Lollapalooza Video

Here is some video from the Lollapalooza gig last night. After the gig, Geezer tweeted about the gig, saying this…

“@GZRMusic: Bloody great gig – I wasn’t expecting such a fantastic reception. Marvelous.”

The set list was….

1. Black Sabbath
2. The Wizard
3. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
4. NIB
5. Into The Void
6. Under The Sun
7. Snowblind
8. War Pigs
9. Electric Funeral
10. Sweet Leaf
11. Symptom Of The Universe & Drum Solo
12. Iron Man
13. Faries Wear Boots
14. Dirty Women
15. Children of the Grave
16. Paranoid (encore)


  1. Fishtowner says

    They sound awesome and Tony looks great. Children of the grave is still one of my favorite Sab songs of all time

  2. screamingdoug says

    Thanks for the links. Good stuff!

  3. Looks like a great set-list! Although I think you have made a typo on the title of the 3rd song – I have always known it as “Behind the Wall of Sleep.”

    Another great post Joe – hope you are doing well?

    Mike FB
    Host – Infernal Noize Radio (Australia)

    • That is correct, but I would like to add that Beyond The Wall Of Sleep is the title of an H. P. Lovecraft story. Check it out. Much of his work is in the realm of fictional horror.

  4. BLACK SABBATH still rules the universe…Ozzy’s voice ain’t 100%, but was it ever? They sound fantastic, and I dig the addition of “Under the Sun” to the list…I wish they’d add more from SBS or Sabotage too.
    The Bill Ward issue is moot; it’s either this little bit, or nuthin’ at all…We can only hope that they do a recording before one of them passes on beyond the realms of our mortal universe…Ride Free Forever

  5. WHOA! Ozzy sounds….GOOD. Glad to see he can still play the harmonica solo for The Wizard. And is it just me or is it when he takes off the stupid lenon glasses and pony tail he goes from 65 to 45? And as much as it pains me to say it, Clufetos adds a youthful energy to the show I’m not sure Ward could muster….perhaps the new album won’t be a flop without Bill….as much as he is missed.

  6. Pretty good setlist, nice to see Under the Sun there. Would love to see Wheels of Confusion as well. Pity there is nothing from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath though.

  7. edward cassidy says

    A couple of things! 1- No Bill Ward! That sucks! 2- Sabbath should have played Madison Square Garden!

  8. Jeff Downing says

    I am really glad their few gigs went so well. Both Download and Lollapalooza were extremely well recieved. Tony and Geezer are just unstoppable and own every other heavy band out there, ever. And always will. Ozzy gives it all, and his enthusiasm always connects with people. I wish his voice was not such a shattered remnant of what it was, as that is the only thing holding it all back a little. But I would not want to hear those songs from anyone else anymore. I wish they would make ammends with Bill, but Tommy really did a fantastic job. His treatment on the beginning of Symptom of The Universe for instance is closer to the 1975 album version than anyone has heard in a long long long time. These shows were good and certainly did nothing to detract at all from their status. And that is all one can hope for, and a decent album that is a legitimate entry into the Sabbath canon. Now that is where the focus will be….. they are full of surprises. and with the passing of Ronnie, Tony’s lymphoma, and even the Bill issue- there should be some emotional release that will help fuel it creatively. I hope so.

  9. Frank Mammano says

    what a bloody good show this must have been,…so very sorry I missed it. The band is simply smoking!

  10. chad hallman says

    Glad to hear the show was a success! But how is Tony doing? What’s the status of his treatment? And what is the status of the Bill Ward situation? Looking forwrd to seeing maybe more shows this fall, when hopefully the new album will be out!?

  11. This show was so fantastic!!!! I was at Lolla for all 3 days and Black Sabbath was by far the best show there! Please come again next year.

  12. love you sabbath, my favorite band always was always will be! hope will see you next year! pittsburgh,pennslyvania. in it till after forerver. tony ozz geezer only the best from old rod love you!boys.

  13. Ozzy’s enthusiasm is the same as in the old days….but his voice isn’t. :(

  14. But the band ROCKS!

  15. edradulski says

    the best

  16. Luiz Souza says

    I miss Bill. Not the Sabbath I learned to love, without him.

  17. I wonder if Sabbath played some new material at Lolapalooza. At any rate these links are great and after seeing these videos I feel a little bit better about Bill not being with the band. I dont feel much better about it because I would love an original member Sabbath album. Thanks for posting the videos.

  18. I’m very happy to see Tony playing. Nevertheless, I’m tired of the same old songs. why not including others such as Hard road, Never say die, megalomania, Wheels of confusion ( full version), gipsy and many others. Also, I think the drummer should be Vinny Appice and the keyboardist Geoff Nicolls…

  19. I was there with my wife and my two oldest sons. The boys and I had seen Black Sabbath before a few times, including at Roskilde in Denmark, in Stockholm and at the OzzFest shows in Bristol, VA where we are from. My first Sabbath show was in 1978 with Van Halen and we know how htat went. My wife had seen Heaven and Hell but never Sabbath and had never seen Ozzy. She was in for a treat. This may have been the best that I have seen them except, possibly Roskilde where they were early in the tour and Ozzy’s voice was still ok. In Chicago, they were totally professional and note on for every song. We were sad to have missed Bill but Tommy was outstanding – pretty much exact parts from the records. It was also very cool to see all generations at Lollapolooza (generally a hippie festival). From 5 year olds on their dad’s shoulders to 75 year olds belting out the lyrics with Ozzy, it was just very cool. Black Sabbath are the masters of this type of music. Period. No competition.

  20. TomOzzy123 says

    If they 15 new songs, they should test drive a few of them lives at their next gig.

  21. Paul Clarke says

    Palladia had download fest 2012 on last night, but no Black Sabbath
    What’s up with that?

  22. Denis Gonzalez says


    Se presentara Black Sabbath en lollapalooza Chile 2013?

    recuerdo la estacion mapocho en 1992 en el marco del primer monster of Rock en Chile con Slayer y Kiss. fue genial.

    • Who cares about another Ozzy album? Ozzy was finehsid years ago. It must be some loyalty issue Puff has where he can’t say no to the Ozzy and Sharon Show.A new album would possibly drive me insane. It would be so good. I would love to hear a sing-off between Patton and the fat black guy from Gnarls Barkley, that would be class, but maybe that’s a Peeping Tom 2 project rather than a FNM one.There. My thoughts. Like i pretended anyone cared.

      • Ozzy’s record label cares. Oz has said he owes them a couple more studio albums, so they’ll want him to do it. You cannot discount that just because you don’t want it.

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