New Tony Iommi Interview

There’s a new video interview up with Tony Iommi from the Dio cancer benefit last night.  It’s a short video, but it’s packed with goodies.  From the video, we can gather this..

  • There are 15 tracks from the new album, and about six have been recorded
  • The rumour that Tony has laid down all his guitar bits for all 15 is false.

But the biggest bit for me is regarding Bill Ward.  Tony feels “we’ve gone past that” regarding Bill’s possible return for this project.  It has to do with the length of Bill being absent. Folks – that ship has sailed.

Go listen to Tony yourself.

Oh, while this isn’t in the interview at all, I heard a rumour yesterday from someone I don’t want to name that the drummer on the album is neither Bill Ward nor Tommy Clufetos.  If that’s true, it’ll be interesting to see who it is.


  1. I hope the drummer be someone of the old school!

    • It’s Vinny Appice!

    • Well all the hope and fan response is nice and yes Bill should be our only choice behind the kit for this record,but it’s up to Sabbath plain and simple. I will as a fan and a follower of this aweosme band stand behind them at this point. I hope people start to relax a bit and start thinking of set lists they would want to hear rather then rehashing the issues behind why Bill isn’t on the record. At least that would be something fun and interesting to read after months of complaining and wishful thinking about something thats not happening! I hope all the best to Mr.Bill Ward, after all there is no other drummer that can touch him, but there are a few out there who can stay true to his style! So support them! Rock’n Roll! Lets hope for the best!

  2. I’m still bitter about Bill not being there, but anyway, that will not be the first time that happens. I hope the drummer is at least someone who has already played with them in the past. The whole reunion story was crap, though!

  3. chad hallman says

    It isn’t a reunion without the original 4! Plain and simple! Tony & Geezr & Ozzy, you all started this with Bill and it should be equally shared as it was years ago. Why can’t all 4 of you just take your 25% and be happy? Please guys, get Bill back in the band. We all love you and we all need the Original 4.! Where would we all be with out you 4 and where you you 4 be without us fans and all are support?

    • It isn’t a reunion of the original 4, no, but it is a reunion of 3 of the 4, and that is a big deal regardless. Try to keep in mind, also, that Ozzy, Tony and Geezer are NOT the ones handling the financial situation (I mean, do you really think Ozzy’s sitting in there drawing up some numbers himself?); it’s all in the hands of the representatives.

      I understand your frustration, though, and I do wish Bill was involved. At this point though I only hope that they’ll go with someone who has a history with the guys. If not Bill, then my second choice for the role is Vinnie Appice.

      Bill or not, though, Ozzy, Tony and Geezer are legendary in their own rights, and I would still love the chance to see them perform together. Better something than nothing after all.

      • Chad Hallman says

        Mason, thanks for the reply. Vinnie said there is no way he will do the fill in for Bill Ward because of his new band he is in and other obligations. I don’t like Tommy Clufetos because he has basically the same beat for every song and lacks all the little fills and etc. that Bill has added toall Black Sabbath songs. I know I can tell, I have been a 35 plus years fan & fellow muscian. Tommy os good, don’t get me wrong but not for the music of Black Sabbath. In my opinion , I think that Mike Bordin is a better choice to replace Bill. I have seen mIke in action and know he can do the job. He has the chops and has Bill’s style down to the T. And another good choice I think would be either Carmine Appice or Lee Kerslake. And lastly I think they should just have one representative instead of a bunch. I would like to hear from them not their representatives. The guys should be able to speak for themselves, not have others say thing they think is best for the band. I mean good grief , they didn’t have that kind of representation back in the day. All 4 original members need to just sit down with noone else but them and hash this out and get it straight and then write down what they all want and then get their people to finalize it. Don’t you agree that it should be split 4 equal ways? I do. have a good one my friend and nice to talk with you.

  4. No Tony Iommi-No Black Sabbath point
    Always was and always will be!

  5. Brian Metcalfe says

    always look forward to new guitar work from Iommi what a gracious man thanx for all the great sound thru the years Black Sabbath 4ever sincerely Brian Metcalfe

  6. just wondering what tony feels about the work of one ace frehley just read no regretts by ace,fabulous history, have not listened to kiss in about a decade, this memoir has me bying a few albums again, so again if anyone could get an iommi opinion of ace it would mean alot, love both these great guitarists ,sincerely brian metcalfe

  7. Tommy Clufetos could be the best replacement for Bill Ward. He has all the stamina needed, on top of of being in line with the feel of Ozzy.

    • Chad Hallman says

      Rod, but Tommy has the same or almst the same tempo/beat for every song .If you listen to the drums for Dragula by Rob Zombie with Tommy playing , then listen to the drums for N.I.B. they are the same. Tommy is good don’t get me wrong. But for some band like Rob Zombie. I think Mike Bordin would be the better choice. I have seen him in action up close and he has more of Bill’s style down than Tommy. And I think he can more than do the job.

  8. IntoTheVoid says

    I’d love for Bill to be there, but it’s not such a big deal for me. He hasn’t been involved in the creative process and didn’t seem too worried about making the reunion work in the first place. I’ve nothing against another drummer coming in as long as he fits. As much as I LOVE Bill and his work with the band up until the early 80s, he has since become the least important original member in carrying the Sabbath torch.

  9. It would have been great to have Bill join in on the reunion, but like Tony said, that ship has sailed…There is plenty of great Sabbath with Bill, without Bill, etc…I mean they used a drum machine for one of the last songs they recorded…I think people just need to move on and look forward to some new Sabbath…

  10. Niether Bill nor Tommy? Then the drums can get real interesting…

  11. Tommy Clufetos is the best replacement for Bill Ward. He has the stamina on top of being in line with the feel of Ozzy.

  12. if its not bill hope its vinny

  13. I’m so sick about reading some of the coments in conection with Bill Ward. Of course, we all would like to see him playing. But he simply can’t do it! First: he hates flying. Second: He’s not in shape. It is highly likely that he will never get back in shape. Third: contractual problems, nobody can pay the amount of training Bill would need to get back in shape. So stop typing you want to see him back.
    They should spend a while with thinking about a replacement. It should be somebody who’s able to recreate the spirit, the style of playing Bill represented through the Seventies. It should not be somebody who has already played with them. Up to now, nobody was able to bring these tracks back on stage in a really satisfying way. They should use somebody with a different musical background. NO STOMPERS BEHIND THE SABBATH KID ANYMORE!

    • Jeff Downing says

      Thank you. I been saying the same thing a minority of people disrespecting Sabs over the Bill situation they know nothing about first hand. People who don’t create but bitch and moan about matters they aren’t even.privy too. Immature idiots.

  14. Bill not being on the album is definitely a blemish on the album itself, I guess Never Say Die was a good title for the last album from the original line up.

  15. Why are people still using the word “reunion”? The facts are this Black Sabbath and BLACK SABBATH are the ones who will decide who the band members are. Like it or not it’s still Black Sabbath. If you must still use the word reunion “reunion” you can because it’s a reunion with the original singer and that’s still a reunion just not a “original 4” reunion. Personally as long as Tony Iommi is there it’s Sabbath to me. I don’t care who fills the other spots as long as they know their instruments well enough to play them. Sure having Bobby or Vinnie back on drums would be great but we’ll just have to see. Glad to see Tony’s health is improving. God Bless him.

  16. Jeff Downing says

    Everyone wishes Bill was part if it, were feasible from a performance , contractual and personal standpoint.if one more idiot goes on about it , I would go so far as saying they should no longer count themselves as Sabbath fans. Shut up. Realize you don’t even know the facts, as none of us do, and stop disrespecting the band. Cease. Desist. And for gods sake shut the fuck up. Please.

  17. of course it’s Vinny!! who else… and just to make things clear- Tommy Clufetos is a great drummer for Rob Zombie, but not for Sabbath!! his style is too “Americanize” and sterile!!!
    I would welcome a new record with Vinny any day! He’s the only drummer besides Cozy to really understand the Sabbath style!!!

    • I can’t see your point. Listen to Headless Cross. The drums sound as if they were recorded by a blacksmith. Do you really think that Powel could have recorded “The Wizard” or “Supernaut” ? Come on! Take another listen and think about the difference between art and well done craftsmanship.

    • Chad Hallman says

      I agree with you Rick. i think that Mike Bordin has more of Bill’s style down pat than Tommy. And I think Lee Kerslake does too. I have seen Mike in action up close on stage and I think he has it down so much closer to Bill’s. And Mike told me that Bill is one of his top influences like the one big influence.

  18. Tony, we love you. Praying you continue to complelely heal . We are excited about the new album. Can’t wait to see Sabbath again on stage. God bless.
    From AZ, Mike E.

  19. Vinny or Nicko McBrain!!!

  20. By the way, if you want a drummer that plays close to Bill style, I suggest Brian Downey ex Thin Lizzy.

  21. Chris Tatton says

    I doubt it’ll be Vinny. Why? Simply because he’s currently touring with Kill Devil Hill.

  22. I still hope it’ll be Tommy Clufetos. He’s been with the band for some time now and is on with the feel. He’s proved himself with Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Ozzy. He is intimate with Ozzy’s sense.
    So, he’d be a perfect choice.

  23. Dehumanizer says

    It’s still very saddening that Bill will definately not be involved in the new album but one has to accept the facts. The decision has finally been made. Period. Think they’ll bring Clufetos in. Not a bad drummer, but only a stand-in. He has nothing to do with Black Sabbath, although having played with Ozzy. Don’t know which drummer would fit best. I like Vinnie’s aggressive drum sound at “The Mob rules” and especially “Dehumanzier”. Great work. On “The Devil you know” he was nothing but a boring old fart, playing only a few good fills. Had a terrible drum sound on this record and didn’t seem inspired at all. No power, boring snare, pussy Hi-Hat. Never heard a more embarassing drum performance in Sabbath history, although the album itself was good.
    Who else could do it? Cozy Powell is dead. Bev Bevan? C’mon, don’t be silly. What about Bobby Rondinelli? Liked his playing on “Cross Purposes”, but he is no real alternative I guess. What about bringing Ozzy’s former drummer Mike Bordin in? He already played a tour with Sabbath in the late 90ies and knows the spirit of the band. Might be the best choice apart from Bill. But as I said, the most realistic replacement is Tommy Clufetos. Don’t expect any suprises.

  24. Yes, Brian Downey is a great drummer…

  25. Just a joke?

    Believe it or not, My recent research at a stunning page named “drummerworld” holds the following news: There is a drummer named Billy Ward. As far as the page reveils he isn’t a bad one. Moreover, he is younger and in good shape! Go for it Dudes!!! :-)

  26. for me Deen Castronovo! perfect drummer and his vocal is much better as ozzys…sorry Bill, sorry Ozzy, Bs is for me Tony and geezer!!!

    • Deen is the drummer for Journey, and they’re on tour. I strongly doubt it’s him. I also read somewhere that after Deen drummed on Geezer’s first solo record, and parted, he’d never work with Geezer again.

      • ok i know situation, journey is bad band for him
        new favorite is for me terry bozzio
        tony and geezer choose surely good player, i belive

  27. You have to give it to the interviewer… he only had just over two minutes with Tony and asked him everything we wanted to know about.

    So happy that Tony’s doing well!

  28. The drummer should be Vinny and keyboard player Geoff Nicolls. You know, People who had played with Black Sabbath before. After all, this is a Sabbath album, not Ozzy’s….

    I’m so Happy Tony has been recovering from Cancer. God Bless Tony and Black Sabbath…

  29. Great video! At the moment I am living in Perth, Australia, and there is a free monthly magazine here that announced the Australian tour dates of Black Sabbath. It also said that Sharon Osbourne told several reporters during her visit to Australia that Black Sabbath is recording the new album without Bill Ward. So, another confirmation he is not involved. Just sharing what I read, I have no idea who the “source” is. Too bad I will be moving back to Europe in February and won’t see the Sabs live here!

  30. Hello,

    I am a long time Black Sabbath fan and Bill Ward is one of my favorite drummers. In reference to the Bill Ward situation. Some of the people seem not to properly address the fact that Bill is 64 years old. It’s as if in a way some people still view him as a teen or in his twenties or even thirties. No disrespect intended to the Beach Boys or the Rolling Stones, but their music / songs on average are far less physically enduring / demanding on their drummers and they still have to be in good physical condition to consistently perform well during multiple shows.

    So imagine the physical condition Bill Ward would have to be in at the age of 64.

    Bill has stated himself during some previous interviews that drumming in a Hard Rock Band is like being in a heavyweight prize fight during each show.

    The main thing is Bill’s health and well being.

    Hopefully and for many reasons Bill is in good health and is on the new album and or in some fashion is part of the upcoming 2013 tour.

    Unfortunately if Bill is not part of the 2013 tour, as for a drummer for the shows, maybe Terry Bozzio, Carmine Appice, Vinnie Appice, Ian Paice, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison, Tommy Clufetus or You Tube Sensational drummer Eric Maxwell, AKA (MadMaxDrums777) check out his drum covers of Farries wear boots, War Pigs, Iron Man, Paranoid.

    Eric Maxwell has 40 plus years of drumming Knowledge and experience.

    He is a percussionist / drummer / perfectionist as is Bill Ward, a Bill Ward and Sabbath fan, understands, knows and feels Bill Wards style of drumming including of course the fills, and is at the very least an excellent drummer.

    I have seen and heard many Black Sabbath Drum covers, even by some well known drummers, and Eric Maxwell has been the the best and closest to Bill Wards drumming.

    Take care,



  31. now here i come:

    1.Bill plays in Black Sabbath more albums than Ozzy…

    2. Why can called Black Sabbath if there´s no the original drummer?

    3. Appice plays with Sabs in 1998…so I think for history should be the man. but even if Cufletos would be the man, the STYLE could be affected or doing good like Uriah Heep´s new drummer.

    4. Ward even plays in Sabbath in 1994 withTony martin at sudamerican tour…so Tony Iommi…don´t forget.

  32. While the primary issue is that I’m looking forward to the new album – Tony’s riffs – Gezzer’s Bass and lyrics – Ozzy providing the Classic Sabbath Vocal sound – in my opinion an excellent new Sabbath drummer would be Jason Bohnam

  33. One fact most fans rarely think of is that Bill Ward is not that young anymore; he has not been in perfect health conditions for years. Drumming requires stamina. Being young enough and having worked with the band, Tommy Clufetos would still be a perfect choice.

  34. J J SANTA MONICA says

    Bozzio , would be an excellwnt choice. His work with Zappa & also the Steve Stevens , Tony Levin projects provide enough jazz & avant garde space mixed with his sturdy rock techniuqes to allow Geezer 7 tony to really step out there & form that BLACK SABBATH INstumental SPACE we all have come to love

  35. If Bill is not going to be on the new album nor the 2013 tour, they should take Roger Taylor from Queen. He did many pre heavy metal and hard rock stuff with Queen back in the days. Plus he is from Britain, same age and still kicks ass. If he could handle Freddie Mercury, then he sure can handle Ozzy and the rest of the gang!

    First, call Bill as he is not going to call Black Sabbath and if Bill is not going to join for the tour, read above.

  36. How about Tommy Aldridge? He’s played with Ozzy before

  37. Tommy Clufetos has been a member with the band for some time now. He has had a couple of years with Ozzy as well. This means he is the closest to the feel of Sabbath now. The spirit is what makes Sabbath, not just name. He,also, has proven himself with his technique.

  38. I was a long time fan of Sabbath and have for many years heard that the band was reuniting for a new album and then I heard that Bill Ward was not going to be on the album… I think I’m over Black Sabbath now. Good luck.

  39. At this point I’m not worried about who the drummer is. Sure I’d like to see Bill Ward on the album and resulting tour. But if that is not to be, I know they will have someone who can play the style and do well. Changes happen in llife, you just have to accept it and move on.

  40. Bill wants in. He’s the original drummer. It’s about money. That guy will help sell more records, and at some point before the release, EVEN if all the drum parts are done, he’ll get the company to back him up and force him in to redo the parts, even if he doesn’t tour and even if it puts back the release of the new album. It’ll be sort of like Born Again in that way, Just you wait and see. One thing’s for sure, Ozzy can no longer badmouth any version of Sabbath that has only 3 original members (like MK2 and 4) and get away with it. He lost anything resembling a semblence of that privilidge this year and I’m extremely happy about that. But my guess is still that Bill will be forced in to help sell more records, seeing as it’s about money, just you wait and see.

  41. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. I’m damn interested to hear the record. I enjoyed Heaven and Hell and I enjoyed the Reunion album. I’ve enjoyed all the lineups so I am sure I will enjoy the next record.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love and respect Bill Ward. I wish he was on the record. I plan on enjoying it anyway irregardless. Life is too short to nit pick.

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