August 4, 2013 – Holmdel, NJ

PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, NJ

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  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Tommy Clufetos – Drums
  • Adam Wakeman – Keyboards



  • War Pigs
  • Into the Void
  • Under the Sun
  • Snowblind
  • Age of Reason
  • Black Sabbath
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • NIB
  • End of the Beginning
  • Fairies Wear Boots
  • Methademic
  • Rat Salad / Drum Solo
  • Iron Man
  • God is Dead?
  • Dirty Women
  • Children of the Grave
  • Paranoid


  • If you have any photos, please drop me a line.


  • None available yet



  1. Stevenf895 says

    Great show last night at the PNC Arts Center in NJ. I thought Ozzy sounded great. I watched some of the video from previous shows and was disappointed about his voice but someone said his voice was better live. So I went with an open mind and sure enough Ozzy came through. As far as Iommi and Geezer what can I say that hasn’t been said before. If there is a better guitarist/bassist combo in metal than those two, I haven’t heard them yet. The band was awesome.
    The set list was the same for this show as the previous shows and they were on stage for almost 2 hours. I first saw Sabbath in 1976 at MSG in NYC and have seen Sabbath in many forms in between but it was great seeing them again. Can’t wait for Thursday at Mohegan Sun in Ct.

  2. Hey Joe…Saw the PNC show and it was one of the best Sabbath shows I’ve seen, and I have seen every tour in the area since 1975. Ozzy sounded great. Tony and Geezer were awesome. Tommy sure can beat the drums. The overall sound at PNC was fantastic. It was being recorded. Wouldn’t be surprised if top quality recordings are available. Only negative, and it is nit picking, the song Methademic…which I really like on the album doesn’t translate well live. Going to the Mohegan Sun show next, hope the sound is good there. That arena is not known for its sound quality

  3. I went to the show at PNC. I got to the show around 7:00, grabbed a beer and checked out the merchandise. I was looking forward to getting a t-shirt but none of the designs were all that impressive. The $40 price tag made it even easier to pass up.

    I made my way to my seat (15th row, just SLIGHTLY to the Geezer side of dead center). I sat down in the middle of Andrew WK. He’s got a cushy gig. He played some music, threw five or six giant Black Sabbath beach balls into the audience and fired three Sabbath shirts out of a t-shirt gun. I’ve got nothing against the guy but whatever he’s making on this tour is too much. You could just have someone hook up an iPod and press play on a playlist and it would be pretty much the same thing. Seriously. They should have saved some money and cut the price on the t-shirts by a few bucks. That, or hire an actual band.

    Sabbath came on around 8:35 and put on one hell of a show. Tony looked good and was the usual, reliable Tony. Geezer was ON FIRE. I recommend spending some time just watching him. Ozzy sounded good for all but a few songs. “Under The Sun” seemed rough. I thought “Methademic” was Ozzy’s worst song of the night. I was really impressed by “End of the Beginning.” It being a new song and all. Tommy was good. If you go in there expecting Bill Ward you’ll be disappointed. My advice is to just go and enjoy the music. It was still Sabbath when Dio replaced Ozzy and it’s still Sabbath with Tommy instead of Bill.

    I didn’t write down the set list but I’m almost positive it’s what was posted as the “presumed set list.” It’s a perfect mix of the new stuff with the classics. I recommend bringing a water or beer or whatever you drink to your seat so that you can watch the whole show. But if you need to take a hot dog or bathroom break, do it at the end of Fairies Wear Boots. That ought to give you enough time to get back in time for Iron Man.

    If you’re trying to figure out whether or not to go. Just do it. I really think this will be your last chance to see Black Sabbath live with Ozzy. Tony and Geezer look like they can keep doing this for the next hundred years. I’m sure they don’t feel that way but they look it. Ozzy just looks old. It has nothing to do with his diminished range. He just looks like he’s having a rough time putting on a show every couple of nights. Despite the age you can tell he’s giving it everything he’s got. So just go. It’s a great show. Enjoy it.

  4. I have to agree with what other post said….
    I have seen them numerous times in 70’s and 3 times during 1998/99 reunion (New Jersey, New York and PA)
    This was by far the best all around Black Sabbath concert ever. To be fair, they could have been as good in 70’s, I was not in any condition to remember then
    Drum Solo unbelievable and long, Tony pounded drums all night and sounded great.
    Ozzy sounded great from beginning to end.
    Of course, Geezer and Tony Iommi were unbelievable, again and again
    Unexpected bonus to this concert was how great the quality of sound was. I was 30 rows back center. They sold lawn seats where people couldn’t hear or see properly, why do they rip people off!
    Sound was so loud and clear. When they played Black Sabbath, sound vibrated the whole place. They did Black Sabbath, Behind Walls, NIB consecutive without pause, Ozzy introduced best Bass player in world right before behind walls………
    If you have not gone, break piggy bank, travel, get hotel.. do what it takes… if your fan of original raw Sabbath, Do Not Miss This!!!!
    ’13’ songs sounded killer live…
    Only minor complaint… would have liked one song from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage [minor complaint song set was amazing], then would have one at least one song from original albums (I know left Never Say Die out… on purpose)
    Comment on no song from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: Saw interview with Tony Iommi saying they needed to be selective of songs due to Ozzy capability, he has gotten older and as most singers at his age, they lose some of there voice. Tony especially mentioned not being able to do songs from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath… On this night, I believe Ozzy could have sang the whole Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album perfectly after the concert … I am sure this may not always be the case, this night he was on!

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