Jazz Sabbath Vol 2

Coming on two years ago now, the album “Jazz Sabbath” was released.  I want to say by Adam Wakeman (ha?).  It was an interesting album – very appropriately named because it’s basically an album of Black Sabbath covers done in Jazz. The band’s “bit” is that they’re a real band who claims that the actual […]

A Handful of Memories

From 2004 onwards, when Black Sabbath did live shows, Adam Wakeman was their keyboardist (and rhythm guitarist).  While he wasn’t on any studio albums by Black Sabbath, there’s plenty of other projects he played keys on, not the least of which was his own stuff. That’s why I’m here today – to tell you about […]

Snakecharmer Second Skin

Back on December 2012, I wrote about the then pending release of the first Snakecharmer album.  At the time I rather liked it, but in the few years that have passed since I wrote that, I’ve come to bloody love the album.  The first Snakecharmer album is for me one of my favorite albums released […]

New Headspace

If you didn’t know, Black Sabbath’s keyboardist for several years now, Adam Wakeman has another gig besides Ozzy’s solo band (and the most excellent Snakecharmer).  That’s a project called “Headspace“.  Headspace just released a new song (“Your Life Will Change”) from their forthcoming album, “All That You Fear is Gone”.  The entire album is due […]

Adam Wakeman’s Masterclass

Adam Wakeman has been the keyboardist for Black Sabbath now since 2005 when he first played on the Ozzfest shows.  Every Black Sabbath show since then has had Adam on the keyboards, mostly behind the stage.   He’s also played and co-written on the last few Ozzy solo albums, too – so if you’re a […]