Neil Murray & Space Elevator

Neil Murray, the man who has been in so many projects, has a new one to add to his ever larger list of them.  This one is called “Space Elevator”, and they have a debut album out in March.  I don’t know a whole lot about it, I just found out about it myself recently.  However, they do have a trailer video out which I’m putting below.   Once I get more info on this project, I will pass it along.

Space Elevator

The Band is:

  • David Young
  • Neil Murray
  • Elliott Ware
  • Brian Greene
  • “The Duchess”

I get the impression the singer is totally new, as their Facebook page says “Introducing the Duchess”.    She has a twitter page, you can reach that here.   They also have a Facebook page here.

More info when I get it.


  1. fishtowner says

    It sounds a bit country pop but pretty good overall. The guitar sounds pretty good.

  2. For those who like this, enjoy… but this is not appealing to me at all. To each his own, I guess.

  3. I found it interesting since my band is called Space Elevators. Didn’t think anyone else had used that name commercially.

  4. Kurt Steiner says

    I have to say that it’s not up my street musically, though “the Duchess” has a very strong voice…plus, she’s quite cute, which won’t hurt their chances!

    But Neil Murray has got to be old enough to be her grandfather! I wonder how he got involved in such a project by such a young singer.

    I hope they do well, simply because I like Neil Murray’s bass playing so much. It doesn’t suck, certainly compared to a lot of the dreck out there now.

  5. Ted Grant says

    I pre-ordered this album based on the beautiful song I found on YouTube. Most of the tracks are very thrilling. Sometimes the pace lessens, but even then I feel this wild cat, “The Duchess”, is just waiting for a chance to pounce with her claws ready at all times. She looks tiny, so it’s amazing how powerful she sounds and she clearly knows exactly what is required for this style of music. Every song has a distinctive quality and the arrangements are clearly masterful, as you might expect from such an experienced team. This is not an album for relaxing, so turn up the volume , put on your dancing shoes and ROCK.

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