July 7 #listentoall

After a couple of days of mostly not listening to anything (watched a bunch of baseball), I’m back at it. Back to the #listentoall project: Forgot this the other day: AC/DC's '74 Jailbreak: http://t.co/dAk0EP07fs— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) July 7, 2013 '74 Jailbreak is short. Back to where I was: "Stiff Upper Lip" – one […]

July 4 #listentoall

It’s a tradition at my house to listen to Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” on July 4th, so I put this on for my wife, who really enjoyed it.  :) July 4th special on #listentoall for my wife. "Born in the USA". http://t.co/hD1gXdqDU1— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) July 4, 2013 The Springsteen Jul 4th thing […]

July 3 #listentoall

On this day, I spent most of it watching the kids, and watching baseball.  Not a lot of tunes today, although I did listen to this one. Twice.  :) Interrupting my scheduled #listentoall playback for a playback of "13" instead. :) pic.twitter.com/jiZnnUOY4Q— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) July 4, 2013

Jul 2 #listentoall

More AC/DC today – going through some stuff that I dismissed at the time as being not that good, but has aged quite well.  Especialy Flick of the Switch. For Those About To Rock, We Salute You! http://t.co/qozfe1mynx #listentoall— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) July 2, 2013 Flick of the Switch: Underrated, got better with age: […]

July 1 #listentoall

Big run through the Bon Scott years of AC/DC.  I had forgotten how under appreciated that Powerage was.  There’s some great stuff on that album! Next Up on the #listentoall project – AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap": http://t.co/cajEQZL5Ru— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) July 1, 2013 AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock": #listentoall http://t.co/LDBkkEmLjs— Black Sabbath […]

Jun 30 #listentoall

Not in the mood to listen to what's next on the #listentoall project – I'm skipping that and I'm going with 13. :) pic.twitter.com/oM7eeLqQuj— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 30, 2013 I listened to the Adam Sandler track a couple of times on this one.  Not a big Sandler fan, but this made me laugh. […]

June 28 #listentoall

Oddly enough the only thing I listened to this day.  Spent most of the day with baseball instead of music.  :) Next up on the #listentoall project – The @tonyiommi & Ian Gillan "WhoCares" Full CD: http://t.co/LabSlx1jKh— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 28, 2013

Jun 27 & 26 #listentoall

Just finished Giuntini IV. Makes me wish Tony Martin was still in Sabbath. Playing again. #listentoall pic.twitter.com/LUKEzmJKkB— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 28, 2013 Next up on the #listentoall project: Giuntini Project IV w/Tony Fuckin' Martin on vocals! http://t.co/FpJd4N6bXT— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 27, 2013 Next up on #listentoall – "We Wish you a […]

Jun 25 #listentoall

I ended up listening to Magica DE 3x back to back to back while writing the review. @OfficialRJDio #listentoall http://t.co/20oA5yB1s8— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 26, 2013 Realized I owed the folks at @OfficialRJDio a review of Magica Dlx, so I'm onto that now on my #listentoall project – http://t.co/20oA5yB1s8— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June […]

Jun 24 #listentoall

Probably the last tonight on the #listentoall project – Thin Lizzy's "Dedication:The Best of": http://t.co/7tupfd9c9B— Black Sabbath Online (@blacksabbathweb) June 25, 2013 Next up on the #listentoall project: The "Cars" soundtrack: (I listened to about 1/3 of the Bach thing) http://t.co/9H3gQDcxvH— Black Sabbath Online (@blacksabbathweb) June 25, 2013 Next Up on my #listentoall project: A […]