An Interview with Me

Recently I conducted an interview with Michael Anthony (no, not that one) of the site “Words and Music”, a website that does interviews with people like Michael Schenker, Scott Ian, Berie Torme, etc..  Well, he decided I was a worthy subject, and this morning published an interview with me.   His interview series has some standard questions that he asks everyone, as well as some customized one depending on who the target is.   

He spoke to me mostly about the history of my website, how it got started, my interactions with Sabbath band members, things like that.    The interview is online now, so go check it out here.   There’s also some other good reading at that site, so check out some of Michael’s other interviews, too!


  1. fishtowner says

    Great interview Joe. The Mob Rules album was special to me. It wasn’t the first album for me. Those were Heaven and Hell and the We sold our soul albums. Funny that My introduction was two different albums from two different singers. I was confused because I really didn’t know much about Sabbath and didn’t know that the band changed singers. I was only 13.

  2. Apparently not only do we share the same favorite band but the same favorite team as well. And like you I’m also a big fan of the Cross Purposes and Eternal Idol Albums.

  3. Al DeGaetano says

    I work out of the house and always have music on…just finished listening to Mob Rules. “Over and Over” – one of the most underrated songs of all time.

  4. do you know if there are any photos of Tony and Michael Schenker together? I think those two would make an awesome team

  5. robert stanford cam says

    Great interview!!!
    Thanks for being a real Sabbath fan…!!!


  6. Mr. FU sez . . .

    Awesome shout out Joe. Seriously, your site is so entertaining for me as a Sab fan. Informative and definitely a weekly destination.

    Keep up the good work and again, congrats on the recognition.

  7. Great interview. Love how Joe keeps it real; balances obsessiveness with a healthy dose of brevity and reality. I’m still laughing about the “celibacy in HS was involuntary” comment.

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