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Off the Road with Tony Martin

Off the Road with Tony Martin – A Concert Review by Christopher Alo On Friday November 29th, 2013, ex-Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin played a rare concert appearance in the United States in Middletown, NY, but nobody seems to have heard about it.  It started for me with a phone call from a good friend […]

Last gig of 2013 is over

Tonight was the last gig for 2013, in Birmingham.   It’s been a cool tour.  I saw it myself last summer, but I’m here to ask you.  If you saw the tour, what did you think?   Leave a comment below!  Other than Andrew WK who sucked, it also appears that the opening bands were […]

Charles Bradley Cover of Changes

The song “Changes” from the Vol 4 album in 1972 was a turning point.  It was a slow, ballady song, something that the band had not done up to that point.  The band (in its 1995 incarnation) brought it back live at a gig in Tokyo, but has mostly remained unplayed since that time.   […]

Black Sabbath – Methademic Man

Check this out!   A 20 minute video review / film / photo gallery as taken by one of the photographers (Gustavo Vara) who you see in the front row early on in the show.  Very VERY cool – one of the more unique things like this I’ve seen.  It’s hard to know what to […]