guys, Black Sabbath are equally important to the Black Sabbath sound. PLEASE one more time!!!!!!!!!

  48. This is nothing but pure bull !!!!!!
    I was brought up on Black Sabbath and to this day have only seen Black Sabbath once as the original line up. I love the late great Dio but there is only one Sabbath and that is Ozzy,Geezer,Bill, and Tony !!!
    Without Bill there is NO Black Sabbath!!!!!!
    If this is true???? then maybe they should do what they did to Ronnie and call the band by another name like (And Then There Were Three !!!)
    This may be the last time all us fans and our kids may be able to see the Greatest band of our time play . I really hope this is nothing more than a misunderstanding and the four of them can get their SHIT together and resolve this.
    There have been may have been other GREAT members in Black Sabbath and GREAT music we will never forget !!!! Those members (Dio,Gillan,Hughes,Martin,Powell,Appice,ect….) they belived in Black Sabbath and at this time I have alot more respect for them. IT IS SUCH A SHAME AND A TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT TO US FANS (THAT LOVE YOU GUYS AND ALL THAT IS BLACK SABBATH) THAT YOU DO THIS TO US!

    One thing I would like to say to the members of Black Sabbath is this, STOP LETTING US DOWN AS WELL AS YOURSELVES!!! Stop being selfish and go back to the time when you had nothing but a dream to change the face of music history. You had nothing but you four lads and without you four there would be NO BLACK SABBATH!!!! , or any of the other bands that you have formed through the 40 plus years.



  50. Tortheguide says

    Sharon, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer; this is a message to you: You have bloody ruined it. There is no way you can win it back. Bill Ward is 25% of sabbath, end of discussion. You have the most loyal fanbase in the universe, and you have choosen to take a piss on them. I’m 50 and have tickets to go with my 17-year old son, showing him the big bang of heavy rock. But now the magic is gone. Even if you turn around and hand him a contract earning him his 25% share, I’m not going. I’ve also spent my last dime on sabbath music/merchandise. Thanks for the time, its been great since 1970 until now. Fuck you, but bless Bill. He’s the last man standing, suckers.

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