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The title of our new album is still a question mark to all of us… We have recorded a new album, and it’s a fantastic collection of songs.

At the moment that’s the only affirmative point we can offer…”

(Ian Gillan, December 2012)

Eight years after the release of “Rapture Of The Deep”, following many rumours later revealed to be unfounded, Deep Purple, one of the most important and influential British rock bands of all time, have confirmed the release of a new album completely made of new studio material.

After various songwriting sessions in Europe, the band recorded and mixed the album in Nashville with producer Bob Ezrin (in his impressive hit record: Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, Alice Cooper and many others).

The album is rumoured to be the perfect match from the original spirit of 70s Purple, and a fresh and modern production.

Ian Gillan has recently revealed a few working titles of songs that might appear on the album: “Out Of Hands”, “Uncommon Man” and “Hell to Pay”.

Deep Purple’s record company earMUSIC will reveal details about the new album in real time as soon as they will become available on a dedicated website where all band members will also be able to post and interact with the fans:


  1. old ‘news’ but still, great to see other purple freaks expecting this release

  2. Deep Purple Fan Aaron says

    Well i cant wait to hear the new music coming from this band.I havent listened to any of their music after Purpledeculer.I never bought or listened to Banana`s.Too me it seemed like Steve morse was playing the same guitar notes and stuck in a writing rutt.Im also curious if ian Gillan still has the pipes to sing any whaling notes like he used to.lets hope this new album is a good one.

  3. this is great and also Bob Ezrin also produced the Elder album by KISS

  4. wow sounds great

  5. Wow this sounds great. I have seen Deep Purple two times live in the last couple of years and they are truly amazing. I am an utmost Sabbath fan, but I have to say if one 70’s band truly stands out in current activity it has to be Deep Purple. The energy they give live is nothing short of impressive given their age, and the whole act has lost very little in the original power. What also impressed me is the touring schedule they had for the last 15 years, last year alone they played a dozen dates in France and something like 40 dates worldwide. In some recent years they have done up to 80 dates worldwide. It’s crazy!

  6. Screamingdoug says

    Sounds amazing. It’s good to hear the band stretch out and play! The last two releases had some great stuff on them, but overall they felt a little stuffy!

  7. I loved “Banana’s”. Razzle Dazzle. I think all of the Steve Morse era Purple Albums are GREAT !!

  8. Wish someone would pull Blackmore out of the Dark Ages and get back together. (yes….I know its wishful thinking.)

    • Blackmore always a Deep Purple legend ,inspired alot of fine musicians in his formation of bands and is timeless like that of Tony Iommi ,Steve Hackett,Steve Howe,Ace Frehley and David Gilmour to name just a few ageless guitarists, Deep Purple is not the same without him great point Lance

  9. According ti iTunes US, the new album is called Now What , April 30 release and has samples posted.

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