Tony Iommi Issues a Health Update

Just a day or so after I posted my “non update update”, Tony Iommi goes and issues an update on his situation over on his own website.  Just posted tonight (or tomorrow morning in the UK), there’s this message from Tony, which sounds promising.  As someone who has had a family member go through the EXACT same treatment that Tony is going through, I know he’s not joking about the tiring stuff.

27th March 2012


A little update on how it’s all going:

Well, I’ve had the last dose of chemotherapy so hopefully my body will start to get back to normal soon, the steroids were the worse. I’ve now got three weeks of radiotherapy coming up which I’m told can be very tiring so we’ll see. A big thanks to Ozzy and Geezer for coming over to England, it was a big incentive for me, we managed to work most days and have some great new tracks. And, importantly thanks again for your kind messages, hope to be seeing you soon.

– Tony


  1. Arturo Hernandez says

    Desde México, Tony, recibe nustras oraciones para tu pronta recuperación, eres una persona muy fuerte y saldrás adelante.
    Gos bless you Tony, you are the best,

  2. Get well soon Tony! No sickness can take down the Iron Man!

  3. bill loughlin says

    best wishes and get well soon to tony. i’m a cancer survivor, and i hope tony will be as well. i saw sabbath on the vol.4 tour with montrose and blue oyster cult, and i want to see them again! get well, tony, and let’s relive those great days when sabbath ruled the world. god bless tony iommi.

  4. Hi Tony, the best wishes from me and my wife Nadia. An Italian saying goes “Not every bad thing happens to harm us”. You’ll get well soon. God bless you.


  5. Rob yagloski says

    glad youre coming along mate!!!!!!!!111111

  6. Rob yagloski says

    cant wait to see you in Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Andres Alvarado says

    A big hello to you from Puerto Rico, you’re strong Iommi , keep doing well and keep creating that amazing-unique-classical-creative-mistic-demonic-heavenly riffs that makes my brain dance like never before, thanks to your music I’m the person I love to be today , appreciating the best quality, original music , God bless you..

  8. Henning Mathiasen says

    Jeg er en mand som har været igennem det samme som tony men alt løsniger sig er rask og er 62 år glæder mig til at høre Iommi / Black Sabbath spille igen ses. Danmark.

  9. I’m reading during these days your biography…It’s fantastic to live again your memories, your little moments, It’s fantastic to understand what kind of man you are, you passed terrible moments but each time you resisted, you’re strong Tony, you are the Iron Man. Even this time you must fight, you’re a warrior since you were teenager, get well soon, all your fans need your riff, your energy, your presence! We love you all! I keep my fingers crossed for you and you know…an old friend that recently passed away…used to put his hurns up against all kinds of evil!!!!

  10. William says

    Hey Tony,

    I hope you feel better soon and beat this thing! I have been a fan of yours since I first heard Black Sabbath at the age of 12. I have seen Sabbath many times over the years and look forward to seeing you again soon. Get lots of rest and follow the doctors orders. We want you around for many years to come!

    P.S. : I made a really cool leather carving of you when I was 15 and still have it today. It’s taken from an image of you from the Volume 4 album. It’s some pretty cool work if I do say so myself. Maybe I will have the opportunity to give it to you some day in person.

    Take good care and stay healthy and well.

    You biggest fan! Bill

  11. Rob Luxton says

    I want you to know how impressed I am with your courage and will to pull through and carry on. You send an important message to all who are ill or are in good health. Thank you Tony.

  12. Lozarok says

    Stay Young Grow Strong SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH

  13. Mauricio Domingo says

    my dear Tonny, please don´t put a foot on the inferno until I hear your devolic riffs live…I loose that oportunity 2 yeras ago during the big 4 festival in Prague. this time I´m not going to sell my car to be there.So, can you call Satan to buy my soul and see you play somewhere this year!! choose the city, I´ll be there
    PD: you have a house at Cancun-Mexico, come and enjoy us!! love you dude

  14. Hello Tony hoping this finds you in good health. I will pray for you everyday for a full coverage. We all love a talented man like you and you will heal completely from your health. GOD is with you everyday. Love from your fan. Diana

  15. Joao Henrique Castilhos says

    We’re all cheering for you Tony! You’re the best. Fight! Never give up! You’ll win this too. You are the Iron Man!! We love you. Brazil.

  16. querido amigo,te cuento que todavia estoy sacando las melodias que me alimentaron por mas de 30 años,de tus lugubres pero a su vez preciosos temas;va lento pero firme y siempe hay algo mas.Te cuento que yo tambien fui victima de ese puto mal,lo venci y aca estoy,con la bendicion de dios,el amor de mi mujer y la fuerza del rock n roll,y sepas que se la puede vencer con fe y amor propio,porque lo podes vencer y la vas a vencer
    Querido hermano,mis mejores augurios de sanacion,orare por tu salud,para que pronto,cuando todo sea un mal recuerdo poder ver al indestructible tony,otra vez por los escenarios y por la argentina nuevamente.Necesitmos de tus riffs,o sea que ponete las pilas,que se puede.Te mando un fuerte abrazo y mucha fuerza y hasta pronto amigo mio

  17. Jim Cronin says

    Hope you are feeling well Tony. I saw you back in the early 70’s in Sacramento at the Memorial Auditorium. You were great. The SS jacket was bitchin’. Ozzie was dancing backwards and tripped over a cable and fell backwards on his ass and slid into the double stack Marshalls. Some girl I was sitting next to I knew in high school started freaking on LSD and I had to calm her down, no mean feat considering you guys were kicking the doors off of Sac town’s auditorium.
    Along with Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, Alvin Lee and Billy Gibbons you were one of the greatest infuences on my guitar playing.
    Anyway, a splendid time was had by all.
    Get well soon if you are not already.
    Jim from Folsom, CA

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