RIP Jon Lord

Jon Lord, the former Deep Purple keyboardist has died at the age of 71 of pancreatic cancer.  He’d been ill for some time, but was not able to beat the cancer.  As I said on Twitter earlier today, “fuck cancer”.  Said it when Ronnie died, too.   Check the official news item from Jon’s site about it here.


  1. Sir Anzelot says

    Absolutely sadness………………………………………. R.I.P. Jon


  2. Tony Edgley says

    Very sad news – Jon was a great musician and will be missed.

  3. ed radulski says

    God bless u were the best thanks ed

  4. RIP Jon Lord.His sound was unmistakable.I was fortunate to hear his playing in 1985 with Deep Purple.I immensely enjoyed his work with them and Whitesnake as well.One of rock’s pioneers has left us.As Joe stated,”fuck cancer”.

  5. RIP Jon Lord, One of the greatest keyboardist/pianist to every grace the ivories. You will be missed and never forgotten. His music stands the test of time, whether it’s Deep Purple, Whitesnake, etc….fanastastic musician.

  6. Jon did for keyboard what Tony Iommi did for guitar–namely, kick it in the ass and make it into a metal machine. RIP to one of my musical heroes.

  7. Ben Gonzales says

    Just got on to BS online as I do each day for updates and this is sad and shocking. I didnt see it coming. Looks like I spend so much time on Sab events that I neglect to check in on on my other heroes. British rock rules all, Purple and Jon Lord are a husge part of that. I got to see Purple at the Long Beach Arena in Feb 1985. We (my friends and I) were so elated to see the great Deep Purple on stage, our seats were on the left side, just above the floor and eye level to the band and there was Jon Lord. We
    screamed “LLOORRDEEE” as he rocked his hammond back and forth. We will never forget “Child in Time” performed on that night. He leaves such a legacy and I will drive home tonight downcast. but blasting his music from my ipod. I wish his family and friends peace and happy memories.

  8. I could write this at Jon’s site,but they all are from same family.

    I would like that every respectable band lend omage to him.

    Not just the next Deep Purple album should be inspired by the memories of him,

    but also the Black Sabbath album should have a song especially dedicated to

    him.I don’t want to say any kind word to comfort anyone, because it

    is not possible.What i really like is that next generations could listen to him and

    get inspired.One day,after they all has left this world,they will be rediscovered

    again.People will start to listen,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin,

    Pink Floyd…and realize how great they are.

    So maybe rock will can have some glorius days again!

  9. Nice to see how loved Jon was. He will be missed by all.

  10. Azz McMahon says

    RIP Jon Lord

    As Ronnie James Dio was to singing, you were to keyboards – a true master of the art so beloved by millions, and one of my own musical idols during my formative years as a keyboardist – who will be deeply missed.

    This is a sad day; but the music you created will live on in the hearts and minds of millions of people forever – and for that Jon, I thank you.

    My heartfelt condolensces go out to his many bandmates from over the years, his friends and his family.

  11. Dmitri Doubrovski says

    Jon Lord was simply the greatest keys player in all of hard rock. As Ritchie Blackmore has written: “Without Jon, there would be no Deep Purple.”
    And the fact that he was such a kind, generous, intelligent, witty, and thoroughly decent human being makes his passing almost unbearable. I hope he is playing with Ronnie James Dio in heaven now. We will forever remember and love him through his wonderful, magical, and utterly badassly heavy music.
    Long live Jon Lord. And, as some of us said at Ronnie’s passing: Rock In Perpetuity!!
    Thank you for everything.

  12. My condolences go to the family of Jon Lord,his bandmates(current and former)of Deep Purple,to his friends,fans(I am one myself),and those close to him.Let us find cures for cancer.The greedy medical companies want their money for medicine.This system sucks!It is time to end this cancer!

    It was people like Jon that made organ and keyboard cool in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

  13. R.I.P. Jon Lord. I got to see him with DP twice in 1995 when they came to South Africa for the 1st time and it was Made in Japan that changed my life. I’ve always been a bit suspicious of keyboards in hard rock, but not in the case of the legendary Mr Lord.

  14. farewell Jon, If it weren’t for you I’d never discover the beauty and perfection of DEEP PURPLE. thank you

  15. The Great Jon Lord lives eternal. I was a teen in the 70’s and one by one those I grew up with are leaving the stage. It’s all the more sadder since we are so bereft of talent these days. In any case, yesterday, I was driving alone, late, even though I had to work tghe next day, blasting MADE IN JAPAN, here in New York on a long stretch heading out to the beach. Jon is now a Child In Time. R.I.P. Jon Lord , no doubt, you are where the good Lord resides.

  16. Jaime Perez says

    El Maestro ¨JON LORD¨ Nuevamente el Mundo del Rock se encuentra de luto.

    Que descanse en paz!..

  17. Fishtowner says

    Made the church organ a cool instrument.

  18. The music world has lost a great one. In my opinion Jon Lord was the greatest Organist/ Keyboard player ever. My prayers go out to his friends and family. His music will live on forever. His solo on Deep Purple’s “Burn” is one of my favorite. He was to the Keyboards what Ronnie was to Vocals.

    All I can say is Heaven’s Choir got themselves one hell of a Organist !!!

  19. henry mossberg says

    Wow, This one hurts. His work on Machine Head, In Rock, Fireball, Who Do We Think We Are, Made in Japan, Montreaux 1996, Perfect Strangers, etc. gets constant play around here.

    Thank you Jon Lord, you will be missed.




  21. hi deep durple very sorry to here the bad news rest in peace jon lord

  22. Vaya con dios,Maestro.

  23. R.I.P Jon Lord always loved your style from Rod Evans to Ritchie Blackmore Ian Paice Ian Gillan Roger Glover Nick Simper Tony Iommi from vinyl to 8-track cassette CD many other musicians that performed with you Sincerely Brian Metcalfe

  24. Nadim Estephan says

    God Bless you John Lord …. The best with no doubt in your field …
    Sad for us down here together with the “Lord of this world” but happy for you in the “After Forever” life .
    God Bless you , God Bless Black Sabbath and Deep purple . U generated the eternal music …. Nowadays Satan Shit are really empty songs …. Peace from Lebanon

  25. robert spiegel says

    r.i.p. you were amazing on every song you ever played on adding great melodies and demention to the songs you will be missed , but the pain is gone and now you can jam with the big band in the sky and my heart goes out to his family his work will live on forever

  26. should have mentioned David Coverdale Glen Hughes Tom Bolin and Steve Morse in past correspondance Sincerely Brian Matcalfe R.I.P Jon Lord

  27. God bless Your Soul. Your music will be with us forerever…!!!!

  28. Jon also did 7 albums with Whitesnake I still maintain Come and Get It is still MY favorite Whitesnake album 2 date ,Jon stars on this classic ,some of my favorite keyboard numbers are here, the Deep Purple family shines here with 3 former members David Coverdale Ian Paice and Jon Lord again Sincerely Yours Brian Metcalfe R.I.P. Jon Lord

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