Congrats to Tony Iommi

Wanted to take a moment and say congrats to Tony Iommi for getting back up on stage tonight at the O2 in Birmingham.

As I have a relative who went through the same cancer treatment he did for the same thing, I know what that does to you.   Kudos to him for getting back up on stage and bringing it again after all these years, and after all the cancer treatments!

Yeah, yeah – I know – Bill Ward thing, but to be honest, right NOW, I don’t care about that.  Tony’s apparently healthy enough to play, and he deserves credit for that!

Thanks to Kristabel Brooks for the photo.


  1. That is a very cool picture. I just got home from the gig, after the first (or was it second?!) song, the whole place started chanting “Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony”, it was so good to see them all, but especially Tony.

    • Andy Bigham says

      Tony you are a true legend and a massive inspiration to everyone. You are a fantastic role model and to get up on that stage and play as awesome as you did is just amazing. God bless you sir you are a true great. Love and best wishes Andy & Tracey.

  2. MISTER Iommi !!! Veni, Vedi, Vici ! Respect, and “nothing else matters”.

  3. Jahanzeb says


  4. Leighton says

    Well said Joe. lt’s so inspiring to see him up on stage, and apparently he looked and played brilliantly. All the drama’s with Bill pale into insignificence after seeing Tony.

  5. TONY! TONY! TONY! TONY! TONY!!! \,,/

  6. the greatest

  7. Isabella says

    My favorite guitarist of all time \m/

  8. overmatik says

    Among all this crappy coming from all the sides we tend to forget how good it is to know that Tony is healthy enough to play, regardless of the whole Bill situation.

    And great to see Tony handling the Old Boy once again.

  9. D.Cheema says

    It was all good medicine last night.

  10. Emperor ‘ s Return !! Tony is back !

  11. Thank you :)

  12. Geezer we all miss Bill but it was stunning last night,Tony truly is iron man

  13. Whatever one’s thoughts on the Bill situation, respect and appreciation to Tony, and Joe is right to highlight it.

  14. sydfloyd says

    I was at the Academy gig last night – WOW, just WOW! Best gig I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen more than a few). Iommi was a total revelation – played as brilliantly as ever. The whole band were phenomenal. The YouTube footage will give you some idea, but nothing can capture the sheer visceral hugeness of Sabs live at full pelt. I honestly don’t know if Bill could’ve kept that kind of energy level up – Clufetos did just great. Whole band was in a great mood. I don’t care what anyone says – this IS Black Sabbath, Bill or no Bill. “Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony…..!!”

    • Um,bullshit. Tony is indeed Iron Man (all respect to him for pulling this off),but without Bill it is NOT Black Sabbath,and should not be sold as such,especially considering the fanfare on 11-11- 11.Or haven’t you been paying attention?

      • pull the stick out man Bill can barely walk w/his back. He & Sharon HATE each other. So this is SABBATH!

        • headsortails says

          Who has ever stated hatred between Sharon and Bill? Never heard that before. Never heard about the back issue either.

  15. Having lost my father after a 2 week battle with cancer I know all to well the battle that rages inside one when the time comes to say goodbye. I’ve been a Sabbath fan since 1977. Love Ozzy, Tony, Geezer & Bill. Love Ian GIllan & Ronnie & Tony Martin. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Tony numerous times in New York City where I live & he was nothing but a perfect gentlemen each & everytime. When I heard he was sick I just bowed my head & prayed. To see that picture of him from Birmingham playing almost brought tears to my eyes. I don’t care if it is Tony & 3 god damn midgets carving wood I would be their to see that man play. Be well Mr. Iommi We love you.

  16. Andreaus says

    He was amazing. Great sound, superb performance and a long set, much more than I expected. Great to hear the crowd focused on Tony several times durung the night. Hopefully this will have provided Tony with a massive lift but it must have been very tiring. So positive after the internet reaction of late.

  17. Ezequiel says

    Tony is the man, Mr Heavy Metal, The Iron Man…

  18. kev from emerald isle says

    brilliant photo can’t believe you played a two hour set solid and in that heat aswell.You are an inspiration Tony, to everyone.

    Keep it rocking Iron Man


  19. Brian A. says

    Glad to see The Iron Man back where he belongs, up on stage, busting out the riffs!

  20. Paul (australia) says

    Tony, you are amazing.

  21. It’s great to see you on stage after all the cancer treatment ! Take care !

  22. WE LOVE YOU TONY! FOREVER the CREATOR & FATHER of METAL. Bless You and Thank You for everything You’ve given us, and may You go on forever more!

  23. Mr. Iommi, You Rule. All The Best Wishes For Your Continued Recovery & For Showing Us All How It’s Done.


  24. Robert Stanford Cam says

    Tony Iommi is Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath is Tony Iommi.

  25. el_ultimo_heavy says

    Gracias x existir, maestro!!

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