“13” Cover Art Revealed

They did it in the form of a Youtube video, which also has a snippet of one of the new songs playing in the background.   Check it out below:




  2. Amazing!

  3. CHILLS…Sounds a little like Hole in the sky intro and Fairies wear boots!!

  4. What a great riff and classic Ozzy voice, sounding very positive, now looking forward to it.

  5. Dean Lines says

    Love the riff, has a Sabotage vibe to it.

  6. Chad Hallman says

    AMAZING IS RIGHT! I CAN’T WAIT EITHER! I heard a local radio station of mine say something about them getting a PROMO SINGLE to play. Anyone know of this? THANKS!

    • @Chad Hallman , Yes i do know and heard of them releasing a single to radio. I will be the track “God Is Dead” and will air on radio airwaves on April 23th.

  7. Sounds good! Definitely a Hole in the Sky flavor. This bodes well. If you can say that, then they have achieved evoking sounds of the past as the video interviews stated that’s what they were looking to do. A fresh take on an old vibe! Sweet.

  8. I love the music. The lyrics also sound cool, but a bit roo cliché to me… The line “Nowhere to run… nowhere to hide” seems to already exist in a number of songs. (And of course, the phrase “nowhere to run” is also included in “Falling off the Edge of the World”.)

  9. ironpants says


  10. The music is trying to swing and the drums are played flat, dragging it all into a standard modern metal chug.

    I am crestfallen.

    • Too short of a clip to get an idea of the flow but yeah – drums sound like they’re at a different recording session. That overproduced drum sound that so many major label, modern metal bands get always ends up sounding artificial – like they were recorded at a football stadium instead of in a studio w/ the rest of the band.
      Unfortunately, drunk meatheads will love it cause they can air drum to it and tuned in listeners will probably loath it. When will modern metal musicians learn that LESS =MORE. I’m sure Brad did a fine job on the kit yet I do have a feeling that it left Rubin’s hands just fine and the mastering overlords screwed this one up!

      • Sorta sounds like splish splashing water or drumming on tin foil – WHERE’S THE IRON, MAN?!!!
        The cover is okay if I liken it to The Wicker Man.
        Regardless, I will own this LP and I guess have to come to rest in peace with the technical non-ecstasy.

    • I was wondering if it was just me that had those thoughts about the drums?! The riff sounds totally amazing and the guitar sound is spot-on, but the drums do sound too precise. And the vocals are also a bit too high in the mix. But let’s not forget that this is a very short clip and is still extremely promising! Sabbath fans are bound to be found in a bi-modal distribution for this album: Some will just love it because it is a new Sabbath album with 3/4 of the original line-up; while others are going to be extremely picky that things don’t exactly sound like the first six albums. Not having Bill present is bound to lead to people, including myself, putting the drums through extra scrutiny. But is really does sound great based on this very teasing little clip. “The Devil You Know” proved that Tony and Geezer can still write brilliant heavy riffs and this new snippet is no exception. My excitement remains!

      Mike FB
      Host – Infernal Noize Radio Program

    • I am crestfallen because you not wrapping your emotions around this monumental album……..go watch your american idol shit

      • I am disappointed that the level of discourse quickly deteriorates to an appalling ad hominem as soon as someone says anything that may even partially be seen as negative. After all, we are all following Joe’s fantastic site because we love Black Sabbath. Just because Joe provides the opportunity for us to comment on anything and everything does not mean we should do so in a mindless fashion (and a decidedly unimaginative one – ooh an American Idol barb – that will show them!).

        Mike FB

    • Said it all.

    • There’s no swing because there’s no Bill, I totally agree with you. Not many players out there can match him. That’s the same opinion I have when comparing Heaven & Hell to Mob Rules: even though are 2 amazing records, the difference stands quite obvious

    • There is a cure for it ;)

    • Thank you, “Bill Ward.” : )


  12. huge disappointment, the music sounds like they’re trying to be one of the million and a half stoner bands that are out there today who, by the way, do what they’re forcibly trying to do here a lot better . shame, what a shame. the same goes for the cover. pathetic

    I was waiting for this album for years, literally visiting this site EVERY single day for the last few years.. but this was to be expected if you’re asking my opinion, they’re too old and too fucked up and the world’s changed a lot, for the worse unfortunately, but that don’t change the fact that the 30sec snippet we are given sucks big time

    shame on all of you ‘fans’ who raise this crap to heaven and back just because it’s the new Sabs

  13. MacGregor says

    Iommi’s guitar doesn’t have ‘that’ leviathan brutal sound to it here, sure it is a sample only, so we live in hope for the real deal! We don’t want to hear a watered down guitar sound from the maestro, he has the only metal sound there is. Not a thin metallic weedy crap sound that so many so called metal guitarist have, this is Iommi.
    Heaven & Hell had the sound, here’s hoping for ‘that’ guitar sound on the new album! Only 3 weeks to go here in Oz, bring it on!

  14. This classic Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler song writing. Finally SABBATH is whole. Riff, energy and Ozzy……..doesn’t get better than that!

  15. 3 killer new albums due pretty soon, 27 seconds of the new Sabbath material, it’s difficult to judge on only that very short snippet, but either way the new album will be a gem. The other 2 as well as Black Sabbath, Cathedral’s “The Last Spire” & Alice in Chains “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”. It’s been over 33 years, and there is no way it will be a lame record. I guess we all miss Bill & Layne but we all move on, and from my point of view once the albums are released my thoughts will still be with the other ex-members in spirit. Bring them on!!!

  16. Sounds like a heavier Locomotive Breath by Tull. Right?

  17. jeff downing says

    It sounds very promising. Yeah its going to have modern production
    What the fuck do want – a time machine back to 1972? Some of the comments I see are so unrealistic and negative I wish you would just go fuck off. If nothing about this excites you then go away. Find a hobby. You have no respect criticizing something you’ve barely heard and considering what they’ve had to overcome just to do it, how can you call yourself a Sabbath fan? Its gonna be a good one I think. Better than some of you morons deserve.

  18. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledging good!

  19. yeah, its party time. lets get rockn roll. sabbath will come to germany on 30th of november. i`m sooooooooo excited!!!!

  20. The little piece of music sounds pretty Killer. I’m soooo thankful they came up with a new “Black Sabbath” Logo. I was really getting tired of seeing the ‘Master of Reality- Black Sabbath’ on just about everything that’s come out lately.

  21. SabbathFanAaron says

    My bike firing up for the 1st time after sitting all wintersound better than drums in this song.I hope the rest of them are better.Such a msall snipet we want more.This is just a little and little no good more is beter we want more.

  22. Brian Metcalfe says

    wow, brilliant, that’s better, the anticipation is beyond belief ,they sound very youthful Black Sabbath 4ever

  23. SabbathFanAaron says

    I hope the rest of the album is better than this snipet.Im not impressed so far.I guess this is what happens when you have Rick Ruben as producer.

  24. Actually, the only downside I was able to take from the snippet is the vocals, which sound like there was too much filtering applied to it. Other than that, let’s wait. About the cover, well, most Sabbath covers are dull anyway…

  25. fishtowner says

    Yeah I’m not to thrilled with the artwork. I can’t wait for the album but I hope they change this before it comes out. Probably to late though.

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