Adam Wakeman’s Masterclass

Adam Wakeman has been the keyboardist for Black Sabbath now since 2005 when he first played on the Ozzfest shows.  Every Black Sabbath show since then has had Adam on the keyboards, mostly behind the stage.   He’s also played and co-written on the last few Ozzy solo albums, too – so if you’re a fan of this site, you know his work.  He is also the keyboardist on the bloody BRILLIANT Snakecharmer album from two years ago – one I cannot recommend highly enough.    I’m posting this to let people know about Adams “Masterclass” project.

This is an opportunity to join Adam in a class and learn about being a keyboardist in a rock band.   The classes will be at the new music complex at Stowe School on January 24th & 25th of 2015.   If you are going to be in that area, and are an aspiring keyboardist, this is definitely something you will want to check out.  Full details are in a pdf file you can download here, or you can check out more information about the Masterclass on Adam’s website at

Yes, I know this sounds like a bit of an advertisement, but I wanted to help Adam get the word out, as you know the big Black Sabbath machine isn’t going to be promoting this.  :)

Adam Wakeman Sabbath 2013



  1. What a way to go, with Rick W. on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, like father like son, that’s one thing i didn’t know,
    so i would have imagined when Sabbath toured Australia early last year he would have joined them on that tour? That’s great stuff.

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