Tony’s CSI Music

Sabbath fan Philipp B sent me a note on Twitter saying he happened upon the music that Tony Iommi created for the CSI episode that aired here in the US a week ago or so.  That was cool, as I hadn’t heard it yet.

I checked it out, and thought it was pretty cool.  Noticed it was more than just Tony playing the guitar, so I immediately wanted to know who was playing on it.  I did some asking around, and my sources tell me this is who is responsible for the music:

  • Tony Iommi – Guitars & Bass
  • Mike Exeter – Drum machine programmer

Tony Iommi also produced the track.    Whether there’s any more going forward, I can’t say, but it’s always cool to hear some new riffs from Tony.

Check out the segment in this video below.  If the video stops working, please let me know.  Thanks.


  1. chad hallman says

    With the voice and other sounds playing very loudly, you can barely here Tony’s music ! Anyone know where just the music can be heard without all that other junk drowning it out ?

  2. Jeff Downing says

    Sounds cool. Suitably ominous and tense…..I like that it breaks into a total Sabbathy chugging riff. It’s almost sacrilege though for his work to be buried under the script. That is what session doods are for. It’s way better than it needs to be. I hope they put ample coin in his pockets.

  3. Michael Shaw Jr says

    Sounds cools. I would love to here Tony do more soundtrack work. Wasn’t there talk a whiles back about him doing some type of of movie?

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