Geezer Thanks the Fans

Geezer just posted this short update on his website.  Here it is:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Birmingham. Best fans ever- you brought out the best in us. It was a privilege playing for you tonight. Tony was a hero- you were the best medicine he has had. Proud to be a Brummie.



  1. Glad to see that Mr. Iommi could get up on a stage after battling cancer… don’t know if he had got over it completely and is healthy 100% now, but I wish it with all my heart… I’m also wishing deep in my soul that this situation with Bill Ward can have a solution, and the 4 originals gather together again… or “money is the root of all evil”, so it can’t be sorted out? C’mon!

  2. No Mr Butler THANK YOU for an amazing night. My ears are still ringing. What a great setlist! It was truly emotional.
    God Bless you and the guys.

  3. waited many many many years to see the Ozzy fronted Sabbath! I must say that wasn’t just a great gig… that was THE gig of all time! Thanks to Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Tommy! you all blew my mind! see you at Download!

  4. I just looked at the official Lack Sabbath site. Bill Ward not in any of those pictures…? VERY CHILDISH, NO CLASS!!! I can’t believe that we as fans even care anymore. As for a new album… if its a session drummer hope it sells like Seventh Star or even TYR… those are classics!

  5. Thank you Tony, Geezer, Ozzy, and Tommy Clufetos. It’s a blessing to still have the chance to listen to some real metal music. Can’t wait for the album to be released. Could have been better if Bill Ward were there, yet, we, as real Sabbath fans, have three of the original four members in a pack and that means we’ve been given a gift : to listen to the magic metal of Sabbath again. Tommy Clufetos is a great drummer.

  6. I was down the front right in front of Tony…it was a very emotional night and what a setlist!! Feeling batterered & bruised today but my God it was worth it! By the way, can anyone identify the VERY Sabbath-y sounding track that I think was called “Three Witches” that the DJ played in his support set?

  7. Wow …..what a night…..will try to write a bit of a review and some comments for Joe once I recover!!
    Ozzy hit me right in the face with a bucket of water containing ice cubes the size of half house bricks….think my nose is broken…BUT definitely worth it….The guys still able to do the business..Gotta get a Download ticket now after that taster last night


  8. sydfloyd says

    Thank you to Geezer & the rest of the guys for simply the BEST gig I’ve EVER seen in 26 years of gig-going! “Geezer, Geezer, Geezer, Geezer…..!!!

  9. I am so sad…

  10. Geezer…the privilege was all ours. You all played a blinder of a set and did Birmingham proud.
    God Bless you all for your amazing talent.

  11. kev from emerald isle says

    good man geezer played a blinder last night, ozzy looks well and sounds good, tony, well what can you say there he is a man made of iron and looking good, must of been great for yous to be back in your hometown with a crowd like that.

    stay frosty :)

  12. KazolOrajia says

    No need to thank us, Geezer. We should thank you for the incredible music you’ve broughten us over the past 44 years.

  13. Thank you Geezer, thank you Ozzy. Especially thank you Tony for going on stage while seriously ill. I’m very sorry that Bill wasn’t behind the drums. No matter who’s fault it is, I’m just very sorry about that. And thanks to all cool people who I’ve met while waiting in front of O2 the whole day. If you were there from early morning, you’ll remember me, guy from Croatia (with a cushion).
    Photos soon on flickr.

  14. Luiz Souza says

    Hey Gizzo. Your fans are the idiots you think they are. What a bummer!

  15. i really hope that Toni is 100% healthy !

    Cheers for you all.

  16. Late coming Sabbath Fan says

    There is no Black Sabbath without all of the guys. Whoever owns the name can call any group whatever he, or they want, but legal rights don’t make it right.
    They NEVER should have announced a ‘reunion’ if everyone wasn’t onboard. They made the mistake. They falsely advertised themselves as ‘reuniting’ and Bill Ward is at fault also for being involved in the beginning since it seems that he never planned on working with them until he had this contract signed. We all lose until they get over their differences, whatever they are.

  17. Bill has been a flake since the original Heaven & Hell tour (1980). He has since confirmed then withdrawn his participation in every single new tour/project. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Except…the ‘Reunion’ tour in 1997-98. I absolutely can not hold the other three responsible in any way, shape or form for any of the recent problems. They have done nothing wrong. They got the job done and have shaken up the set list too, songs not heard on stage in forty years! Well done guys, especially in the face of such adversity (both personal and professional). It is just impossible for me to have any kind of grudge. Bill on the other hand…fuck off.

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