Geezer Butler Arrested

… for a bar brawl of all things.   Ol guy’s still got it in him, eh?

This story broke last night, but I wanted to wait till I heard from Geez & Gloria themselves before saying anything.  Apparently last night that Geezer had been arrested for a bar brawl.  Some of the stories online say he was provoked, some don’t say anything, and probably due to (I’m guessing) legal advice, they’re not saying anything about the specifics.

Oddly enough, my mother from back home emailed me and said “Isn’t this the guy you do some work for?”  That’s pretty funny that my mom (who keeps wishing I’ll grow out of this music) emailed me about this when at that point, I hadn’t heard about it.  The bigger question is why my mom was  hahaha.   Anyway, a few minutes ago, Geezer himself finally had something to say on his various social media outlets:

The response since last night seems to be pretty much in support of Geezer, mostly leaning towards the hilarious side with some of the responses.   He’s also trending on Facebook – here’s the trending link.  :)



  1. at a boy geezer, don not take any bull, i am sure it was a misunderstanding keep on rockin

  2. Matt Dennett says

    As long as the other guy deserved it! When you read books of Sabbaths history Geezer was always the one to shy away and avoid violence as he was a known pacifist. I can only assume it must have been an extreme situation to cause his arrest. Demon alcohol obviously played its part. It shows there’s still life in GB yet, sometimes the only language another person understands is physical force. I hope it doesn’t haunt him and it is brushed aside. Long live GB, the greatest bassist (plus rarely matched lyricist) in the world!

  3. Fishtowner says

    Go Geezer!

  4. Love Geezer….

  5. As long as nobody disses Aston Villa it’ll all be fine!

  6. Anthony Roof says

    The guy must have deserved it. Alright Geezer, good for you.

  7. Another Ancient Warrior says

    Gee, golly, Geeze(!); and I always believed that you were the most Peaceful bloke in the band!! Hope you landed some potent blows, just as you have, with your Bass playing! Keep sluggin’ away!!

    In one of the pix above, it looks like he’s with Tom Hanks; is he?

  8. Do you think for one minute he’d prefer to be getting all this juvenile encouragement from people 40-50 years younger than he is, or…that he’d prefer it never happened? I was sorry to hear about it, don’t give a shit about the specifics, hope there are no legal consequences and that the whole thing is forgotten as quickly as possible.

  9. Jeff Darden says

    A bit of the old “Birmingham handshake”, eh Geez? Sometimes that’s all that can be said.

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