There’s a Best Buy Exclusive of “13”

Get ready to bring the hate.  Found out tonight that there’s a Best Buy Exclusive version of 13.   As far as I can tell, it’s exactly the same as the 2CD Deluxe version, with it’s 11 studio tracks, but the Best Buy version has 12.  Here’s the track listing for that version:

  1. End of The Beginning (8:07)
  2. God is Dead? (8:54)
  3. Loner (5:06)
  4. Zeitgeist (4:28)
  5. Age of Reason (7:02)
  6. Live Forever (4:49)
  7. Damaged Soul (7:43)
  8. Dear Father (7:06)
  9. Methademic
  10. Peace of Mind
  11. Pariah
  12. Naïveté in Black (Best Buy Exclusive Track)

If you want to buy it, it’s here.  I hate this shit.  #fuckexclusives

Fuck Exclusives


  1. It’s Best Buy’s way of apologizing for the 48 upsells they will offer you while you’re trying to ring up the CD.

  2. Shwaggy McFaggy says

    God bless pirating.

  3. Garry L. Todd says

    Joe, given the pun on the title “Nativity in Black”, do you think this is a new song or a re-record of NIB? Just curious.

    • I am pretty positive that is not the case.

    • Craig Eyler says

      That was the first thing I thought of, a ‘joke’ track designed to screw with Best Buy and their obsession with ‘exclusive content’ and get across the band’s feelings about same…? One can hope.

  4. Well , I’ll be buying at BB. All I care about is getting all the new Sabbath I can.

  5. Winston Arntz says

    this feeding the free download thing…I refuse to buy albums again because of a bonus track. The 2CD will be it and this version will be on the net soon enough. Record industry still don’t get it….

  6. Thats why i waited on the presale. I knew best buy was going to have some exclusive.

  7. Andreaus says

    All the more annoying for those that have bought the special box set!!

  8. fishtowner says

    This crap pisses me off. I pre order the deluxe cd and even the vinyl album from their official site and they rip me off buy giving these douchebags and extra song..

  9. “Naïveté in Black” –

    Sounds to me like a (New?) version of N.I.B. – although we all know, that’s only the Dio translation for the old song.

    I’m sure it will quickly find this ways to the fans. We’re in the 21st. Century.

    Deep Purple also had a “Media Markt Germany only” bonus track called “First Sign of Madness” for the new “Now What?!” album. Unfortunately as download code in mp3 (320 kps).

    But c’mon these are still 12 tracks, were is the Nr. “13” ????


  10. I’ve paid £50 for the mega box 13 and I still don’t get all the tracks?

    Not amused.

  11. Marc Guerette says

    I come from an era when you bought a record and got the whole record. For the past few years, I have been frustrated that I had to buy the same release more than once just to get all the material – first the regular release, then the Japanese edition, maybe a couple of singles, then the tour edition. This was what has happened with the last many Ozzy solo releases. I always thought, “Gee, I would just love to pay, say $100.00 if I could get all the material at once. Finally, I saw the 13 Super Deluxe Box Set and ordered it for about $110.00 Canadian dollars, including shipping. This was the type of package I had been waiting for. Then I find out that it contains only 11 of the 16 recorded tracks. This was nothing short of a crushing disappointment. I felt betrayed. The double CD and vinyl in there have a value of less than $40.00, so I paid all that extra for a DVD and some prints. I’m sure I will love those but to put such a high value on prints seems to be giving the record company a license to print money. Then we learn that we will not get the promised download card with the band’s track-by track analysis – more pieces of the artists work missing in favour of another print (they’re printing money again). After buying the box set, I am now wondering how many more times I will have to buy 13. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved sabbath and all its members for 32 years. My love for Sabbath runs very deep. I have spent a small fortune traveling to their shows and buying all their band and solo releases, sometimes several times each, plus as much merch as I can stuff into my closet – not an easy thing for an ordinary, working family man to manage. To see Sabbath, Dio, or Ozzy perform, I have traveled from Montreal to Boston MA, Mansfield MA, Quebec City QC, Manchester HN, Ottawa ON, Toronto ON, Hartford CT, Saratoga Springs NY, Wantaugh NY, Holmdel NJ, Seattle WA, and St. Petersburg FL, many locations more than once. Last year, I went to England to see Sabbath at Download festival and will now be heading to Toronto this summer. I will always look forward to whatever the band has to offer in terms of music, performances, interviews, or anything else, and I know I can’t change the obscene greed of the record companies. I just feel that the box set is not looking quite so “super deluxe” anymore. I don’t blame the band, who I will always admire. I know and accept this is the reality of the music industry these days. Like any other type of customer who feels unappreciated for their loyalty and long-term patronage, I am certain my feedback will fall on deaf ears but it is important for me to write this so that others who feel the same way will know they are not alone. Still looking forward to the Toronto show!

    • Szatanek says

      I can understand how a fan like you could buy the same record several times. I can’t understand though how you can “know and accept” this is the reality of the music industry these days. This is why, while I’ll most probably buy the 2-CD pack or its equivalent when it finally arrives in Poland, but will refuse to buy anything else, unless they offer me the possibility to buy the remaining MP3s separately. Otherwise (that is, if the only way to purchase them legally will be to buy several CDs with the whole album, I will just download them from some pirate source. I see no reason and refuse to get screwed by record companies like this. And that is why I dislike people like you: who will, like thoughtless sheep, happily buy anything and everything thrown at them, without ever thinking about complaining. You, and thousands of people like you, are the reason why we are being ripped off by the record industry like this.

      • Marc Guerette says


        I have always gone out of my way to purchase every song recorded by my favorite artists. This is because I am exercising my own free will and making choices based on my personal preferences. My preferences not aligning with yours does not make me “thoughtless sheep”, as you say. I choose to buy more Sabbath-related stuff than other stuff. You may choose to spend more on clothing or on other hobbies, for example. It’s too bad that you, as you said, dislike people like me. I have no personal attack for you, other than to point out one thing:

        You say I am the reason YOU are getting screwed by the record companies.

        I am one who buys the records and doesn’t download. You can thank ME for paying for the music that YOU downloaded from your pirate source!

        • Szatanek says

          What I was saying was that people like you are the reason WE ALL are getting screwed by the industry, which you admitted in your original post. No, neither I, nor people who download from pirate sources have nothing to thank you for, except for how the industry treats me, you and them. Because it KNOWS that there will always be people, just like you, who will pay no matter what garbage will be thrown at them for their money (same goes for much of the video game industry, btw). I don’t pirate, I used to when I was younger and less conscious/more stupid, and I regret having done that.

          You know what is the biggest problem I have with the industry? That it doesn’t reward the musicians for their hard work. The money they get from a CD or merch you bought goes to far too many places OTHER than the band; the band usually gets something between 1 and 25% (the latter being very rare) of the income.

          I believe this to be caused mostly by how bizarrely the current copyright law is designed, how outdated it is, and so on; however, the behaviour you described as yours, shared by many people around the world, is also to blame, and to a large extent.

          • Marc Guerette says


            You cannot blame people like me for the fact that the music industry now has multi-tiered pricing. I’ll use concert tickets as an example: Back in the day, every ticket was the same price. Nowadays, you have the choice to pay more for a top ticket or less for a ticket further from the stage. You can whine that this creates one section for the rich and another for the poor but it’s really about choice and personal priorities. I paid top dollar for a VIP ticket for Sabbath in Toronto but there may be other VIP ticket buyers who will will only attend one show all year and this is it. Not all people with VIP tickets are what you would call rich. On the other hand, I bought the cheapest possible ticket to see KISS in Montreal, not because I can’t afford a better ticket, but because it’s just not a priority for me. So, not all people in the cheap seats are poor either. If some guy with a $40 Sabbath ticket is mad at me for having a $275 ticket, I can only say that my paying a higher price for mine enables him to get a lower price for his. On the opposite side, I am glad those who bought expensive KISS tickets made it possible for me to get a cheap one.

            The same multi-tiered pricing now applies to recorded music, with may bands offering a simple release for those with limited interest and more elaborate releases and various extras for those willing to pay more. If some of us did not pay more for the extras, the price for everyone else would go up. The price of recorded music is already going up to compensate for those who download for free.

            People who download for free DO owe thanks to those who actually PAY for the music – because if nobody paid for the music, there would be nothing to download.

            You seem to think you have some special right to get things without paying for them – and then you blame those who are actually willing to pay for them.

            And thank you, Donald Tusk, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Donald Tusk says

        Shame on you. It’s his own money and let him spend it the way he likes. If you can’t afford to buy all the tracks you want go earn some money.

  12. Chris Webster says

    I am going to buy mine there anyway. I’ve been told that BB is going bankrupt and will probably be closing down.

  13. So… people who go to a giant chain retailer in the US get a better version of the album than people who spend top dollar to order the deluxe box set?

  14. Why preorder anyway.It’s not like it wont be available by the millions the day of release.Wait till you have all the info on the releases available to you.

  15. The Japan version will probably have 13 new songs

    The Live dvd/cd of the “13” tour will probably have the 3 new songs.

    Reunion Live had 2 new songs – Psycho Man – Selling My Soul

    13 Live (2014) will have 3 new songs…. for the grand total of 16 new Sabbath songs

  16. Joe Croce says

    It will probably be out on some kind of “Tour Edition” like Ozzy did on his last two solo albums. Seems like another money. I read there were supposedly 16 tracks recorded and this accounts for 12 so a tour edition with live and additional tracks is my bet. This certainly does encourage illegal downloading.

  17. LASTinLINE says

    hey joe, i plan on gettin the deluxe box set. is this song going to be on it?

  18. Jeff Downing says

    I like the clever title of Naïveté in Black. But I’m with you Joe, exclusives just seem to cheapen the whole thing. You expect it with KI$$ , but not Black Sabbath.
    But oh well…. I won’t feel bad about downloading that track. ;)
    Of course I am purchasing the deluxe version, on advance order.

    By the way, forgive me if this is already mentioned somewhere or if you addressed it, but the industry mag and web site has the Sabbath tour dates, many more than the 4 US dates already announced.
    Its a very reliable source. Directly from the booking agents and promoters.

  19. Erick Bertin says

    Ah-ha! I KNEW IT!!!!

    I said it before and I say it again: buyer BEWARE!!!!

    So here is my theory/warning once more: as most of you know, the last 2 Ozzy releases came out as regular editions with no indication whatsoever that there would be another type of release down the road, only for a lame “tour edition” version to pop up six months (literally!) after the original release with 3 live tracks and some additional studio bonus tracks.

    I´m pretty sure we’re about to be duped into the same baloney once more.

    So there, I said it!

    I for one, ain’t falling for it this time (just as I didn’t go for it with the release of Ozzy’s “Scream”), so I’m waiting for the stupid “tour edition” of the darned thing later in the year.

    I’d recommend you all do the same folks, but hey, it’s not my money…

    Peace to all,


  20. Alessandro says

    That’s just sad.

  21. Okay, so just removed my existing pre-order (after spending some time trying to work out why there were even two versions in the first place). Don’t really understand why they do this stuff, since it basically means that it’s not ever worth ordering albums these days until a good few months after they’re out, just to be sure. Seems to defeat the point of actually buying an album rather than pirating it (since you end up having to download all the extra tracks anyway if you’re silly enough to buy a real hardcopy).

    On the upside, it does mean I’ll probably be picking up a cheaper pre-owned copy at a later date rather than paying for a new one on pre-order. Can’t think of any reason why the record companies would want that to be the case though.

  22. Pete Rossiter says

    I pre-ordered the super deluxe box-set here in Canada as well and I too am feeling more and more like it’s not worth it since the contents have been changed and now Bestbuy shoppers will get an extra track?? For what I’m paying for the box-set, I’m not going to feel one bit guilty about “acquiring” any extra songs that aren’t included in my box-set when it arrives.

  23. henry mossberg says

    I hate to say this after all the time I’ve spent defending the band over the Bill Ward episode, and periodically busting Joe’s balls in the process: This scam bites down – hard.

    And, while I’m ecstatic over “God is Dead?” but this bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece nonsense is crap.

    BUT, since I waited out that 33 year hiatus ending on 11/11/11, and am now far into this 20 month stretch to 6/11/13, I’m now willing to wait an additional few weeks and get it on the big markdown sale at BB, (that happens with eveyones releases) cutting down the $$ to both, or better yet, buying a barely used copy on Ebay, from a fan, and cut both BB and BS out of additional revenue.

    It’s a dangerous market if you’re going to boink the friends you’re counting on.

    (to be removed – Joe, if you post this – cool. If you don’t – cool. I just needed to vent)

  24. I happen to love these BB exclusives. This is the definitive version of the Sabbath disc for fans of the music.

  25. Sad thing. Just canceled my pre-order, i think i’ll just go on this like i do with videogames, wait for the “game of the year edition”… so i’ll wait for that “tour edition” bullshit and meanwhile download the record… sorry music industry: you made me do it!!! _,|,

  26. Black Sabbath is too big a band to have a “tour edition” of 13 with a few live songs and 3 or 4 new studio tracks.

    In 2014 Black Sabbath will be selling a live show/world tour documentary blu-ray dvd of the (2013) 13 world tour.

    Black Sabbath will also record a live performance (probably the final live show in Birmingham) and sell it as a live 2 cd package… the 2nd cd will have the final 3 new Black Sabbath songs.

    The Japanese version of 13 will have 13 songs.

  27. Mike Who says

    Is it possible that the “Download card containing exclusive track by track interview with Black Sabbath” in the deluxe box might also include a download of this extra tack?

    (Although for me, a download is not a substitute for tangible media)

  28. That’s very interesting, especially the part about the Japanese Edition. How do you know?

    • I standing corrected Linda… I know do not think the Japanese version of 13 will have 13 songs on it.
      I wish it did and was going to buy the Japanese version if it did have 13 new Black Sabbath songs on it but I’ve heard the Japanese Deluxe version is the same the every other Deluxe version.

      I think there is four new black sabbath songs that are not going to be released until a future date.

      Maybe next year Black Sabbath’s new live cd will include the other 4 new Black Sabbath songs!!!!

  29. The ghost of Sharon is lingering. If 16 tracks were recorded, 16 tracks should be on 13! I’m not defending or condemning anyone, but if the record company will make more money releasing multiple formats, then so will the band. Not every band does this. So ultimately the band could probably put an end to it. Ozzy says he’s back on drugs and has meet and greets set up at live shows for $1000.00 a pop which are sold out in some cities. Let people spend their money the way they see fit. The fans can’t change things.

    • henry mossberg says

      “Let people spend their money the way they see fit. The fans can’t change things.”

      A FAN can’t, but THE FANS, en masse, most certainly can change things. OO, and other bands set up the meet-and-greets because enough fans wanted to meet them, AND are willing to pay $1k to do so. They could charge 5x more but suffer a 90% decline in sales. The fans could refuse to pay the $1K and possibly the price drops, but then the crowds grow to unmanageable size and time usage, and OO says it’s not worth his effort.

      The key to selling burgers, beater buicks, or BlcK SbbtH cds: A seller can only charge what the mass market buyerS ARE WILLING to pay. It’s basic supply and demand.

      One more related point, bear with me. I think 13 is coming out because the band does not want its legacy to end with Never Say DIe. There are some good tracks on NSD but overall it was not of the same caliber as the earlier albums. However, the fan response to 11/11/11 was so HUGE that despite Bill Ward’s exit (for whatever reason you’d like) the other 3 were still going to continue as planned. I think the 3 know they are losing some fans for BWs exit. But the remaining fans response still makes their payday upside so incredible, and with their legacy still so important to them, that cancer be damned, they’re full in, at full throttle.

      Had more fans said No Bill – No Way, we’d be looking at June 11th as just another Tuesday in the USA.
      The fans have spoken, and the band is about to deliver. Enjoy the moment.

      At this point, just 32 more days . . . .

  30. I got an exclusive ass!!!!

  31. @ Linda,

    It says there that Naivete in Black will be on both the Standard and Deluxe editions in Japan.

  32. Michael Kling says

    Dear Joe,

    the exclusive version of the 2-CD edition”13″ , containing Naïveté in Black, will be sold by retailers “Media Markt” and “Saturn” here in Germany. The price of this edition is € 19,99. The 1-CD edition will contain the same bonus track; it is being sold at € 14,90. Please see here:–1-BONUSTRACK%29,48353,447066,677903.html?langId=-3

  33. J. Blake says

    Upon reading this news, I have requested that my pre-order for the “Super-Deluxe Rip Off Edition” be cancelled and I recommend that everyone do the same. It truly is criminal to ask $86 (after all the fees) and not include all of the available tracks. It is the true fans that are getting cheated and I suggest we all send a message, by cancelling the pre-orders. I only ordered it in the first place to help support Sabbath, but if the record company wants to rip me off…I certainly don’t need to spend that much money, if I can get more music for a fraction of the cost at a place like Best Buy.

  34. Sounds like a fake track to me. Either showing how naive Best Buy is or the fans.

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