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In the last couple of weeks I’ve come down with a pulled muscle in my neck that is made more painful if I do things that involve my hands.  Such as typing for any length of time, and playing videogames.   That’s why I’ve disappeared (somewhat).  When this clears up, I’ll be back, but I didn’t want people to think I’ve abandoned ship.

I’ve also been more active on Twitter lately, as I can post there a bit more easily than I can here.  If you aren’t following me on twitter, check it out here.  Tkx.


  1. Billy Underdog says

    Get well soon, Master Siegler

  2. Eric Dunn says

    Well, get well man. this is the second time i have heard of you directing us to twitter. Thanks, but I am not a tweeter. Hope you get well, and when you do, that this will be the primary source for all things sabbath.

  3. Feel better Master Of All Things Sabbath!!!

  4. overmatik says

    Get better son mate, you are the authority regarding Sabbath!

  5. I too am not a tweeter. Hopefully if you see anything cool posted there by Tony you’ll repeat it here? Thanks for all the Sab news. No one better at it than you. Feel better.

  6. HAILS! And God bless! You gotta do what you gotta do.


  7. Get well soon Joe :-)

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