Listen to “God is Dead?”

Simple.  You can listen to a full track streaming version of the new Black Sabbath song.  Listen below.

UPDATE: The album is now available to pre-order from the US iTunes store.  It’s the DELUXE edition (the one with 11 tracks, not 8 – more on that here), and if you pre-order now, you’ll get an immediate download of “God is Dead?”.   Linkage:

UPDATE 2: Universal Media Group (the record label) has put a copyright claim on the band’s official Youtube video, and had it removed.  Gotta love nonsense like that, eh?  One hand not knowing what the other is doing, indeed.   I alerted people who need to be alerted but until the video returns, you can listen to it on Spotify, or with the iHeartRadio stream below.   Or you can just buy the single from either or iTunes.


These lyrics have been verified by Geezer Butler late last night – they’re accurate, so check ’em out!

Lost in the darkness I fade from the light
Faith of my father, my brother, my maker and Saviour
Help me make it through the night
Blood on my conscience and murder in mind
Out of the gloom I rise up from my tomb
Into impending doom
Now my body is my shrine
The blood runs free, the rain turns red
Give me the wine you keep, the bread
The voices echo in my head
Is God alive or is God dead?
Is God dead?

Rivers of evil run through dying land
Swimming in sorrow they kill, steal and borrow
There is no tomorrow for the sinners will be damned
Ashes to ashes, you can not exhume my soul

Who do you trust when corruption and lust,
Creed of all the unjust leaves you empty and unwhole
When will this nightmare be over, tell me?
When can I empty my head?
Will someone tell me the answer
Is God really dead?
Is God really dead?
To safeguard my philosophy until my dying breath
I transfer from reality into a living death

I empathize with enemies until the time is right
With God and Satan at my side, from darkness will come light
I watch the rain as it turns red
Give me more wine I don’t need bread
These riddles that live inside my head

I don’t believe that God is dead!
God is dead
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Wondering if we will meet again on the other side
Do you believe a word, what the good book says
Or is it just a holy fairytale and God is dead
God is dead
God is dead
God is dead
God is dead
But still the voices in my head are telling me that God is dead
The blood pours down, the rain turns red
I don’t believe that God is dead!
God is dead
God is dead
God is dead


  1. Jeff Downing says

    I can relate to most of the comments, good and bad. But I also know that I can’t really rate a long after one or two listens- it does take a little while to absorb and contemplate. And it should-if it sounds exactly like you expected that would probably mean it would also get old really fast.
    Some positive aspects: thought provoking , if VERY dark lyrics , nice faster riff at the end, Geezer up in the mix
    Some minus points for me: it seems to pander, perhaps inevitably, to what people THINK Sabbath is (a big dark monster) instead of them just being themselves. I knew they would have to exaggerate the dark side, because most the listening audience these days wont “get it” unless its really simple and spelled out for them. Maybe it should be called Sublety Is Dead. Haha. Also Iommi’s tone I wish could have been more organic sounding. He has developed a unique sound in later years though, and not even Rick Rubin can come in and go…hey Tony let me adjust this for you. That may end badly. :O

    Final and most important: I think the elements that lack could have been corrected in great part by Rubin- Get more interplay out of Brad Wilk, mabye revise the chorus a bit so it does not sound so typical, shorten the first section a bit, stretch the faster section out and insist on an Iommi solo. I am the last one to call for formula- but it seems to scream for a solo at the end. A tortured release. And we all would LOVE to hear Iommi bust off one of his trademark trilling intense leads.

    I think its a decent track. I think someone chose it because its what most people less critical than ourselves would expect. But I hope Rubin gets more out of them and in the right places on the rest the album. With some adjustments it could have been ten times better. But its overall ok.

    • Jeff,

      I think you gave the best review that I’ve read so far on any site, and I appreciate that. I think there needs to be some “open mindedness” when listening to this song, and probably anything on the new album. I appreciate that everyone wants a new Sabbath song to just jump out at them and be better than anything we’ve heard previously, but those expectations are just way to high. I’m one who appreciates the fact that these guys in their 60’s are alive, putting out new stuff, and care enough to try to get back to their elements. I mean, it’s a Sabbath song, what do people expect. It’s dark, it’s iommi, it’s Ozzy and it’s Geezer. I think all of the hate comments due to Bill not being in the band are rediculous too. I mean, there was Sabbath after Bill left before. There was Sabbath when Ozzy was gone, etc…this is still Sabbath…and 3 out of 4 aint bad…but I appreciate reading a well thought out review as opposed to the haters…thanks

      • jeff Downing says

        Thanks Carl! I really appreciate that. It really is a strong track. Anything worth listening to requires at least a few time through to absorb. I like it quite a bit. After several listens the only things I would have preferred were getting more dynamics out of Brad Wilk, and get an Iommi solo in.
        And I could not agree more about the Bill Ward issue. The only ugly words have been from fans who should have some respect (they are fans right?) and realize that the entire picture on that has never even been presented. I suspect with Tony’s illness, and some miscommunication too, things instantly became much more difficult in terms of relocating, health, money concerns etc…. But people who just say No Bill No Sabbath are obnoxious. They just serve to detract from the excitement and I wish they would stop. Anyway, thanks for the kind words Carl! Sabbath rules!

        • Chad Hallman says

          Jeff, I heard and read an article that the main reasons Ozzy & Tony & Geezer did not want Bill back in the band was he was too rusty and had to put post it notes on his drum kit. Well those comments kind of pissed me off because Ozzy has to have a teleprompter to show him the lyrics and Geezer isn’t always perfect & Tony is a little off too due to what he has been going through. I really don’t know what he truly meant by those comments but I didn’t like it all. Some way to treat a mate especially when you’re not perfect yourself! And of course there is more to this of Bill not being back in the band. It’s all on the money & everyone’s separate management & I hate to say, I think Ozzy & Geezer & Tony. Pretty sad that best mates or they say best mates would really treat each other like that!

    • <>

      This is exactly what I thought at the listening party last week, not only about God Is Dead?, but the entire album.

    • Right on the money Jeff.

    • Jeff,

      That’s exactly what I thought. Ozzy’s voice is actually pretty good. The song itself, though, is overly long and fairly uninspired. (Lyrics are well written-Geezer must be doing them.) The biggest issue is the production. Vocals and bass over power Tony’s guitar and the drums! It sounds like a late 90s nu metal track. Not at all what I was hoping for. AND there’s no Tony solo! Not sure this was the song to release as the first single. So far Heaven and Hell 1. Black sabbath 0.

  2. Dehumanizer says

    Ladies and the Gentlemen this is the return of a legend! Hell yeah! They still got it. All the doom and darkness. Very interesting song and lyrics and nice melody ideas. Not outstanding or so, but all solid (apart from the “When will this nightmare be over, tell me? When can I empty my head? Will someone tell me the answer”-part – GREAT melody. Should’ve been the chorus). We still have to wait for the big BOOM but what they gave to us so far is very very good.
    The whole thing reminds me a lot of the Dio years. Just imagine him singing this – would have been perfect.
    Unfortunately, there is also some critisism. Iommi’s Guitar is still heavy but it lost a lot of its brutality and power. Just soundwise. The riff is great. The problem is that Sabbath is Iommi’s guitar and if it sounds just a little less raw than how we know it the whole song loses a lot of its energy.
    I think Ozzy’s voice is too loud in the slower parts of the song, pushing the instruments too far into the background. Brad Wilk plays great but the snare sound is horrible. No power, all digital production – blame Rick Rubin! Do you also hear some clipping here and there? The sound could have been worse but it’s far away from being extraordinary. The only really outstanding thing is Geezer’s Bass. Bloody hell! This is doom.
    So all in all the first single is a double-edged sword. On one hand the song features all the great Sabbath trademarks but on the other hand there is the weak production that kills a lot of its energy. Could have been made one hell of a track. In the end all we got is just a “good” song that lacks a little heavyness. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the songs. Sabbath seems inspired. Let’s see what else we get from them. I can’t wait.


    There is a solo…

    not on the heart radio track

  4. I have mixed feelings about it, somewhere it sounds like a true Sabbath song, somewhere it sounds like an Ozzy single. My biggest problem is that they made it 8 minutes long for no reason (it could be 5-6 minutes without the totally boring intro and some boring continous riffs) OR it could be 8 minute with a long Tony master solo. Also it seems to me that a lot of riffs are just recycled from past songs. Dispetie these i’m waiting for the album. BTW i tried to listen to the song again, and they banned it due copy right issues. What the hell? its the offical BS channel .

    • SabbathFanAaron says

      I heard the same some of the choruses sound like from cross purposes and from some some other older songs.I wonder who wrote the lyrics Geezer or Ozzy or Rick Rubin?Martin birch would have produce a better Sabbath album.Hopefully there will be better material on the rest of the album

  5. Well, it’s not what I had expected. I feel that it is more driven by an atmosphere than the riffs or the solos. It follows the path of the song ‘Black Sabbath’. It’s introverted, smelling of dope. I wasn’t prepared for this :).

    The elements in themselves are really not so exciting, but the structure, the build-up of the song was really impressive to me. I also like its ambiance and the lyrics as well, and I agree that Geezer’s bass is really cool, however, I like the drums as well.

    I am eager to hear the rest of the album, too, and also to listen to it in a high quality. :)

    Anyway the melody of the line “Is God dead?” reminds me of “Who Are You?”
    And yes, the solo is missed at the end.

    • Jeff Downing says

      Nice summation- I should have kept my own comments shorter! I agree that it does rely more on atmosphere than on riffing, and it does build impressively. Once one listens to it on its own merits, without all the enormous expectations that are impossible to live up to, it reveals itself as a pretty gripping track. I do think that some of the chorus is a little generic musically, and wish like hell it had an epic Iommi solo at the end.
      I think it will get a bit more respect with repeated listening from the Sabbath fanatics. Within any reasonable expectations I think its a success. I like your connection to “Who Are You” … great track!

      I love the lyric
      “you keep the wine, I’ll take the bread!”

      Haha……nice. The lyrics are pretty intense, and leave you contemplating, not just painting everything black. And that is very Sabbath.

      • I agree with Jeff’! Great track and now I’m pretty optimistic about the rest of the album.

        The expectation from some people is really ridiculous, as is all the Bill Ward stuff.

  6. SabbathFanAaron says

    What happed to the clip?Says it was removed for copy rights violation or something?

  7. Can’t listen to the song in Germany because sth. stupid called GEMA block’s the song.
    Please upload it on another video hoster.

    Greetz \m/

  8. Not sure if this was mentioned yet in the comments but the single is on Spotify as well.

  9. Burke Hendrix says

    On about my eighth listen to this. Just let it play in the background while doing other things, and it finds its groove. Mostly, I think, it’s hard to get used to listening to this version of Ozzy in front of the Sabbath sound (even without Bill…sigh). Starting to be able to hear it cleaner now, and starting to find it interesting. There’s some good sludge underlying things here.

    Starting to feel a bit better about the album as a whole. Even if it’s just adjusting my expectations, eh, well, still nice to actually enjoy it!

  10. Kinda disappointed, to be honest. Would’ve preferred something a little more inspired. Some of my favorite Sabbath songs (The Wizard, Symptom Of The Universe, Am I Going Insane, Never Say Die) are the ones that steered away from the whole Satan/God/Blood type of cliches. Musically, it’s pretty good though, and Ozzy sounds better than he’s done in many years, probably on a par with the No More Tears Ozzy of the early nineties.

    I guess I just prefer rock-n-roll Sabbath over theatrical Sabbath, at least with Ozzy, anyway.

    • Tehmulletman says

      i totally agree with this, but i do like the song. i was hoping for something a little more fast paced to be honest, and i think that may be what most others were looking for too. after we all get over our own expectations i think we’ll find this song more inspiring.

  11. ironpants says

    on first listening wasn’t overwhelmed but after about the 13nth play [no pun intended] god is dead? has taken over my mind it does take a while to get into it but im now there,having been a sabbath fan since 76 i think if this track is anything to go by,13 will be their finest album since sabaath bloody sabbath cant wait for the london o2 gig

  12. Welcome BACK GUYS! Warm welcome is from here(at location HELLSINKI pit), -Been so close watching over like BBC News about The Sabbath. For Me it’s clear that Ozzy’s return to the line-up was needed! I love the `The God Is Dead?´ song so terribly much that I think I have to buy the album ´13´ by the time that will be in down at stores!

    Ronnie also been great for Sabbath…And This band for Me have made up Their’s clear debut twize! First with Ozzy and then on With Ronnie. Who band ever had done that ever? Please do tell Me!

    -So little things just will bring on the music back to the ALIVE! SO Ozzie, Geezer and Tony at this state of mind Paranoid I’m glad to say `YOU ROCK!`….-ALL THE BEST FOR YOU!

  13. Mr. FU sez,

    I like it. Come on, did you think it was going to be anything less gloomy and doomy? First off, DO NOT listen to the ‘I Heart Radio’ version – besides the annoying chick saying the stations name every two minutes as the song plays, what is alluded to above is correct – Tony’s solo is missing.

    2nd (and in my mind as a bass player and influences stylistically by Geezer – would I s**t my pants if I met him) is that GEEZER is the star of the song. Amazing tone on the bass, the Lakland bass sound is so much crisper here than on TDTYK. And, one of the things thats really cool to me is he’s doing faster, all over the place fills, a la the Dio years and beyond.

    Tony is Tony – I like the tone of the guitar (should have put a pun there) and he’s just solid as ever. Wish there was a longer solo, but this is very rhythm solo a la War Pigs first break – hopefully a sign of things to come. and to be able to come up with riffs like this while battling cancer – wow. As a guy who surivived a brain tumor (deaf in left ear now – but somehow made me a better singer, singing in mono) it’s not easy being able to play, much yet right and record when you’re ill. Huge kudos for the inventor of metal.

    Some ‘other’ postings (blabbermouth – what a bunch of sewing circle pissants) state that Ozzy’s vocals sound like solo Ozzy. Well, let’s think about that. 35 year from the last Sabbath album for him – what do you expect? He is not the same man, vocally. Are any of you 35 years after whatever? Love Ozzy on Sabbath and his solo stuff up to NMT but last few CDs, I couldn’t get into. But, he’s still delivering what he can.

    And for crying out loud, I wish people would stop mentioning Sharon in regards to Sabbath. She’s involved with Ozzy, but I don’t think is there manager (Joe – isn’t it Gloria Bulter?)

    Finally – of course we all miss Bill Ward. The man is a legend (and from what I’ve heard through a friend who worked with him years ago, the sweetest human being on the planet – but forgetful as he forgot to pay said friend/engineer for the session!). We miss the sound of his jazzy influenced backbeat and tasteful interplay with the bass, the guitar but most importantly, the vocal. But he’s not on this record.

    Brad Wilk does a fine job. Really up there with Cozy & Vinny. But no one is Bill.

    I’d give it a 7 – just because I see it like ‘Tattoo’ from the last Van Halen CD – first single they release is never the right one now a days. No AOR like the 70s and 80s that know what they’re doing.

    Looking forward to the NEW Black Sabbath CD.

    Mr FU out.

    • Chad Hallman says

      MR. FU, I met Geezer at Ozzfest 2005. Truely a great musician and the best bassist ever! He allowed me to sit with him while he signed my autograph and others as well. We spent about a half hour talking and I got some good photos as well! When I went to see him & Tony in a meet and greet, I showed him a t shirt I made with just his picture on it and his name below it , and he said he was honored that I did that for him. And he said I was the 1st & ONLY fan that has ever made a shirt with just his picture on it! He asked if he could sign it & I said hell yea you can! Was really a great time! Tony was a great person to meet as well! Talked to him & Geezer at the same is place. Tony is the best in the world! Great time I had!

  14. Joe – you can cut the Bill Ward forgetting to pay my friend comment if you like – probably shouldn’t have mentioned it as it has nothing to do with the review. and I shouldn’t slander Bill. Write stream o conciousness – for that I apologize.

    • Jeff Downing says

      Enjoyed your review. You are right- people can be really unrealistic and impossible to please. I think within any reasonable expectations , it’s a decent track and I only hope the rest of the album is even better.
      And its cool you did not mud sling about Bill either way. He is awesome, and from what I’ve read the forgetful part doesn’t seem a big surprise! Haha. I got pretty worked up several times with people attacking Sabbath about the Bill situation when the fact is- only they know, at best. We certainly don’t know and have no reason to criticize Sabbath about it. Neither side seems to have tried to hard. And speaking of being realistic, how many 60 something drummers could really pound the skins like Bill used to? There is no shame in getting older. I got nothing but respect all around. Can’t wait to hear the entire album.

  15. Its an OK song, I like some of the riff how it borrows from that old song. I hope we see some more borrowing of great guitar riff of the classics, I do not mind it one bit! The song makes me think of the night Dio died. I could not believe it. I basically didnt sleep that night, it was a very sad night for us all and I could just FEEL IT.

    Im looking forward to the rest, thanks guys for doing what you do, and to Ozzy , take care of yourself man and the family. Thats what we have to do now man. Respect and peace to you all. Your all our favorites and Tony, your truly our Iron Man! ! All the best to you!! Over and Over again.

  16. I m a big Sabbath fan. Ive listen to this 3 times, once on Planet Rock and 2 times here and would say this is a filler track. The drums are very very average, I don’t know why Rubin wanted Sabbath to go back to the early albums.

  17. Nice music, nice lyrics… awesome song…!!!

    I don’t believe God is dead either…!!!


  18. Lucius Morthem says

    Can someone tell me if I’m wrong But…..

    Am I the only One who thinks that God Is Dead? Is similar i some things with Scary Dreams ? The unreleased one ?

    BTW God Is Dead is freacking awesome, Pure Sabbath :D

  19. Listened to it for the first time this morning (April 20th) and the lyrics seemed incredibly timely in light events in Boston. Every word could relate to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in an uncanny way.

    Generally agree with most of the reviews. I think it’s a solid track, Geezer’s bass is outstanding (as are his lyrics, as always), Ozzy sounds good, but a near 9 minute Sabbath tune without a lengthy Iommi solo is disappointing. I agree a solo to accompany the eery opening and a longer solo at the end would have made it an instant classic. And yes, you can’t help buy wonder what kind of flavor Bill Ward’s thunderous drumming would have added, although I don’t think the drumming is necessarily bad. Definitely prefer it to both new tracks from the Reunion live album. Feels so good to hear a new Sabbath tune with Ozzy. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new album.

  20. Good song
    Not fan of Tony solo guitar sound not hard enough
    But Geezer is really good on this.

    We need more double solo guitar on this because it’s a bit empty
    Ozzy is good (I was really afraid of this)

    Really impressed that than still can do Sabbath stuff no parody or really weak tunes.
    Give me more Jazz-blues feeling in Tony Iommi solo

    Good work for the new drum player- Bill ward is a god nobody can be compared


  21. Although using similar riffs, this song sounds nothing like the old stuff. That may be a good or a bad thing depending. Taken on its own merit however, I would call it average. It almost sounds like they are hesitating to really get into it. Maybe it’s on purpose to slow down the tune.

    The drumming is good but very basic. The lyrics are not very inspired. The guitar is technically great but too clean. The bass is very good. You can tell Ozzy’s voice is tweaked but that’s to be expected. I have personally found his voice annoying since the start of his solo work.

    We’ll see what the rest of the album brings. Hopefully, this is not their best effort.

  22. Let’s be honest – it’s the same uninspired riffs with the same strangely antiseptic tone that my dearest Tony used on TDYK. I had beleived, mistakenly, that Rick Rubin would have the power to turn down the guitar/bass and turn up the drums. I can live with Ozzy’s No More Tears era vocals, but as usual, Mike Exeter’s mix is weak and muddled. I expect more of the same with the other tracks. It’s like “Breaking into Heaven” with Ozzy instead of Dio and a slightly better drummer than Vinny, not that it matters. Sorry – but I’m disappointed, as usual. Can you tell?

    Do ya know why The Devil Cried was great – because it was under-produced!

  23. Karl Kaczorowski says

    I bought the song on itunes and listened to several times. It is a fine song, though the most of downside aspects were stated before (production in which vocals are alienated from instrumental track and pseu-solo instead of full Iommi tidbit) I am just very sad that God is Dead? is (and I think most of Sabbath fans will agree with me) million times worse than Scary Dreams, and the latter saddly is not on any official Sabbath album, and won’t be in 2013. (Well let’s hope one of the missing titles of tracks is Scary Dreams but I doubt it).

    In my opinion Scary Dreams (even though we have only live versions without a carefully produced sound) just sounds like 70’s Sabbath and God is Dead? sounds like a modern, darker and more artificial Sabbatgh knock off. Maybe it’s the matter if original lineup…..

  24. I agree with Rommper:
    “I have mixed feelings about it, somewhere it sounds like a true Sabbath song, somewhere it sounds like an Ozzy single. My biggest problem is that they made it 8 minutes long for no reason (it could be 5-6 minutes without the totally boring intro and some boring continous riffs) OR it could be 8 minute with a long Tony master solo. Also it seems to me that a lot of riffs are just recycled from past songs. Dispetie these i’m waiting for the album.”

    I would add this: a) it’s fantastic thing to finally have NEW Sabbath songs, and b) the second half of the song is great, the first half is dissapointing.

    • Billzebub says

      A few disparate thoughts I thought I’d toss out there:

      1> The first half of the song is rather reminiscent of “Letters From Earth”, and as slow and plodding as that song was, I grew to like it a lot.

      2> The best songs age with time (e.g. multiple listens). If you don’t catch a new nuance or fill or overdubbed embellishment upon repeated listens, then I consider the song disposable. “God is Dead?” keeps making me pick-up on previously-missed little things going on, so am digging it so far.

      3> As has been said by many, Geezer is kicking ass on this tune. I can’t help but wonder if he’s using a Rickenbacker with RotoSound strings to get that roundwound sound.

      4> Am glad that “God is Dead?” is not the lead-in track. Makes me think & hope that the first track will give us the fast & heavy we’re all looking for, including an Iommi shredder solo.

      5> I can hear elements of “Scary Dreams” in this first single. Maybe they just re-crafted it (albeit a bit extensively), got that out of the way, and then turned their focus onto fresher material and approaches. But what do I know; it’s all wishful speculation…

      6> I can also hear (and enjoy a lot) the nod or borrowed pieces or whatever from “Hole in the Sky” during the second half. I almost half-expect to hear the song abruptly end and go in to “Don’t Start (Too Late” at times, heh.

      7> Digging all the feedback, good or bad. Makes one think what “The” Black Sabbath sound truly is anymore. Purists will stick to the first 8 studio albums, but I pretty much like it all (I will have to admit that the Martin albums were snoozers for me, save for certain tracks). Anyway, what with all the various incarnations and “personalities” that Sabbath has taken on over all these decades, I can see how Iommi might be a bit unclear as to which mix of styles is the right one to please ALL the fans. And of course he’s got the Heaven and Hell approach to making/playing music still pulling him into Dio territory, a looooooong divorce from writing for/with Ozzy, and most certainly a fine line to walk upon in order to nail down a “definitive” Sabbath sound at this stage. I’m just happy that he’s still putting it out there, *especially* after all he’s been through (cancer treatments), and dare I say his age.

      8> I would like to swap the month of May out for June.

  25. Chad Hallman says

    The song is on YOUTUBE & you can listen to the whole thing from start to finish. It has the art work as well.

  26. fishtowner says

    I like it. I don’t really think it sounds like an Ozzy single in anyway. I also don’t hear an rehashed riffs like a few have mentioned here. This is Black Sabbath 40 years later. You can never go back. The Sabbath of 40 years ago and the Sabbath of today are a different beast. But I like what i have heard. Hopefully the whole album will rock.

    • Chad Hallman says

      Go on YouTube and type in : black sabbath 2013 – auckland. You will see some other stuff there to listen to live. Pretty damned good i think. I think the song ‘the end of the beginning” is on there. Give it a listen.

  27. The more i listen to this, the more it grows on me. However i still think some of the lyrics seem uninspired, which is to be expected from a bunch of bloke who have been financially pretty well off for a while now.
    I look forward to the rest of the album.

    Bill will be missed.

  28. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

  29. TomOzzy123 says

    As a lifelong Sabbath song, I find the song interesting. However, I think the verses are too long and some of riffs are reused, but it Sabbath. For Ozzy, they needed more songs to put in their live set. This song will sound good live. Ozzy just can’t hit the high notes heard on Sabotage and Never Say Die, so that limits what they can on the road.

    Getting back to song. If they had some fills, shorter verses, and a longer guitar solo, I think this song would be stronger. I still would rather listen to this than a lot of crap on the radio today. I am waiting for the rest of album. I am sure it’s a good record all the way around.

  30. Chad Hallman says

    To everyone: About the IHEART RADIO version of the song “god is dead?” I called and or emailed them about the annoying lady saying the stations name every 2 minutes during the song, and they say they are unaware of it.
    I said, then you need to listen to it yourself. Is quite annoying I must say!

    • Jeff Downing says

      They do that to all songs they stream because its a business and its copyrighted material. And its done automatically. The artist probably dont mind because its one more reason for people to buy the actual song, as they should.
      I cant believe people complain about something that is just part of reality. I Heart RAdio is not gonna change their entire policy and business model for a Black Sabbath single.
      Obviously… I thought.

  31. I’ve been waiting… and I’m so disappointed. The song is utterly boring. I do hope the rest of the album is better, but that’s unfortunately hard to believe in since they put this, presumably the “hit” track, out as the single.
    I didn’t expect Sabbath from the 70’s back, but I didn’t expect this either. On the other hand, if one would’ve used Scary Dreams and parts of The Devil You Know as references, it shouldn’t have been a sursprise.

  32. I have listened to these guys in all their various forms since the seventies, and have long awaited a new album. i was so surprised that one is actually out now! First I heard they were going to recapture their old sound, so I thought the first album. Then they hinted toward newer stuff. The sound quality of the modern day is of course much better, however the production seems just a bit “off” to me. Ozzy, I think sounds like his No More Tears album. I thought Tony’s sound is like most newer things he has done- kind of a low, drone sound. BTW, I really enjoyed his book Iron Man! In this new song, I kept waiting for a solo. And waiting… And I see many here liked Geezer’s more upbeat bass, well I like the old heavy thud myself, but i’m just glad he’s back writing for them again. Just doesn’t sound like Sabbath without Geezer’s songwriting. And the drums i felt could have been a little more Sabbath, and less basic. Actually all things considered it is an exceptional song. Maybe a couple minutes too long as some say, but solid. It feels good to hear these guys doing it again, what with the health issues and such. My Hat’s off to them!…I am hoping these guys get some radioplay out of this album, Lord knows they deserve it! I think they deserve a lot more credit for what they’ve done over the years.

  33. Vinícius says

    Listen The End of the beginning:

  34. Brian - Enforcer says

    Even the most devout fans of Black Sabbath will have differing opinions on their songs, albums, and periods, hopefully airing their opinions more than 8 minutes after the release. To me, this song is a great successor to Sabatoge, in a modern vein, while musically referring to both the Dio years and the Martin years. Any complaints I have are due to the production, maybe Birch, Ezrin, or Rundgren were not available. The production could’ve been much worse, and so far I prefer it to the TDYK mix. Compositionally, I believe it fits in perfectly with the Sabbath canon of works and will be a favorite for years to come. Its length, pacing, and lyrics fit perfectly with the first six Ozzy-period albums. We should assume that 13 is Geezer’s and Ozzy’s Sabbath album, as the Iron Man was conquering death and Bill could not reconcile his contract. I am very happy with the new song, and hope for many more. Until I heard Ozzy’s explanation of the title’s origin, I thought this could be a veiled tribute to Dio.

  35. MacGregor says

    Witnessed Sabbath live last night in Brisbane, mind blowing performance from them, Ozzy was bang on with his vocals & what a treat that was. The 2 new songs sound so much better live, there good songs, classic Sabbath & fitted in perfectly with the rest of the early 70’s material. Awesome to say the least, what a night it was, they are at the top of the game big time! Wonderful set list, Iommi was devastating as usual, what a great sound he had, Geezer was thunderous as usual & whilst I am not a fan of the Tommy Clufetus style of drumming on some classic tracks, he was powerful & really pumped the band to another level in many ways! Class act Sabbath, forget the rest! Their isn’t any hard rock band near these guys!

  36. I got the song a week ago and waited a day to listen to it – out of nervousness I suppose from the negative stuff people were saying. Well anyway, last Saturday was made into an event when I cranked it up – I was absolutely riveted from the first listen. And it’s gotten even better with each subsequent listen. It was NOT a case of “well this might could grow on me after a while” – no sirs, I was ecstatic (hate that word but there it is). Now the ONLY thing I kinda scratched my head about was that Tony didn’t unleash. HOWEVER – I don’t think the song suffers for it. Bill’s situation is a bummer but it is what it is & I’m not gonna draw lines in the sand about it. I don’t deal in absolutes and I don’t think Bill would want me to. I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at how great Ozzy sounds! This could’ve been the deal breaker but OMG the man hasn’t sounded this good since Diary Of A Madman. His melody lines are so potent and his tone all eerie calm – I forgot I was ever apprehensive about it. This isn’t Ozzy the solo artist, this is Ozzy Osbourne as part of an ensemble. It is Sabbath through and through. I’ve waited 32 years for this and am not the LEAST bit disappointed. You can’t compare it to “War Pigs” or “Bible Black” or anything in between unless you’re so emotionally invested in whatever you’re favorite is. My favorite Sabbath album is Mob Rules in the winter, Sabotage in the spring, Master Of Reality in the summer and Black Sabbath in the fall. But God Is Dead? is right up there all their great work. The GREATEST??? that’s for each and every listener to decide. There’s a lot to take into consideration as far as “judging” this new work fairly. If someone told me in the 80s or 90s that this album would happen in 2013, with the guys well into their 60s, I don’t think I could’ve believed it. No way. Well, here we are – it’s happening and hell yes it was worth the wait and then some. AND if you go by the law of averages – usually the first single off any given album tends to fade into the background pretty quick when the album comes out. Kudos to Rick Rubin – this was the album he was born to make. It’s 2013, I’m 45 years old and damn glad to be alive. This is hands down the most anticipated music of my life. I was gonna apologize for being all long winded about this but I’d be lying. Cheers!

  37. Yes i am totally stoked my favorite sabbath line up is back and sound like the power house band they have always been.cant wait to hear the rest of the tracks sabbath rocks

  38. This song is totally awesome. Shame on you being so overcrytical. I mean cmon. just enjoy it . Im psyched. My favorite bands new album is awesome. Ah ha Stones. and Areosmith your new stuffs lame.

  39. Kevin Whipps says

    i would agree if homeboy could spell the word subtlety.

  40. notsoSUPERNAUGHT says

    I will always love these guys. Seminal. Pushed so many excellent bands to try for their own twist on this sound. Geezer and Tony’s styles are heard in every metal album since, Bill Wards’ back beat makes me want to bang my head to unheard rhythms, and Ozzy’s vocals will always pierce the soul. I still keep “The Ozzy Years” in my CD changer (yes i still use one, and it does work great). But something is missing from this track. Perhaps the anger? The true sadness at an unjust world? Maybe it is simply full of a complete apathy? Almost sounds as if they are giving up?
    not sure if i want to buy this album because i am afraid to be disappointed in my GODS….This song sounds a lot like Technical Ecstasy, which IMHO was one of the strongest musically but so weak on vocals and lyrics….

  41. Chad Hallman says

    Well I read an article that says Ozzy tells the real reason why him & Tony & Geezer didn’t want Bill Ward playing on the tour. ALL BECAUSE OF THE LITTLE POST IT TYPE NOTES HE HAD ON HIS KIT? Are you kidding me? Ozzy! I love ya dude, have for 41 years, but at least Bill doesn’t need a teleprompter to show him what the lyrics are, like you do! I’m sure Tony wasn’t spot on with his playing being what he was going through. And even Geezer probably wasn’t 100% on some days & I’m sure you weren’t 100% either! NOONE IS PERFECT OZZY & TONY & GEEZER! Never will be! You guys are 65 years old, so how about we please cut the shit and be mates like you’re supposed to?

  42. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after looking at
    some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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