Dio Pint Glasses Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Gene Kirkland, a photographer by trade about a new project he was involved in.   It’s his new “Rock & Roll By the Pint” series of glasses.  At first, I thought “eh”, it’s just a glass.  But then when he said he’d send me a couple, I thought I’d take a look.   So I told him to send me something, I’d give it a shot.

Gene sent me a couple of glasses, both Dio glasses.  He sells more than just the Dio glasses, there’s also ones for Slash as well.  However, given I run a Sabbath site, the Dio glasses were of more interest to me.  So they arrived, and I waited a few days till I was going to sit down and have a beer anyway.  Was watching a Texas Rangers game a week ago or so, and decided to have a go.  Normally I just drink my beer out of a bottle, but this time I went with Gene’s Dio pint glasses.  Got ready and poured myself some Leffe Blonde.   Here’s a few pictures of one of the glasses on my counter with the beer in them.

As I said above, normally I drink straight out of the bottle, but this time I used the glasses, and I was glad I did.  Not that the glass changes the taste of the beer at all, but using the glass made it feel different somehow.  It’s a weird hard to quantify thing, to be honest.

As for the glasses themselves…

  • They had a nice, really SOLID feel.  I didn’t feel like I was holding a cheapie piece of crap.   I’ve had licensed merchandise before where – let’s be fair, the quality just isn’t there (haven’t we all?).  That’s not the case here.  When I was holding the glass, it felt solid.  It was good weight glass, it wasn’t thin and cheaply made, that’s for sure.
  • The artwork was quite nice, too.  The picture of Ronnie was taken by Gene himself.  Gene told me the picture was taken on the Heaven & Hell “The Devil You Know” tour (more specifically the Aug 10, 2009 gig in San Francisco, CA).   It’s a pose we all know Ronnie for, so it’s pretty iconic, for sure.  It includes the classic phrase “Long Live Rock & Roll”.   The other side is the familiar Dio logo.   That the artwork wasn’t just slapped on the glass is a plus.  I’ve seen plenty of official merchandise where it’s just “person’s face”, or a logo on the glass and nothing more.  There’s some art design behind this, it’s just just “Ronnie’s Face on a glass”.   I like the circular sunburst kind of design behind Ronnie on here.

I have to say I enjoyed the glasses.  Didn’t think I would (mostly because I’m a bottle and not a glass drinker) – but the high quality of the glass and the art made it feel like a quality piece of merchandise.  If you’re someone who likes to drink their beer in a pint glass, I suggest taking a look.  Since I originally got the glasses, I’ve used them a few more times, so perhaps these glasses may have converted me into a glass drinker, and not just a bottle drinker.

I posted a picture of these the night I got them on the Facebook group for this site.  One of Tony Iommi’s producer guys, Mike Exeter had this to say about my pictures..   “Geezers brew in a Ronnie glass!!!! Excellent”   Mike’s comment made me chuckle a bit there, as I didn’t consider that angle when I poured.  :)

But seriously, if you drink beer, and are a Sabbath fan, check ’em out.  If you’re gonna use a glass to drink your beer out of anyway, give this a shot.  Good quality glass, nice artwork.  Enjoyed it for sure.   You can check ’em out over at Gene’s website for the glasses..





  1. As most of you can guess(by my name) that I do not drink wine,spirits,or any alchohol.But,I suppose I could use those glasses to drink my soda pop in or any other drink.Well,things like this don’t impress me.It reminds me how KISS puts their name on everything and anything.I am not going to preach to anyone about alcohol.But,even Gene Simmons and Ted Nugent avoid that substance.Thanks to alcohol we don’t have John Bonham and Bon Scott.I encourage all musicians to be straight edged so they can be around longer.

    • But Bon Scott and John Bonham were both amazing musicians. Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons both suck. Particularly Ted. Dumb, macho, posturing, taletless fucker. The message is clear….beer, beer, beer, beer.

      • sul tries to sully says

        So much hate on Ted Nugent, the original motor city madman. Ted Nugent is a great guitarist and showman, and is not afraid to speak his mind. Some people don’t agree with his opinions, and the peabrains among them can do little more than try to disparage him. Anonymously, of course.

  2. Garry Todd says

    And the beer has a nice shout out to Tyr on it, “Anno (Mundi) 1240”

  3. Svartmetall says

    The thing is, alcohol didn’t kill John Bonham, Bon Scott, Keith Moon, or anyone else. Alcohol has never killed anyone. Ever. They killed *themselves* with alcohol, it didn’t leap out of the bottle and force its way down their throats. The problem wasn’t alcohol, it was their addiction to it and the fact that nobody stepped in sand helped them stop (the really tragic irony with Keith Moon is that it was an overdose of pills intended to help wean him off the booze that actually did for him).

    I find it deeply and sadly ironic that people like Ted Nugent will sport “Guns don’t klil people, people do” stickers on their gas-guzzlers but can’t seem to realise that alcohol (and other substances) are EXACTLY THE SAME! Beers don’t drink themselves..

  4. My intent was not to offend anyone.I do realize that those musicians were irresponsible with their drinking.Yes,I agree Ted Nugent is not talented(when it comes to vocals,anyhow)and Gene Simmons is average at best.Yes,Ted is a hypocrite regarding his stand on guns.I am one of those people who believe in some form of gun control.Unless you served in the armed forces or was in law enforcement,why do you need to own certain guns?Ted is also a bigot,racist,and is greedy(that is worse than being an alcohoilc,in my opinion).

    I am not interested in a prohibition like we had in the 20’s.That did not work and neither will any laws on smoking and drugs.People will do what they want because of the wonderful gift of free will.I am not interested in making alcohol illegal.I am against those who want to make pornography illegal.The constitution is a great beacon of freedom that I will continue to support.I do not believe in infringing on peoples rights(regardless of my personal opinions or beliefs).

    But,life is better sober.I used to drink myself.I just think musicians do better music when they are clean.Alice Cooper and Aerosmith agree.The guys in Sabbath gave up their drug usage.I see people do better when they don’t drink.Things between my father and I wouldv’e been better.

    I have witnessed most drinkers being irresponsible.They are putting themselves in jail,beating their wives,cheating on their wives or spouses,and killing people by drinking and driving.My dad was an asshole when he was drunk.Would this not have something to do with my opinion on the subject?My dad would get irrational and yell at all of us(my brother,mom,and I).It is because of things like this that cause negative responses to drinking.Responsible drunks are few and in between.

    I smoke cigars and drink caffiene.That is not healthy,either.There may come a day when I have to quit.I am not perfect,either.We all sin.But,beer turned my father into a dickweed.He is rude when he is drunk.

    I am not blasting drinkers who act proper in society.But,don’t expect me to support it or like it.What one does in their home is their buisness.But,we wouldn’t need AA if people did what they are suppose to.We wouldn’t need NA,either.We wouldn’t need rehab centers.The negatives outweigh the positives in alcohol and drugs.

    • Except that all the best and most revolutionary music from Aerosmith — as well as The Beatles and Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones and Peter Gabriel and The Cure and a host of other musicians — all came about while they were really, really high on drugs and alcohol. By “best” I mean vast popular and critical consensus. “Musicians do better music when they are clean” is plainly not true.

      • Kiddi Holm says

        You would have to be able to see a alternative reality, where those bands you mention did not do drugs or drink to see how the results would be. Maybe they would have made just as good music and maybe not. Maybe this is something that has different effects on different people. The thing is you really dont know. Also the drugs and alcohol may help in the beginning, but later on do more harm than good.

  5. We all know that Ronnie himself loved a pint of good ale. Glad to hear this is good merchandise.

  6. Well,as long as everybody understands that my beliefs in religion had nothing to do with my opinion.I do understand that alchohol or any drugs have positive effects and benefits as well.The Native Americans saw visions of the future through peyote.They saw the European White man before he arrived.I do support medicinal uses of hashish and alcohol.So,I do beleve in exceptions to the rule in many things(almost).I believe the Natives and the Rastifarians should be allowed their drugs due to religious practice.

  7. As a musician, sabbath aficionado and beer enthusiast I’d like to share my opinions with you.

    Sabath (esp with Tony Martin), together with Beethoven (esp Piano Sonatas) are by far my favourite musical works. As far as bear goes my personal favourite is Leffe (the red one) (and guinnes, and coronita and…most ‘o”them)

    I play bass in two local bands and the effect of a few beers in my playing is ithis: I think it improves greatly, that am really inspired, creative and keeping tempo……Unfortunately that’s just a subjective feeling, usually the listener doesn’t agreee :-)

  8. Love a good beer! I have to get this glass now since Joe mentioned it was taken at the SF show. I was at that show! Last time to see Ronnie and the boys.

  9. Wouldn’t mind getting a glass, but $32 to ship 1 glass standard mail to Australia makes it kinda pricey and not worth getting.

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