Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp


Don’t know if y’all are into this, but if you have the time, it sounds like it is going to be a blast. Bill Ward was at one of these recently.

Tony Iommi will be appearing at The Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp which starts on Feb 11th in Los Angeles.

Vinny Appice will be the musical director for the camp. Vinny says “This will be the most incredible Rock Camp event ever in its 14 year history, do not miss it”

More info is available here:


  1. fishtowner says:

    I saw these ad’s in guitar magazine then suddenly there was one for this without Tony so i thought maybe he backed out for health or whatever. I’m glad to see he’s feeling well enough to do stuff like this.

  2. Robert Cam says:

    Hail Iommi…!!!! Iron Man lives forever…!!!!

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