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If you didn’t know, Black Sabbath’s keyboardist for several years now, Adam Wakeman has another gig besides Ozzy’s solo band (and the most excellent Snakecharmer).  That’s a project called “Headspace“.  Headspace just released a new song (“Your Life Will Change”) from their forthcoming album, “All That You Fear is Gone”.  The entire album is due out on February 26th.

The Full Track List is:

  1. Road to Supremacy
  2. Your Life Will Change
  3. Polluted Alcohol
  4. Kill You With Kindness
  5. The Element
  6. The Science Within Us
  7. Semaphore
  8. The Death Bell
  9. The Day You Return
  10. All That You Fear Is Gone
  11. Borders And Days
  12. Secular Souls

You can pre-order the album from iTunes or (or if you’re on that side of the pond).

All That You Fear is Gone

Headspace 2016


  1. It sounds good to me.What is the name of the singer on this?It sounds progressive.It sounds mellow and relaxing,also.I hear shades of Pink Floyd and bands like Dream Theater,maybe.I may by this someday.I like to support the Sabbath tree of bands(Ozzy,Dio,Tony Martin,Glenn Hughes,Cozy Powell,GZR,Iommi,etc).

  2. Jean-Pierre Larouche says

    Damian Wilson (vocals), great singer! His other band THReSHoLD is by far more better than Dream Theater in the prog-metal style.

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