New Sabbath Music – ONLY AT SHOWS

No, it’s not a new album. It’s something that I think most fans have expected to happen for some time now. Today Black Sabbath announced a new release to coincide with the 2016 “The End” Tour. It’s called (not surprisingly) “The End”, and comprises eight tracks. Four are the unused studio tracks from the 13 sessions, and there’s four live tracks here as well.

But there’s a huge catch. It’s going to be only sold at the shows. The ones sold at shows will be signed, however. But the “exclusive to shows” issue means a couple of things.

  • It will be severely bootlegged
  • It will have an obscenely high price on Ebay and whatnot.

I wonder if it will be publicly released after the tour is over to everyone (say iTunes and whatnot), but in the meantime, most people who will want to buy it will get their hands on it anyway, and the window for sale might be over then (because they’ll already have it). Still, this is where those four extra tracks recorded from the 13 sessions will surface, coupled with four live tracks. The track listing is:

  1. Season of the Dead
  2. Cry All Night
  3. Take Me Home
  4. Isolated Man
  5. God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13)
  6. Under the Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13)
  7. End of the Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)
  8. Age of Reason (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)

Those four studio tracks sound familiar. Remember my practical joke from April 1, 2015? :) Anyway, It appears that the CD will be called “The End”. The artwork is below. Both for the CD and for the individual art for each city.

There is to be a video clip on Friday the 15th, which I’ll add back in when it is released. In the meantime, they have this teaser video for the tour.

More as I get it on this.  But in the meantime, here’s the formal press release for this, along with some artwork.

Limited Edition Tour Exclusive CD At The Shows




With BLACK SABBATH’s 2016 THE END Tour launch now just a week away, comes exciting news about a new special limited edition CD–THE END–to be sold exclusively at shows on the legendary band’s massive worldwide final tour.

Featuring original artwork by Shepard Fairey/Obey Giant, the CD is comprised of eight previously unreleased tracks: four songs are outtakes from BLACK SABBATH’s worldwide #1, Grammy Award-winning album 13 and four live songs from the band’s critically acclaimed 13 World Tour. The CD features Ozzy Osbourne (Vocals), Tony Iommi (Guitar) and Geezer Butler (Bass), along with Brad Wilk (Drums) on tracks 1-4, Tommy Clufetos (Drums) on tracks 5-8, and Adam Wakeman (Keyboard) on tracks 5-8. Tracks 1-4 were recorded at Shangri La Studios in Malibu, CA and produced by Rick Rubin, mixed by Andrew Scheps at Punkerpad West and recorded by Greg Fidelman. Tracks 5-8 were recorded and engineered by Greg Price and mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Studios Mastering.

The End Cover Art
THE END CD track listing is as follows:

1. Season of the Dead

2. Cry All Night

3. Take Me Home

4. Isolated Man

5. God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13)

6. Under the Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13)

7. End of the Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)

8. Age of Reason (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)

Beyond the collaboration with Shepard Fairey, BLACK SABBATH will celebrate artists each night of the tour by commissioning exclusive posters for each market on THE END tour.

The End City Art

For those who can’t wait for THE END tour to hit their city, the band has released a behind the scenes preview from their Los Angeles rehearsals. Set to debut Friday, January 15 at and via the band’s social media, the clip was teased via a short clip Wednesday, January 13.

BLACK SABBATH will end the epic journey they began nearly five decades ago when their 2016 THE END world tour kicks off Wednesday, January 20 in Omaha, NE. The band–Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler–will then head to Australia, New Zealand and Europe (for a mix of summer headlining and festival performances), before returning to North America in August.

The massive 2016 world tour by the greatest Metal Band of all time marks THE END for BLACK SABBATH as they close the final chapter in the final volume of the incredible BLACK SABBATH story with this tour. BLACK SABBATH’s THE END farewell tour promises to surpass all previous tours and will feature the band’s most mesmerizing production ever. The support act for the whole tour is RIVAL SONS.

When this tour concludes, it will truly be THE END, THE END of one of most legendary bands in Rock ’n Roll history…BLACK SABBATH




Omaha, NE

CenturyLink Center



Chicago, IL

United Center



Minneapolis, MN

Target Center



Winnipeg MN

MTS Centre



Edmonton, AB

Rexall Centre



Calgary, AB

Scotiabank Saddledome



Vancouver, BC

Rogers Arena



Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Dome



San Jose, CA

SAP Pavilion



Los Angeles, CA

The Forum



Las Vegas, NV

Mandalay Bay



Denver, CO

Pepsi Center



Kansas City, MO

Sprint Center



Detroit, MI

The Palace of Auburn Hills



Hamilton, ON

First Ontario Centre



Montreal, QC

Bell Centre



New York, NY

Madison Square Garden



New York, NY

Madison Square Garden




Perth, AU

Perth Arena



Adelaide, AU

Entertainment Centre



Melbourne, AU

Rod Laver Arena



Sydney, AU

Allphones Arena



Brisbane, AU

Entertainment Centre



Auckland, NZ

Vector Arena



Dunedin, NZ

Forsyth Barr Stadium





Groupama Arena



Berlin, Germany




Donington, UK




Verona, IT

Arena Di Verona



Zurich, Switzerland








Halden, Norway

Tons of Rock


  1. ARGENTINA, please!

  2. Chad Hallman says

    I have been a Black Sabbath fan since I was a small lad. About 40+ years. This tour will be one I am NOT going to! Unless Bill Ward is behind the kit where he rightfully belongs!! It’s a shame that 4 guys who say they are mates and almost into their 70’s are behaving like kids. All over money and petty crap! I’m sure there is more to it , but it’s mostly money. Come on guys, think of your dedicated, lifelong fans and not how big you can make your bank account. If you care about your fans like you say you do, then put Bill back behind the kit where he rightfully belongs. Or is it just a bunch of rubbish you all are feeding us fans , that you care about us.??

    • As big as I am a fan of all four members, I’m happy with what we got. I’ve read all the arguments from both parties and while I’d love for Bill to play/record with the band, maybe we have to except that he just can’t, regardless of what he says. Yeah, he says he’s perfectly healthy only to turn around and admit he had surgery. Add the stuff that happened with him at the reunion in the ’90s and his age and what the band says, maybe it just wasn’t to be. I know about “Accountable Beasts” came out last year and I have two theories. 1) maybe he was in shape during the recording of the album (which could’ve been before or after the war started) or 2) perhaps there was some studio help. I don’t know. I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there. Trust me, I let out a big “for crying out loud” when I heard he wasn’t going to be in it but after listening to both sides, I’m grateful with what I have right now. I loved 13. The 3 sounded great and Brad Wilk did the job fine. And I’m happy to know that those three are together again, albeit for possibly the last time.

      • *Accept.

      • Martin Steel says

        Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away…..
        Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air…..
        You better watch out, there may be Dogs about…..
        I have looked over Jordan and I have seen, things are not what they seem.

        Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah.

    • Understand your point for sure but a bit of pragmatism is in order. Bill has to take some of the blame based on dozens of articles I have read. And understand, this is 75% of the original lineup plus the fact that Ozzy is still alive, well that is amazing in and of itself! Most of the sad retreads like the Stones, the Who, etc. are far less than their original lineups and they have done 2 handfuls of final reunion tours over and over again and it is just so very, very sad. I never, ever go to this junk but for Sabbath I am making one exception since they are playing Albuquerque tomorrow which most nobody does and I am 52 so when they were at their peak in 72′ I was 8! Actually the worst part of this tour is the sad Zeppelin poser knock offs from Orange Co./LA, Rival Sons, opening up-those losers can even figure out how to write a song at all!

  3. I have a question. We got the titles of the 4 unused tracks when “13” came out. However, one of the tracks was called “Hanging By A Thread”, which according to Geezer, was about Tony’s battle with cancer. I see it is not one of the four songs on the CD but there is a song called “Take Me Home”. So my question is. Is “Take Me Home” the song “Hanging By A Thread” but with a different title or is it a completely different song? If it is a different song, then we would have 5 unused tracks instead of 4. Joe, maybe you can ask Geezer about this. Thanks.

    • I was thinking about that and I think they’re the same. I knew that “Hanging by a Thread” was about Tony’s battle and “Take Me Home” sounds like it could be about mortality or dying as in “Take Me Home” could mean going to Heaven or such. Just my theory.

      • I don’t like the fact that they changed the title from one that leaves room for at least a little hope (Hanging By A Thread) to one that does not (Take Me Home). Hoping it’s not a comment on Tony’s condition. It’s been about, what, a year since he gave us an update?

  4. Hi Joe…I agree with you that probably it will be released worldwide after the tour (Christmas 2016?) and maybe with additional tracks, so who bought it at shows will buy it again…(they could even record and throw in one or two new studio tracks during the tour breaks).

  5. David Bayliss says

    Bloody ridiculous, a real kick in the teeth for long standing fans who will not be able to attend the shows!!!!!!!

    Thanks a bunch for your consideration to all fans (Sarcasm).

    • Martin Steel says


      13 – not a true original Sabbath album (poorly produced and marketed).
      Gathered In Their Masses – not a true original Sabbath DVD/CD (sloppy performance).
      How Ronnie James Dio must be laughing in his grave after all the stick he received when he joined Sabbath, and now we get this pathetic attempt by Ozzy and co to buy this only at concerts, probably at a silly price, with no regard to all Sabbath fans.
      Claiming this tour is the original Black Sabbath – Wrong it is not!!
      Ozzy the hypocrite chastising all other incarnations of Sabbath and then claiming this is the original Sabbath – Pathetic!!!
      The original Sabbath’s last concerts (besides the Ozzfests) were in 1998/99 (I was there at the Birmingham shows).
      Sympathies to Bill Ward and other genuine longstanding Sabbath fans who have to put up with all this crap!!
      To quote Ozzy ‘We love you all’ – this should be changed to ‘We love the $/£ etc’.
      What a joke.

      • It’s not being billed as the “original” Black Sabbath. It’s being billed as “The End”.

        • Martin Steel says

          You believe that if you want to!!!

          All bow to the Arden philosophy of ‘Shaft them for all their worth’

          Anybody want to buy the Memoirs Of A Madman Fan Bundle with the phantom ‘Creative Allies’ poster – only £120 from the website – but of course – ‘We love you all’

          Enough said.

      • Yikes, I’m hyper-critical (about almost everything) but wow! I thought ’13’ was a fantastic album and very well-produced too. ‘…Masses’ is a lot of fun too, not sure it was meant to be any more than that. I’m not happy about the additional material being available only at concerts, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you, what with you disliking the album so much. It’ll probably be made available commercially at some point, maybe with even more live material. I don’t think there are any more tunes left from the ’13’ sessions? Tony’s riffs on the ’13’ album and the four extra tracks are as good as any he’s ever written, it’s truly a shame that the “album’s worth of material” that he’d written for the follow-up will go unheard, at least in a ‘Sabbath’ context…

        • Martin Steel says

          Come on people, I have been a Sabbath fan most of my life and have a vast collection of all their releases and have enjoyed all of them – that doesn’t mean I can’t be critical of certain aspects.

          Releasing the item worldwide would be the obvious choice as it would generate far more sales, so whoever thought this up is obviously trying to rip off the fans – we all know it will be released later, that is obvious.

          And, yes it is being billed as the original Black Sabbath regardless of the wording and I stand by my original statement regarding the hypocricy of it all.

          13 was a excellent album but the production was not that great and ‘Gathered’ was not a great performance – all this does not mean I don’t love the band and their music, loosen up people!!

          • They may only be trying to rip off the fans, but…at least they’re only ripping off the fans with money. I don’t believe it’s a rip off. I’m disappointed it is not (yet) available to fans who can’t make the shows. Probably get a generic edition later; I’d be happier if I KNEW this would happen rather than just being optimistic, but that would cut into the sales at shows.

            Go ahead and be as critical as you want, but there will always be someone who disagrees with you. There will always be some who disagrees with you if you have anything positive to say as well.

            The thing that really hurt was after buying the Rhino Handmade live at Hammersmith limited edition, the music was released as the second disc of ‘Mob Rules’. That meant I had purchased limited edition PACKAGING but nothing else. That was fucked. That’s probably the best evidence that the disc we are talking about WILL be released again after the tour is over and probably not for Christmas. There wouldn’t be enough time for the run-up to Christmas to generate decent sales, so next year I’d say.

            It is 3/4 of the original Black Sabbath but that doesn’t look very good on promotional materials. That doesn’t prevent you from being right…it is NOT the original Black Sabbath (entirely). How does “The Original Black Sabbath (Very Nearly)” work for you?

            ’13’ works for me as a Black Sabbath album, no problem. ‘Gathered’ is a better performance than any so far on the tour, and a better set-list too. Have to wait and see. Unless things pick up considerably or the set-list gets changed around, there will probably not be a DVD made from this tour since ‘Gathered’ will blow it away.

        • David Bayliss says

          13 was a delusional attempt by a second rate producer to recreate the magnificent first album from 1970 in 2013, as good as the music is it simply did not work and failed, the first album is a iconic release very much of the time it was released and impossible to recreate. I am surprised that the band and in particular – Tony Iommi who is a hero of mine and the main powerhouse behind the Sabbath set up – allowed himself and the other bands members to be duped into this. I know from the 13 DVD that Iommi had to be almost restrained from changing the overall sound of the project. The production is unbalanced and does not do Sabbath justice – I feel in time the band will look back on this period with a certain amount of regret and dissatisfaction. ‘Gathered’ was simply an attempt to cash in on the success of 13 and was indeed a poor representation of the band. And now we get to this ‘End’ CD fiasco – I understand it is already being sold on Ebay for ridiculous amounts and that not all people who attend the shows will be able to purchase it – ridiculous!! I will not be attending the Donnington show in the UK as I do not like Outdoor festivals – the sound is generally poor, I much prefer the indoor venues and the Sabbath concerts I have attended have all been indoors, so obviously as a long standing Sabbath fan I am furious at this whole ‘End’ nonsense.

        • Martin Steel says

          If you think Rock music is ‘A bit of fun’ then I suggest you purchase the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack – Rock music is deadly serious my friend!!!!!

      • Chad Hallman says

        I AGREE WITH , MARTIN STEELE !!! 100%

        • Martin Steel says


  6. Murillo Mathias says

    Only at the shows?!? How thoughtful of the band regarding all the fans who live in cities where they won’t be playing! Hope they change their mind…

    • Let’s pray that people will put the songs on YouTube my friend. I’m going to be staying up late on the 20th and constantly checking YouTube to see if the songs will be uploaded.

    • They do make a thing now days that flies through the air and will get you to places where they are playing. I know it’s a new concept, but you can travel the world at this day and age.

      • Yeah, but there’s also this green substance that may or may not be made of paper which is needed in large quantities to obtain permission to board those metal contraptions and to purchase this thing called…a “ticket” I believe. Some may need multiples of these tickets. Oh, and it’s also needed to buy said CD! Who would’ve thought?! If you are lucky enough to live near(ish) to the city, you need a particular liquid to put in your horseless carriage (or automated mobiles as they call them now) so it can transport you to the show. So, using my detective skills I am 95% confident (with a 5% chance of error) that this Murillo either can’t afford to go to the show or doesn’t want to fly all the way out just for this special CD that has 4 new songs and 4 live songs when he can listen to them due to the generosity of a good Christian soul attending. If he likes these songs, I’m sure he will gladly buy the CD if it makes its way to either ITunes or K-Mart. If not, that could possibly be one less ivory backscratcher for Ozzy.

        -Just having some fun. Hope you both get to make it to the show!

  7. I wonder if anyone out there would be willing to get an extra exclusive poster from their city, to trade to me for an exclusive poster from my city (Montreal).

    • Mark Polacek says

      Mr Jean Marc : How about a poster from Chicago? I’m going with my son to nite ill pick up an extra one!

      • Mark, I’m sorry, I have only now just seen your reply, a few days after the Chicago show. If, by any chance, you did buy an extra Chicago poster, and still want to trade it for a Montreal poster, then I will get you one from Montreal. I will be watching this space to see if you reply before I go to the Montreal show in a few weeks.

  8. The Live Songs Should’ve Been The One’s Missing from The Gathered In Their Masses CD…

    Into The Void
    Behind The Wall Of Sleep
    Children Of The Grave
    Under The Sun
    Electric Funeral
    Dirty Women
    Hell, I’d Be Cool With The Symptom Of The Universe with The Drum Solo…..

    Though I’m Happy That They’re Putting Out The Other 4 Songs…

    Still Hope The 2001 Sessions That Gave Us Scary Dreams See’s The Light Of Day…
    Doubtful, But Hey, You Never Know…

    • Agreed. I listened to “Scary Dreams” on youtube and thought it was awesome. I think, whether they liked the songs or not, they should put those songs on some “lost sessions” disc or something if they really want to celebrate the end of Sabbath. People will know it’s not a full blown album as opposed to unused tracks so it’s not like they will get criticized for releasing it.

      • I don’t know, the 8-track disc available for purchase at the shows is not a full-blown album and IS unused tracks and they’re sure getting criticized for that one…

  9. I figured they’d release these songs sooner or later and I’m glad they are. It’s stupid if they’re only for the shows but there’s always YouTube. I hope the 2001 sessions will be released at some point. “Scary Dreams” I liked and I read that Tony thought those songs were really good.

    Then again, I’m not 100% sure that this is their final release. Here’s hoping it isn’t.

  10. On the torudates list I miss the “Rock am Ring” in June, 3.-5, Mendig, Germany.

    If the CD will there available, too?

  11. In reference to this situation with Bill Ward. There are a lot of people that say they are happy with at least getting to see 3 of the 4 original members. A lot of those people talk like there is nothing at all that can be done by the fans to try and get Bill Ward back in the mix.

    EXAMPLE: If a significant amount of fans had put together a very strong and viable petition demanding that Bill Ward be behind the drum kit for this Tour OR The Tour would be Boycotted, Bill Ward would probably be back behind the drum kit for this Tour and probably within a fairly short period of time.

    Of course this would be contingent upon him actually being healthy enough to tour and being in proper condition to perform very well consistently. Anyway, at the very least, hopefully Bill Ward does part of this Tour and of course the alleged last show. Although Tommy Clufetos at the very least is a very good drummer, if Bill Ward is not going to be behind the Drum kit on this Tour, as it seems, it would have been very interesting and enjoyable to see, ideally, either Carl Palmer or Carmine Appice, or even Terry Bozzio, Charlie Benante, Mike Portnoy or Brian Tichy behind the Drum Kit for this Tour.

    Hope Black Sabbath ads some songs to their setlist for example like Warning, You Won’t Change Me, Juniors Eyes, Johnny Blade, Changes, Air Dance, Rock N Roll Doctor, Killing Yourself To Live, Sweet Leaf, Hard Road, Megalomania, Full versions of Supernaut and Under The Sun, Symptom Of The Universe, Sabbra Cadabra, Etc.

    It would be very nice and also very smart and very good business to have at least two shows of this Tour on DVD & Blu-ray a long with special guest appearances and extended solos.

    Madison Square Garden, and the other show being wherever the alleged last show will be.

    Stay Healthy, Strong & Safe!

    • Re. adding some songs to their setlist; I agree with adding Warning, You Won’t Change Me, Johnny Blade, Killing Yourself To Live, Megalomania, and full versions of Supernaut and Under The Sun, Symptom Of The Universe, Sabbra Cadabra,


      • You can forget most of those. Tony gave an interview before the 13 tour which said they won’t be doing anything from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage anymore. The reason was that the songs are beyond what Ozzy can do live anymore. And they just don’t want to do anything from Technical except Dirty Women for some reason, and Never Say Die Geezer told me “no way”. So there you are.

        • Martin Steel says

          Maybe we will get some on the Mega deluxe box set reissue deluxe box set best buy remaster with the super deluxe box set reissued with the remastered mega deluxe walmart only exclusive to shows version!!!! (Sarcasm).

        • So really, we knew what the set-list would be for this tour all along. I’d have to add that after Bill Ward, I consider Vinny Appice to be a Black Sabbath drummer as well, more so than anyone else.

    • It goes without saying that it would have to be a SIGNABLE petition…

  12. fishtowner says

    You don’t really make as much on the albums as you do the tour. So they are trying to lure you to the show then they’ll sell you this for probably $45 or something outrageous like that . Like they do to concert Tee’s.

  13. i was all set to attend united center in chicago friday but my father passed away at age 90 and i cannot make the show as i will be at his wake

    so for all you chicago fans attending the show just take 2 seconds of your time and salute the american flag in honor of a ww2 vet and in honor all of those who served who are no longer with us

    and if anyone in sabbath is actually reading this put on the best show you know how and hopefully ill find a bootleg copy soon

    thanks 2 all and have a great time at the show

    • Hey Ed. I sent your message to Geezer tonight. He sent me back this.

      I saluted the flag and thanked your dad for his service. Tonight will be for him.



      • i NEVER in a million years expected this response i shared this with all the family and friends that attended the funeral today and everyone said how great it was for geezer to do this

        so to Mr. Geezer Butler on behalf of all of my family i wish to thank you and express our gratitude for what you did

        when today was all over and my 3 brothers and i were back at my dads house we sat and played supernaut as that was one song that all 4 us thought of as some of the bands best

        so once i again i thank you

        we will be at the show in september and cant wait

  14. Any opinion/review about the new cd/ep from someone who got it?
    I guess that yesterday it was available…

  15. Hi!
    Where we can hear the new tracks ?

  16. I read on fb that they didn’t have the cds ready for the first show.

  17. Not happy about this but it’ll make its way around. Not that I’LL be partaking…that would be wrong. I did have a couple questions. What if the demand at the shows exceeds the supply? Will fans get rain checks? What if the supply exceeds the demand? Will the extras get offered on-line to fans unable to go to shows (ahem…) ? Best of luck on the tour to Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Tommy. If it turns out Bill was willing to do the final shows in Birmingham, there’s no question he deserves to do them. Wouldn’t Tommy also deserve to do them, considering all the shows he has/will have played for Black Sabbath by the time the tour ends?

  18. What the fuck? Only at the gigs! And I’m also very disappointed at the track listing, Yes, Scary Dreams is missing. They have played it live and most people think it’s great. I think that longtime fans really deserve to hear it in good quality sound. And also other songs they recorded 15 years ago. I’m not as excited about those four tracks they’re going to publish now. They are leftovvers! Even the bonus tracks from the original album weren’t that great although I really liked the album.

    So, I don’t think that this is really the end. They are going to publish this record again with more tracks. And if so,it would be fair to announce it before the tour starts.

    • Scary Dreams Is missing because it was recorded nearly 18 years ago with Bill Ward, and it sounds more like an Ozzy solo track than Black Sabbath.

      Season Of The Dead is incredible, I can’t believe it was left off ’13’. It’s just riff after riff after riff, every time you think the song can’t get any better…it does! It’s got a nice middle-eastern flavor to it, very appropriate considering the subject matter.

  19. Here’s the first set-list I’ve seen from the tour (Chicago)

    01. Black Sabbath
    02. Fairies Wear Boots
    03. After Forever
    04. Into The Void
    05. Band introductions
    06. Snowblind
    07. War Pigs
    08. Behind the Wall of Sleep
    09. NIB
    10. Hand of Doom
    11. Rat Salad
    12. Iron Man
    13. God Is Dead?
    14. Under The Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes
    15. Dirty Women
    16. Paranoid
    17. Children of the Grave

    Songs from the first four albums, one of the new songs and one from ‘Technical Ecstasy’ (!?!?). I’ve never understood the need for ‘Dirty Women’ in the set list, it’s kind of a stupid song. The set will probably evolve over time but on the surface it seems slightly disappointing. Not sure what I expected, really.

    • Chad Hallman says

      Only 1 song from 13 on the set list? Wow, that sucks! There really isn’t a great show as they claimed to US fans that it was going to be. Just a bigger tv screen behind the drum kit. Maybe a few more lights. Nothing spectacular at all. What a big let down!

  20. The cd is sold at 90 € in EBay. What a shame!!

  21. Chad Hallman says

    I saw a few videos posted on youtube of the newly started “the end” tour. And I have to say it’s nothing spectacular. Thought there was to be some big presentation and show? It’s pretty much the same as what we all seen at the 1997 & 1998 & 2000 Ozzfest shows. Confetti & lights. Oh and a larger tv behind the drum kit. No big deal for sure. In the other hand Ozzy’s vocals way better this tour than the “13” tour. Tony just great as always and Geezer as well, but the drummer stinks ! Same drum beat for every song. He plays just like he did with Zombie. Not impressed at all. I am not going to any shows of this tour because Bill is not behind the kit where he belongs. It’s a shame that the guys all think about their wallets instead of their fans and fight, comment, and whatnot over stupid rubbish.

    • They don’t need the money but they’re not entirely altruistic either, their efforts are worth money and they should have it, they deserve it. They’re doing it for themselves and for the fans. The only thing that keeps me from attending or purchasing (or allows me to attend or make a purchase) is the final price tag and the band have nothing to do with that. Don’t know who does and don’t care, it’s irrelevant.

  22. James Clarke says

    Is there any official confirmation of what the lyrics to Season of the Dead, Cry All Night, Take Me Home, and
    Isolated Man are? Either correspondence with any of the people in the Sabbath camp or via lyrics availed on the The End EP?

    • There are no lyrics in the booklet. I’ve asked, but Geezer would have these notes at home, and he’s on the road.

  23. LIstened to the new tracks. “Season Of The Dead” is great! And, in reference to my earlier question. It appears that “Take Me Home” is “Hanging By A Thread” (previous song title). As those words appear in the lyrics. Aside from “Hand Of Doom” very disappointed with the setlist. You would think the band only put out 3 albums as they virtually ignore everything from Vol 4 on up to “Never Say Die”. I wish they would do “Wheels Of Confusion” They did play it back in 2012 & I think they should have included that song as one of the “live” tracks on “The End” CD.

  24. Fishtowner says

    I have heard it and like it somewhat. Great live version of Under the sun. The unreleased new songs are decent. In my opinion Season of the dead could be leftover from the The Devil You Know Heaven and Hell album. It has a more of that sound then 13. God is dead live has to be the worst version I have ever heard of that song. Can’t tell me they couldn’t find something better. Ozzy sounds drunk and out of key.

  25. In Tacoma on the 6th, the soundcheck included Symptom Of The Universe and Supernaut without Ozzy and then War Pigs with Ozzy. It must be frustrating to have so many songs to choose from and be so limited in their choices, Tony in particular. Someone was there to record it and the show, so I got my wish! I was able to hear the Tacoma show after all! Thanks to whomever.

  26. Isolated Man on the EP has an all-time great Geezer bass-line and would have worked very well on the album, great track. Can anyone verify that Ozzy was really singing as well as he sounds on the live tracks back in 2013? It’s perfect. A little too perfect…

    • Martin Steel says

      Isolated Man is the weakest of the new songs and is Loner in another form. Cry All Night and Season Of The Dead should have been included on the 13 release, the band have allowed a overrated Producer to dictate the albums line up.

  27. Martin Steel says

    STOP PRESS**********EXCLUSIVE**********STOP PRESS**********EXCLUSIVE

    Black Sabbath Featuring The Osbournes to release exclusive END tour DVD at the conclusion of the current tour. This exclusive DVD, containing bonus footage including Bill Ward singing ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ and a poster of Bill giving the two fingered salute, will retail at around $200 and will be only available on market stalls outside band members and managers homes and only to fans who did not attend the shows.

    The END tour is to be renamed ‘The Beginning Of The End’ tour to allow for ‘The End Of The Beginning’ tour etc, etc, etc in the near future.

    The END CD is to be renamed The ‘shaft them up the rear ‘ END CD due to the later general release of this material.

    Sabbath fans on hearing this news were said to be P*****g themselves with anticipation!!!

  28. Chad Hallman says

    This tour is horrible! Only 2 people that sound good musically is Tony and Geezer! Ozzy is off key, sounds worse than in 13 tour!! And the drummer is horrible too! Same drum beat for every song! Sounds like he did in Rob Zombie’s band! What a big disappointment guys!!!

  29. Chad Hallman says

    This tour is horrible! Only 2 people that sound good musically is Tony and Geezer! Ozzy is off key, sounds worse than in 13 tour!! And the drummer is horrible too! Same drum beat for every song! Sounds like he did in Rob Zombie’s band! What a big disappointment guys!!! And most of all NO BILL WARD !!!

    • I have to agree, almost. The shows are mediocre from night to night, made mediocre by Ozzy. Bass, drums and guitar are faultless. Seems like they should have left well enough alone.

      • Ralph Bocchino says

        When Tony and Geezer were warming up on a jazz jam during sound check, you could really sense the absence of Bill Ward. Tommy is an awesome drummer, but no jazz chops like Bill. The sound check was awesome and it was nice to see people of all ages wishing Tony a happy birthday. A very young fan presented him with a birthday card, and he was brought on stage to meet Tony.
        As for the show, I agree with Craig. mediocre at best. Wife and I drove from Rochester, NY to Detroit, MI to see the show and they have cut two songs from the set list-“God Is Dead” and “Under The Sun”
        Been a fan since 1972, I feel it is time for them to call it a day.

        • Sorry guys..saw them at the Garden which was sold out last night in NYC and the band was great. All 4 guys performed which seemed to be the opinions of several people I heard talking after the show. Not sure why the bad rap for Clufetos..the guy was hitting the drums hard. You can’t possibly say he plays the same thing every song because every song was different and he did a great job. His drum solo was pretty damn good too. Sure I miss Bill Ward not being there but this is what we get. With that the heart of the band was great and Ozzy sang surprisingly well. My only gripe is the show was short IMO u dear 2 hours and the song election is almost the same as the 13 tour. There are 3 albums from the 70’s Ozzy catalog they didn’t touch.

          • I haven’t actually been to a show on the current tour, so it’s a little unfair of me to criticize the shows based on hearing an audience recording or two. I’m sure seeing Black Sabbath live on ‘The End’ tour is an awesome experience!!

  30. So Tomorrows Dream was in the set for The End tour on the first night…and now gone as well as Under the Sun?!! Dirty Women still awkwardly remains in the set and none of us have any idea why. Two songs could replace this one. Even Iron Man could be retired for something more energetic – if we need that one we could always youtube the Burger King commercial. I’m going to the MSG last show but I’m prepared to be underwhelmed by Ozzy. l accept his job is tougher then ever and he’s doing the best he can but it’s weird to think I’ll most likely walk away from this show feeling sad, especially knowing that he plans to continue a solo career. I’m grateful for one last time from these guys but at this point, I’m not opposed to lip sync.
    Good luck to Oz, regardless of how this reads, I am rooting for him and he may surprise me like he did on the 13 tour outside Chicago.

  31. Saw them at MSG in NYC Saturday. The show was awesome. Contrary to the opinions of medicrity about past shows on this tour so far. The band was tight and Ozzy sang better than when I saw them on the 13 tour. That appeared to be the opinions of several people waiting in line at the merchandise stand. The drawback is that they played two less songs from previous shows which I guess there is a reason they cut those songs out. After Rival Sons finished Sabbath were on quick at 8:45 and at 10:30 the show was over. A lot of money for a “final” show which got shortened. I get it I guess but if this is it I think there should have been more diversity through the Ozzy catalog. Most of the emphasis was put on Paranoid only up to one song from Vol. 4. Would have loved a tack from the remaining Ozzy albums which IMO are all great.

  32. I am from Holland with empty hands,no concert,no last album

    • Right there with you, Didier. Sometimes circumstances conspire. They did for me for The Cure and also Black Sabbath. Nothing to be done about it, just rotten timing. In the case of Black Sabbath, it was REALLY rotten timing, what with this being our final opportunity and everything. As I said, right there with you, Didier.

  33. Martin Steel says

    Just purchased the OFFICIAL version of this CD and I have to say, although the songs are very good, the production on the studio tracks is as bad as on 13 (Unbalanced Sound). The live versions are very good and have a far better even sound to them.

    • Given the new tracks on “The End” are from the same sessions as the main 13 album was, that shouldn’t be a surprise. There wasn’t new work done on them.

      • Martin steel says

        I think it would be a good idea for Sabbath to remix 13 and switch Iommi’s main guitar to the Right channel to mirror the position of Iommi on stage (this is how it should be on all mixes in my opinion).

        I am not a fan of the original mix of 13 and I am surprised the band are (maybe everybody is listening to music on Computers, IPods etc and don’t experience the stereo separation I am used to with a Hi Fi system.

    • Sound quality is completely subjective, I understand that. Nevertheless, I love the sound of ’13’ so it follows that I love the sound of the E.P. as well. Great album, production, riffs, songs, more than I could have hoped for.

      • Martin Steel says

        Agreed, each to their own opinion. However, can anyone explain to me, if indeed there is a reason, why Producers do not mirror the position of Bands on stage to the Marketed products. Anyone who knows Sabbath will agree that Iommi is always to the right (and Centre in the past). I simply do not understand the need for this position reversal on CD’s etc!!!

        • The only thing I can think of is that in the studio there isn’t always a right or a left, sometimes the guys are sitting around sort of haphazardly, sometimes they are in isolation booths, not always a stage-style setup. But the final mix could be ‘assembled’ to match how the songs would eventually be presented ‘live’ as you suggest. The band or producer (or both) might feel that’s not the best way to present the material in an ‘album’ setting. Or more likely I’m over-analyzing the whole thing…

          • Martin Steel says

            I would be very happy to see all of Sabbath’s output remixed to mirror the bands live line up, but somehow I doubt this will ever happen considering all the remasters that have been issued. It shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do in the studio and I would be happy to purchase the remixed versions.

  34. Beware fans,

    the EP wasn’t available in France for their performance at the Hellfest

    We were a great bunch looking for the Cd.

  35. I was at the Graspop show last weekend where Black Sabbath was headlining, but the CD “The End” wasn’t sold there (neither at the official merchandise stands nor at the metal market) so I am very disappointed. Of coure the festival was nice (in spite of the wet and muddy conditions), bur I was really looking forward to buying a legal copy of this CD and then it wasn’t possible. They shouldn’t promise anything like that when they can’t fulfill it.

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