13 Giveaway Winners

I just realized that I totally neglected to post the winning answers and those who won the contest!   I mailed them out on Monday afternoon (even tweeted on the way to the post office), but forgot to even email people and tell them that they won!   One guy only lives an hour or so drive from me here in Dallas, it’s possible he may have gotten his already!  haha.   Anyway, here below are the answers to the trivia questions and the winners:

  • Joshua Leep
  • Thomas Bridges
  • Russell Fifer
  • Craig Frustaci
  • Jim Hiott
  • Simon Elliott
  • Todd Maushart
  • Simone Luca
  • John Litchko
  • Chris Stewart

Congrats to all who won!   As I said above, your copies of the CD went in the mail on Monday afternoon at 4:45PM Central Time here in the US.   You should have them shortly.   I’ve already emailed y’all, but could you please drop me a line and let me you know you got it?  Tkx.

Anyway, the answers to the questions (along with my explanations, if necessary):

  1. Q: Before “13″, what was the last time that Ozzy Osbourne & Tony Iommi appeared on a studio track together (that got released, mind you)?
    A: They worked on material since the answer, but nothing got released.  The last time Tony Iommi & Ozzy Osbourne appeared together on a released studio track was “Who’s Fooling Who” from Tony’s own 2000 solo album, “Iommi“.   It also has Bill Ward on it as well, but not Geezer.
  2. Q: Between Forbidden & 13, Black Sabbath has released five other studio tracks. Name them all.
    A: “The Devil You Know” aside, the last proper Black Sabbath branded studio album previous to “13” was 1995’s “Forbidden” (with Tony Martin on vocals – hey, I had to get a Tony Martin plug in here).  Anyway, the 1998 live album “Reunion” had two studio tracks on it (Osbourne/Butler/Ward/Iommi).  They were “Psycho Man” & “Selling My Soul” (although Ward doesn’t appear on the latter).   The 2007 compilation “The Dio Years” had three new studio tracks called “The Devil Cried”, “Shadow of the Wind”, & “Ear in the Wall” by the Dio/Iommi/Butler/Appice lineup.  That’s it for officially released Black Sabbath studio tracks between 1995 and 2013.  Someone who entered submitted “Loser Gets It All” from the 1996 compilation, “The Sabbath Stones“, but that song originally appeared on the Japanese CD of Forbidden in 1995, so the 1996 appearance was a re-issue.
  3. Q: The “13″ on the front cover of the album was a real world prop, it wasn’t computer generated. What was the “13″ made out of before it set on fire?
    A: Wicker.  If you watch the video released about the making of the cover art, there’s a credit all the way at the end that says “Wicker Sculpture: Spencer Jenkins”.  That’s good enough for me.  :)
  4. Q: One member of 13′s production crew has worked with Tony Iommi on the last four studio albums Tony was involved in. Who is that guy?
    A: That would be Mike Exeter.  He is credited as having worked on “The 1996 DEP Sessions“, “Fused“, “The Devil You Know“, and “13“, which are the last four full studio albums Tony Iommi has played guitar on.
  5. Q: When was the initial US release of the single “Evil Woman”?
    A: Bit of a trick question there.  Evil Woman was never released as a single in the US – Not domestically, anyway.  It appeared on the original Black Sabbath album, but only in Europe.  In the US, the song was replaced on the disc with “Wicked World”.   Through many reprints and reissues, it was never released in the US as a domestic product.  The 1996 Castle remaster of the first album was the first I believe to include both Wicked World & Evil Woman on the same release.  However, that was not released domestically in the United States, either.   Anyway, the first time the song Evil Woman was released in the United States was on the 2002 2CD compilation, “Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978“.   That WAS released in the United States domestically, and was the precursor to the 2004 release, “Black Box“.    Evil Woman was also on Black Box, but the Symptom set predates it by two years.

So that’s it for this giveaway.  Thanks to all you entered, and congratulations to the winners!


  1. Thomas Bridges says

    Thanks for running the contest Joe – can’t believe I won a copy & actually got it in the mail today (6/11) – been listening to it all afternoon & really liking it a lot – I think the disc sounds awesome & hoping they will continue touring after this leg is done

  2. So…answer to the last question is; NEVER, right?

    There isn’t a US single of Evil Woman. When it is released on a compilation album it is ‘just’ a track on a compilation album. Congratz to the winners!

    • Jeffrey Bell says

      Yeah I’ve listened to Sabbath since I was 5 years old and I never got a chance to hear Evil Woman until I was about 18 years old (1990), and the only reason I got to hear it then? I bought an import album with the song on it.

    • I stand by the fact that since he did not specify the band. That the single release by Crow in 1969 is a valid answer.

      • I stand by the fact that unless he specified Crow as the band in question, one should assume that every question listed for a Black Sabbath-related contest hosted on a Black Sabbath-related website would deal with Black Sabbath.

  3. Simone Luca says

    Thank you so much! I’ll let you know when the copy arrives!

  4. got my copy today, thanks Joe!

  5. All the same I’d still like to thank Joe for this wonderful giveaway. You didn’t have to go through all this trouble Joe, and I’m grateful.

  6. Thanks for the chance, for the free copy of 13 but…
    Was it only for U.S. fans?

    Great site anyway.
    Manolis from Greece

    • I believe so Manoli but I’m mainly responding so I can say “geia kai xara” to a fellow Greek Sabbath Fan.
      Pano from Chicagoland

      P.S. Joe, keep up the good work! “13” was worth the wait (or maybe not, considering it’s been 30+ years since they last recorded together and this is w/o Ward, therefore they owe us about 8-10 albums)


  7. Simon Elliott says

    Many thanks Joe, mine arrived today. We really appreciate all you do.

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