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Win a Free Copy of the Iron Man CD! [ UPDATED ]

I tried to write a cute story introducing this, but I failed miserably, so let’s just get right to the chase.  I’ve got three copies of the Iron Man Greatest Hits CD to give away.  Long time site visitors will know I’ve long been involved in giving away CD’s as part of a prize, and […]


Had a few questions about recent events.  Have been very tied up lately, trying to get a job harder than usual (anyone hiring?). I haven’t always had time to do big news stories lately, but I’ve been more active on Twitter.  If you’re not following me on Twitter, then you should be.  I tend to […]

Iron Man Greatest Hits Album [ UPDATED 2 ]

UPDATE 5/22: The compilation is now available for pre-order.  See links below. UPDATE 6/7: A TV commercial video is available.  It’s embedded below. The promotional run up to the Download festival gig has begun, despite the fact we still don’t know who is drumming.  We have the May 19th warmup gig at the O2, and […]