Tony Iommi is on Twitter

Finally.  After several imposters popping up on Twitter, Tony’s probably had enough and decided to get his own foot in the water.  I have confirmed this is legitimate with Tony’s management.   If you’re on Twitter, head over to Tony’s twitter feed and follow him!


  1. chad hallman says

    Does anyone know how Tony is doing lately ? And the progress of his treatment ? Get well soon Tony ! We miss you !

  2. Hard Times for News-Pages when the man himself posts all info on twitter…

  3. Jeff Downing says

    Sure wish Tony would give an update on the album. As a Sabbath fanatic I am of course interested. Even though I must admit in this day of downloads, the forgotten LP format, Pro Tools and Rock School, the context that real rock used to exist in is completely gone. Still….I am very curious to hear what they are up to. Though I would not be surprised one bit if it got shelved. You never know with them though. For all I know maybe they are making amends with Bill and got a killer album on the way. That’s what everyone wants I am certain. All or nothing.

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