New Tony Martin in 2014?

Something I’ve been wanting for ages..  A new Tony Martin album.  Tony’s quite prolific, but appears on everyone else’s projects.  His actual solo output has been just two albums.  One in 1992, when Sabbath was doing the Dehumanizer album.  The other in 2005.   He’s approaching Tom Scholz/Boston level of delays for new material.  :)    Anyway, it appears that 2014 will be the time for a new Tony Martin album.  Check out what Tony had to say on Facebook about it…

“I’m thinking 2014 might be right for the nest Tony Martin SOLO album …  I feel an album rising and its calling out my name …… ”


  1. I will look forward to it ,maybe a hidden black Sabbath gem like Nightwing from Headless Cross would be nice ,always one of my favorite tracks from the library

  2. Can’t wait. Joe, any chance of your interviewing Tony M?

  3. I would so love that! The first wo (while miles apart musically) were both fantastic.

    However, I think Bill Ward gets the crown for most talking about putting out a solo album and then not doing it. Didn’t he write and record 3 solo albums at the same time with the same group of musicians? They released When the Bough Breaks in 97 and then nothing from the other 2 planned releases (except for a solo charity single once – but I’m not counting that).
    Someone get on Bill’s case too as he (like Tony Martin) also has steller solo albums with the 2 he has released so far.

  4. Chad Hallman says

    Wow! I hope he goes through with a new album! I think Tony Martin is a very underrated vocalist! Can’t wait to hear it!

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