Children Killing Children

Wanted to point out a criminally under appreciated song in the Black Sabbath family.  It’s the song “Children Killing Children” from Bill Ward’s 1997 solo album, “When the Bough Breaks“.  The album was quite good when new, and has held up well, I think.   As today is Bill’s birthday, I thought I’d throw something out there about him.    If you’ve never seen this video, or heard the song, check it out below. 

I wrote this to Bill myself when I sent him a Happy Birthday wish:

I wanted to take the chance again to point out how fucking criminal it is that “Children Killing Children” never got the press that it did. The message in that song is seriously powerful, and in my eyes is something that should have been pushed WAY harder than it was. I liked the song when it came out, but now that I have kids – my older is a 7 year old girl, the message is stronger for me. She’s not yet had to deal with crap like that in her life, and I pray that she never does. But I’m not naieve (sp?) either – I know what the world can do.

Check out the video:

Bill still sells this album as direct merchandise on his site, go check it out.  Click on the cover art below.

Finally, PLEASE… this has nothing to do with the current Black Sabbath drummer situation in 2012.  This is just about one of Bill’s great solo tracks, and something to mark his 64th birthday today.  Nothing more.  Don’t read into it.  There’s no hidden message!


  1. weak track,I expected something far more powerful.

  2. Richard F. says

    Really good song! Bill’s got a great voice!

  3. Yes,I agree with Joe about the song.But,we can’t control the actions of others.If someone doesn’t like it or know about it,that’s their loss,isn’t it?Die hard fans of Sabbath and Bill Ward know about it and like it.I am one of those people.I understand that when it is solo material by Bill Ward,it won’t always sound like Sabbath.Nobody should expect it to.

    If he wants to do a ballad that is not heavy,people should let him.Bill Ward solo and Bill Ward Sabbath are not to be the same.The same with Geezer and GZR.The same with Ozzy and his band.The same with Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes.The same was true with Ronnie and his band(Dio).So,people can chill with their expectations and complaints about that,man!

  4. Monte Self says

    Hey Joe ! thanks for posting this, the whole LP seems powerful to me, and Happy 64th to Bill and many more to come . where I live it should be pushed a lot harder as well, but the songs that deserve airplay are just not making it anymore !, as for didier above…well I do believe it’s all about the message, not how hard rocking the music is, listen to Try Life ! or Please help mommy she’s a junkie !

  5. “quite good” – its excellent, one of the best solo albums by a foermer sabbath member.

  6. To quote the beatles “we still love you , we still need you now your sixty four ”

    Come back to Sabbath please , it won’t be the same without you .

    even though sabbath have had other quality drummers like ronnie , vinnie & cosy ,you still the best

  7. Fishtowner says

    I haven’t been a fan of Bills solo stuff but I actually like this. It has a folky traditional sound to it. I myself am into the old folk and traditional music. I play guitar and mandolin as well. Out of all the Sabs his solo music is totally unrecognizable to the Sabbath stuff.

  8. FIrst off, Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Bill Ward!

    Secondly, thanks Joe for posting this. I did not realize this album was still in print. I have ordered it, and am awaiting it’s arrival. Now I need to find a copy of Ward One.

    Third and final comment. I am hoping that Sabbath can come to terms with Bill. I have tickets to see them in August, and it will be a shame for the fans if Bill is not involved with the record or the live performances.


  9. Thanks for letting me know where to buy his album. !! :)

    many birthdays wishes to bill!!

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