Sabbath Survivor Rises

If you’ve been around my site for awhile, you’ll remember a poll I did called “Black Sabbath Survivor”.  It basically was the kind of poll you normally see of “what song is your favorite”… EXCEPT… this is modeled after the show Survivor, and you vote people “off the island”.  So basically, instead of voting for your favorite song, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE song.  It works in reverse.

The poll would finish, the song that “won” would get removed from the list, and we’d repeat the cycle until there was just one song left, the most popular song (remember, cuz people are voting for their LEAST favorite song).

I always wanted to do this on Twitter, because Twitter has a wider, and more immediate audience.  The old website version suffered from delays when things wouldn’t update, people not seeing it, etc.  I’ve always wanted to do it on Twitter, but there’s a problem with Twitter – they only allow four options per poll.  I’ve always resisted due to that, but given Twitter seems disinclined to change that and give us more (like 8, or 12, or something more than bloody FOUR), but I also wanted to get it going again.

So this is me, relaunching the old Sabbath Survivor series, and starting from scratch again.  The old version was fine, and will be a guideline, but the old votes are old – time to do them again.

What I’m doing is going to split album tracks into pieces.  Have the first four songs in Poll 1, then the next four in Poll 2, etc..  Once those sections finish, I’ll take the winners, and have a “finale” for that album until there’s just one song left.  I wish I didn’t have to do that, but Twitter doesn’t give me much choice in the matter, since I’m insistent in using them.

The old polls were a week, sometimes 10 days.  This time, since it’s Twitter, I’m going to make the polls last 5 days, so hopefully things will go a little faster.  :)

I’m going to be using the hashtag #SabbathSurvivor in the tweets.  They shouldn’t be that hard to find on my twitter feed.  Once we get some winners, I’ll probably create a static page and embed the winner information for that particular album.

Also, the last time we did it, I started with Album 1, and it took FOREVER to get to anything else other the 70’s era, so this time I’m going to start at the other end – the first album on this will be “The End” and work my way backwards.

Here is a link to the first poll:


  1. Isolated Man is Loner in another guise.

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